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Why would someone need an alternative application for Facebook when there is already an official Facebook app? Because it is terrible. Okay maybe not terrible, but it is dull. So I’m investigating five other options, which are all free (with ads), to see who is the best.


Fast for Facebook

Fast for Facebook allows you to choose a design layout during the installation, rather than have a single shot on you. It lets you choose the size of the interface (essentially the amount of “stuff” that you can see on the screen) and colors. It was a dizzying amount of options that are intimidating a glance, but after an examination longer make much sense. It also works really nice gesture controls. Usually I’m the first to complain about poorly implemented gadget or software, but slide on the right side of the screen to take pictures for is a wonderfully convenient feature. Photos are usually the first thing I check, and I love that I can get them to the orderly screen, it is very smooth. Also, scan to the left to see all the details of the biography of a person / page is useful too. I like it, but it suffers from some problems when you try to view hi-resolution images, which resemble often blurred.


Download and  Install from Google Play Store >>  Fast for Facebook app 


This is very popular alternative Facebook application. It looks elegant, with buttons and a modern design and it does not take a lot of getting used to – all normal functions found in the application are the norm here. FriendCaster quite widely based on drag and is implemented very well, ensuring that the information slip between the wall and photos is a breeze.

It may be a little too similar to own Facebook application for me to really enjoy it, but it has some very interesting options such as filters news distribution, which can be used to view as posts containing links or images, for example. The evil news feed to load in my test whether, and because of the ads I’m not sure I like this application for Facebook norm.

FriendCaster For Facebook

Download and  Install from Google Play Store >> Friendcaster app

Seesmic (Facebook, Twitter)

Seesmic is an interface to both Facebook and Twitter. and took a few seconds to install and start on my device. Despite the cartoon mascot, the interface itself looks very professional, and is actually quite simple in terms of how it displays information. Images of supply stations and new walls are reduced in size, so they must be clicked to see clearly.

I really appreciate how it displays my own page: without profile photo or banner. But if you’re the kind of person who is annoyed by unnecessary images and videos clogs the actual words that mean people on Facebook (you are the exact opposite of a normal Facebook user) then this could be just for you. I had no problem with the way it works or Seesmic speed at all.

Seesmic for facebook , twitter
How Seesmic displays images (see right) is just too small for me. – AndroidFit.Com

Download and  Install from Google Play Store >> Seesmic (Facebook, Twitter) app

Flipster for Facebook

Flipster for Facebook sliding gestures used in as fast to Facebook, but for me, the implementation is not as strong. Then sliding to the right makes notifications on the page of a person, but because I check my notifications much less often than I check photos, it makes no sense to me. Yet bringing you directly to the news feed when starting the application is the right way to do things, and news flow also looks as it should be (except for low-resolution images as I discovered is common for these applications) and my profile pages also looks very tidy.

I do not know why it offers the possibility to click on Facebook in the main interface, and having a notification button and a gesture of the slide seems unnecessary. In addition, the search function does not always offers the most relevant results. But these quibbles aside I like the look and the most important features of Flipster more than due process.

Flipster for Facebook for Android Facebook client fast and stylish. - AndroidFit.Com
Flipster for Facebook for Android Facebook client fast and stylish. – AndroidFit.Com

Download and  Install from Google Play Store >> Flipster for Facebook app 

Klyph for Facebook

Klyph may not be the Facebook app most popular alternative, but it does deliver a brand new new and nice looking interface. The main screen is the news feed, with the menu on the left side and notifications dragged on the right side. Everything works fine, and how the messages in your RSS rebound on the screen is a nice aesthetic touch, but not exactly important. Analysis Facebook and your friends profiles also uses a profile photo intelligent minimization “animation,” which, although difficult to describe, is a simple addition that looks really cool. It makes your newsfeed large enough, and the images take a while to load, but the inventive regard to the application must be applauded.

How Klyph interface changes when you begin to scroll a page looks sweet. - AndroidFit.Com
How Klyph interface changes when you begin to scroll a page looks sweet. – AndroidFit.Com

Download and  Install from Google Play Store >> Klyph for Facebook app

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