Top 10 best Xposed modules for Lollipop, Marshmallow & KitKat

Download the top best Xposed modules as well as the new 201+ modules for Lollipop, Marshmallow & KitKat. Get all the Xposed functional installation modules and the best Xposed modules 2017. All of us here using a smartphone will certainly want it to look better than the others. In the process to do this, we continue to add different unique features and personalize our smartphones in every possible way just to make it look different. How do you personalize it? Where do you get the features? Let me introduce you a tool, with which you can try all those fancy things on your Android device.

Best Xposed modules for Lollipop, Marshmallow & KitKat

If you have rooted android phone to improve its performance and customize. But do not know where to start, Xposed is the answer. The best Xposed modules 2017 allows you to make system level changes without spoiling custom codes and roms. Xposed uses modules, small applications that plug directly into the Android operating system and give you unprecedented control over the appearance of your phone. Therefore, any changes made can be removed easily by simply disabling the modules and rebooting.

Xposed Framework is available for all 4.1+ Android devices. However, not all existing modules will work on Marshmallow. If you are on Android Marshmallow & Android Lollipop, you can refer to How to install Xposed in Lollipop & Marshmallow. We will consider 10 best Xposed modules of 2020, which have tones of options.


How to Download The Xposed Framework Modules?

  • Open the Xposed Framework application
  • In the download option you will find a search bar. Type the name of the Xposed installation module
  • Open it and search for the latest version
  • Downloads this.
  • Your best Xposed modules are installed

Below, I provided a list of the top & best Xposed modules 2017 that you can install.

Top 10 best Xposed Modules of 2020:

Below, I have provided a list of the best Xposed modules that you can install.

#1 Amplify Battery Extender

If you have recently updated your android device, you might have problems with battery drainage or whatever. That is probably very formidable. Sometimes, what happens when you sleep, check that your device is 100% and that you wake up you get only 60%. This is just because of wake lock problems you get when you sleep.

What Amplify do is that it actually stops the application to drain your phone battery and increase performance like this greening do it with your device. This is one of the best xposed modules 2017, you can try.

Here are some highlights:

  • It’s open source codebase so you can see how it works, or build it yourself
  • With beautiful design, inspired by Material Design principles

  • Comprehensive measuring of the time wasted and time saved because of alarms and wakelocks
  • A growing list of descriptions of the alarms, services, and wakelocks in plain English (and 20 other languages)

  • With stable blocking engine

  • A new Pro package that lets you control any alarm or wakelock on the device.

Download: com.ryansteckler.nlpunbounce.apk (1.03 MB)

The app was not found in the store. :-(

#2 Gravity Box: best Xposed modules for Lollipop, Marshmallow

Gravity Box is one of the most downloaded modules and best Xposed modules 2017. In the gravity box, we can make tons of settings and there are a number of features available that you can try. This module is available for Android version lollipop and Marshmallow. The best thing about this module is that it contains tons of features that can be edited. This is the best module available for the theme and it makes the application more unique in functionality.

You can change the status bar and notification bar of your device to add more options to your device. This makes this unique. Just because to make changes in this system or to set up these options you have to download other modules. But with the help of this module it is really easy for you to make settings in your system.

Main features:

  • QuickSettings tile management with additional tiles and tile reordering
  • CyanogenMod Pie Controls
  • Lockscreen targets
  • Expanded desktop with semi-immersive and immersive modes
  • Lockscreen tweaks
  • Statusbar tweaks
  • Navigation bar tweaks
  • Power tweaks
  • Display tweaks
  • Media tweaks
  • Hardware key actions
  • Dialer tweaks
  • Launcher tweaks
  • Screen recording
  • Smart radio
  • Notification control (per-app notification LED/sounds/vibrations)
    … and many more

Then you can also add the halo and pie feature in your device that is available for paranoid ROM customized for your device. This makes it easy to import other ROM functions into your device.

Gravity Box Download: kitkat.gravitybox.apk (4.94 MB) | marshmallow.gravitybox.apk (4.46 MB) | lollipop.gravitybox.apk (4.63 MB)

#3 [ROOT] X Privacy Installer

XPrivacy is an authorization manager that allows you to control which functions and data on your device’s applications can actually access. It has long been one of the most popular Xposed modules. With the introduction of granular permissions controls, it seemed Xposed could become redundant for Android 6.0 users, but it still serves a purpose.

In Marshmallow, all applications automatically get permission from the Internet. This will normally be used for benign purposes, such as analytical data collection or ad serving, but it could also be a security issue.

With XPrivacy, you can make sure that only the applications you want online are allowed to do so.

Download: biz.bokhorst.xprivacy.apk (1.72 MB)
The app was not found in the store. :-(

#5 xStana – best Xposed modules 2017

XSTANA is an XPOSED FRAMEWORK module that shows your navigation and status bars, for example, you can change your HTC design bar and the navigation bar of Sony. Sounds cool, is not it? Well, you can do this by installing custom ROMs too, but why install ROMs when you have Xposed? Just a few clicks and you have a fully customized status bar and navigation bar in your favorite ROM.


