How to logout from Facebook Messenger

Logout from Facebook Messenger.

A while back, Facebook decided with Facebook Messenger strength to be held outside of Facebook. Curiously, the application does not have a logout button / sign out button as the original Facebook app: once you are, you are in life, and many people are not happy about it. That is why today we will show you the way to the roundabout out of Facebook Messenger.

To log out of Facebook Messenger, you must go to Settings of your Android device.

  • Close the application when you opened it, and get rid of it from your recent apps list, otherwise this trick will not work.
  • In Settings, scroll or applications Application Manager, and scroll until you see Messenger.
    Press this point, and Clear data.

Now when you go back to typing on Messenger in your app drawer, you should see that it will not automatically connect. That said, your profile name will be there, so you can simply tap to start Messenger, without having to log in.


If you want to disconnect completely, so your name does not even watch, then you must log out of Facebook application and, from Messenger is now fully integrated. If someone else wants to use your phone to check their messages on Facebook, they just need to tap Change account to log in to their own account.

how to log out facebook messenger
You can not sign out / logout of Messenger from the app. You must go into Settings and clear app data on your android device. – © AndroidFiT.Com
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This workaround method is a bit annoying, but it’s the only way you can do for now. And Facebook does not seem eager to change the situation. If you are bothered by Facebook in general, you might want to consider giving the shoe and try one of our best Facebook alternatives.

What do you think of the decision of Facebook Messenger to make a separate application? Does it bother you that there is no logout button? Let us know in the comments.

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