12 best Android screen lock apps and widgets to reinvent your phone

The screen lock on your Android device is not just there to look good. There is also a large navigation screen, which you can use to jump to the most important functions. Standard lock screens are fine, but check our list of the best apps and widgets from the Android lock screen if you want to unlock your phone more fun and functional.

1. Lok Lok: Draw on a screen lock

Lok Lok is a fun idea, but your friends need to get involved too if you want to make the most of it. LokLok allows you to draw on your screen lock, and then send the drawing as a message to a friend using the same application. This message will appear on their screen lock to edit them and send them back to you, if they wish.
LokLok is still in beta, and you can not just set up a PIN with it, which means it is not a correct application of the safety lock screen. But as a free fun way to send messages, it is really worth.

Write messages or draw pictures on your screen lock and send them to your contacts - https://apkfact.com
Write messages or draw pictures on your screen lock and send them to your contacts – https://apkfact.com

2. Next News Lock Screen

Next News is a news feed delivered directly to your lock screen, you can customize to make sure that you always see the stories that interest you. Choose from a list of categories, such as sports or entertainment, and will be posted on your screen lock for you to slip through. Just press and hold on a story to open it.


As LokLok, Next New still in beta stage and is not without its bugs, but it’s definitely a unique idea to the lock screen.next-news-lock-screen-app

3. CM Locker (Secure & Boost)

CM Locker has a slideshow feature to unlock the iOS and energy saving function that cleans the pulp draining applications directly from the lock screen. You can choose to use a pin or pattern to unlock your device, and there’s an intruder alert function that will take a photo of someone who tries in vain to unlock your phone. It is a no-nonsense locker screen that lets you control your music playback, view recent messages and check the weather forecast and it is strongly recommended.


4. SlideLock Locker

Are you an escapee of the iPhone that still feels a bit sentimental to slide to unlock the Apple lockscreen? Do not worry, because this fantastic screen lock application will fill this slider-shaped hole in your life. SlideLock use, you can unlock your Android device using drag from left to right along the bottom of the screen. You also get notifications for action, as in Lollipop, you can tap to go to them or fire them slip. Sliding from right to left takes you directly to the camera.

SlideLock will be instantly familiar to former iPhone owners.

5. Semper: Learn without effort

The application formerly UnlockYourBrain unlock your phone into something very valuable. It uses the 80 time you unlock your phone every day to keep your brain ticking using simple math and vocabulary exercises. Does this mean that you can not access your phone if you do not know what 12 x 8 is, or what “el amigo” translated? No, fortunately Unlock Your Brain allows you to skip questions and access your phone anyway, no pressure.

Semper makes you that bit more knowledgeable each time you unlock your phone.

6. Next Lock Screen

Microsoft’s new philosophy of going cross-platform, multi-OS with its software was to pay dividends, and the lock screen Next is another example of Microsoft’s design acumen complement the Android ecosystem.

Lock the next screen a stylish and simple look, but under the surface it is cleverly computing applications that you’re most likely to use based on your location (home, work, etc.), then you have the presentation said applications. You should not use this feature, of course, but next is still worth using for his careful presentation of notifications, schedules and other key phone functions.

Next Lock Screen displays apps based on your location and usage habits. Clever stuff from Microsoft.

7. AcDisplay

Many screen lock application go for a minimal look, but none made the announcement as well AcDisplay. Small icons for notifications, and you simply hold your finger on one of these icons to see the notification in detail, after which you slide down to reject it. AcDisplay same uses sensors to detect your device when it is in your pocket or in use, so the screen is switched on and off accordingly.

AcDisplay looks great, and uses your device accelerometer to detect when to switch the lock screen on and off

8. C Locker Pro

C Locker Pro is a big screen lock software that offers a ton of features and shortcuts to refine your lock screen. There are more than 30 custom shortcuts that you can create to make calls, access the application or read notifications from your favorite social networks. One of our favorite options is to be able to double or triple-click to turn off your screen – a feature usually reserved for high-end phones.

C Locker Pro offers an array of themes, and it's regularly updated to incorporate new phone features such as fingerprint scanners.

9. Echo notification Lockscreen

Echo displays messages is an elegant minimally designed screen lock that gives you a level of control over what you see and have instant access to. As you can see from the picture, you can create notification categories, such as “work”, “media” and “social”, and choose what applications are in them. This means that you have access to many other applications directly from the Echo screen lock as you would an Android fault.

Echo Notification Lockscreen provides you with messages and missed calls on your lock screen.

10. DynamicNotifications

DynamicNotifications is a screen lock subtle application that is easy on the eyes and on the battery of your phone. By default, it has a solid black background, and notifications will spend your screen when the phone is in your pocket, bag or down. This application has not effectively be used as a lock screen, but the option exists if you buy the premium version (US $ 1.99). You can customize what happens when you drag to the notifications, and also established a “night mode” in which you will not receive notifications when you are asleep.

DynamicNotifications is a zero-flab lock screen with some nifty features.

11. Locker Master

Locker Master has an array of original themes, including a ukulele and a shotgun and some fun unlocking methods. It has the usual plethora of widgets and app shortcuts, and – unusually – shows apps vertically rather than horizontally, which means more of them can fit on the screen. There are many well-designed themes too, including one that suits the time of day.

Locker Master uses a unique sidebar to display your shortcuts, and has some crazy unlock mini-games too.

12. GO Locker

This beast of a screen lock set offers one of the largest selection of themes any screen lock application. He claims to have over US $ 900 value themes (some are free, some not), and offers a range of ways to unlock your phone and show the applications you want to access most quickly. The shortcut option to turn on Bluetooth or mobile data on and off the lock screen is a nice touch.

GO Locker is a good thing in big package

Are there lock screen applications that we missed? Let us know, then maybe they will do in our next blocklist screens!

AcDisplay looks great, and uses your device accelerometer to detect when to switch the lock screen on and off

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