  • Status Bar theme:
    • Adjust what icons to theme.
    • You can choose what icons to theme.
    • Apply a theme on these icons: alarm, wifi, signal, bluetooth, gps, battery, sync, ringer, headset.
  • Navigation Bar theme:
    • Apply a theme embedded on these elements: back, background, home, recent, menu, search, highlight, background (translucent mode only).
    • Setting: background, scale-type, button color.
    • Apply a custom theme with your own images to: qdemo (LG), qsmoide (LG), back-ime, home, recent, menu, search, highlight, background ).
Download: xposed.xstana.apk (3.45 MB)

#6 Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher is a great Android tool for removing ads, changing application permissions, backing up and restoring applications, bypassing licensing of premium applications and more. You can even get integrated purchases for free. You need Xposed Framework for the integrated purchase hack.

See here’s Lucky Patcher tutorials:

#7 Boot Manager – best Xposed modules for Lollipop, Marshmallow and kitkat 2017

Many apps take liberties with your system resources by putting to load each time you start your device. It can lengthen the startup time and lose power until Android 6.0 decides to close them. You can fix this with BootManager. Simply select the applications you do not want to automatically start and restart your phone. It’s like a smarter version of a task killer, and it can keep your applications less used quiet until you actually need it.

P.S: Navigation battery module name is Battery Home Icon.

The app was not found in the store. :-(

#8 [LL-MM] LockScreen Mods – Xposed

Lockscreen mods for Android Lollipop. Module extracted from GravityBox by C3C0. This simple module that lets you launch your favorite apps directly from the lock screen.

1) Download it from Xposed Installer app and install
2) Activate module from settings
3) Reboot and enjoy :D !!

Tested devices:

  • Nexus 5, Android 5.1.1, CM 12.1, Xposed Framework Unofficial ALPHA 4
  • Should work with stock Google/AOSP based ROMs
  • Nexus 5, Android 6.0, Xposed Framework v77.

#9 Android N-ify

This module allows you to use several features introduced in Android Nougat on your Lollipop and Marshmallow device. You can change the user interface settings, SystemUI, etc., like Android Nougat.

See here’s: Get Android N Features with Android N-ify Xposed Module

#10 All My… (Xposed Tweaks)

It’s on last list but another way it’s best Xposed modules in 2022. Collection various settings for CyanogenMod /AOSP /TouchWiz and some applications (Firefox, Adobe Reader, MX Player). This module currently offers more than 20 settings. All settings were previously available as stand-alone modules. I accept most of them on all my devices. Due to this and the increased number of adjustments, it no longer makes sense to offer them separately.

List of tweaks:

  • Always Software Menu – Allows to have both software menu button and menu mapped to key on CM. Workaround for this.
  • Disable Su Indicator – Disable # (pound/hash) indicator in status bar
  • No Toast Icons
  • Desk Clock Alarm – Make Alarm the default tab in stock/Google Desk Clock
  • Pocket First – Make Pocket the first option when sharing
  • Battery Light Disabler – Battery light will not shine when in downtime (Interruptions) or when the screen is on
  • One Way Brightness – Make auto brightness go only up
  • Battery History XXL – Enlarge the stock settings battery history – from 10 to 30 records
  • One Hand Zoom Enabler (Firefox/Adobe Reader)
  • Minimum Brightness (MX Player/system) – Change the minimum brightness level from usual 10 to 1
  • Native Freezer – Disable and re-enable any 3rd party app from System Settings
  • Compact Volume Panel
  • Gentle Haptic Feedback
  • Disable Horizontal Scroll (Adobe Reader)
  • Chrome Tabs Toolbar On Phone – Enable tablet layout while keep mobile User Agent
  • Remap NEXT button to Torch – Allow use volume up key (long press) to start flashlight (when music is off)
  • Remap PREV button to PLAY/PAUSE – Allow use volume keys to change volume, advance to next song and play/pause
  • No Wake On Charge – Disable screen wake when cable is plugged in/unplugged on Samsung Galaxy S5 (stock Android 5.0)
  • K920 Cardboard Fix – Fix screen resolution in Google Cardboard on Lenovo Vibe Z2 Pro (K920)
  • Disable Android Wear Disconnected Notification
  • Reader Mode (Adapt Display) – Enable Samsung screen ebook reading mode for Adobe Reader/Moon+ Reader on Samsung Galaxy S5 (stock Android 5.0)
  • Advanced Volume Keys – Long press VOLUME -/+ for PLAY_PAUSE/NEXT when screen is off or showing lock screen
  • Media Stream Default – Prefer media instead of ringer during volume control
  • Touch key light – Re-enable the lost option to set buttons light timeout (Samsung Galaxy S7)
  • No Password After Boot – Disable the “Unable to use fingerprints. Device restarted. Enter backup password, then fingerprints can be used next time device locked.” message
  • MTP Without Unlock – Start MTP even with screen off or without unlocking unsecure keyguard (Samsung Galaxy S5/S7)
  • sRGB for video only – Switch to sRGB (Basic screen mode) for video (MX Player/YouTube) while keeping Adaptive for everything else (Samsung Galaxy S7)
  • Allow MTP Access – Get rid of the “Allow access to device data” dialog (Samsung Galaxy S7)
  • NEW! Detailed Battery Usage – Enable detailed ‘Wi-Fi/Awake/Screen on’ battery usage stats.
  • Disable Battery Prediction – Hide the estimated battery usage in battery graph. NEW!

Download: Xposed Repo.

The app was not found in the store. :-(



What’s your favorite and best Xposed modules in 2022?

As every Android user have a different purpose and use of their Android device, everyone has their own set of favorite apps that help them cope with everyday needs. Tell… what your favorite and Best Xposed modules 2017 are in the comments section.

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