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What is HDR? What does High Dynamic Range Mean?

In this article, we will discuss the High Dynamic Range, HDR, what it does, how it works, in detail in TV and smartphone cameras.With the advancement of technology, it has entered our lives in many new terms thanks to the new

Most common reason behind mobile phone repair

With the entire world currently operating from home, the Smartphone has altogether achieved a new importance in our life. Everybody has their own set of requirements, which now lies just a tap away. We have become so dependent on these

10+ Simple tips to Speed up your Android phone

Do you feel crazy about Android becoming slow to an exploration? Every time you open an app, you have to wait a few seconds until it answers. Transitions between screens take longer to redraw than in the past. You no longer have to bear…

How to check whether my Android phone is 32-bit or 64-bit

When the user's buy Android device to their best budgets. At the same time in every Android user's life when  important question must be answered: is my device running operating system 32-bit or 64-bit? or you may be search as "How to Find…

10 Hidden Android Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Android is the most popular operating system among smartphone users. It is also the most customizable, if you're willing to put your techie hat. Hidden features are all over the Android operating system.These features are designed to save…

How to logout from Facebook Messenger

Logout from Facebook Messenger.A while back, Facebook decided with Facebook Messenger strength to be held outside of Facebook. Curiously, the application does not have a logout button / sign out button as the original Facebook app: once…