Remove Google Search Bar from Android Home Screen

Google’s search bar is sitting and taking up space on the home screen of every new Android device. If you do not use the search bar. And it’s just taking it up, here’s how you can get rid of it about Remove Google Search Bar from your Android Home Screen.

How to get rid of the annoying Google search bar that sits in your Android home screen. Here’s how to remove the Google search bar from Android by disabling Google Now, using a custom launcher, or expanding your Android and using a custom ROM.

Why would you want to remove the Google Search bar anyway?

The most common reason is real estate on screen: this bar occupies space that could be put to better use by displaying application icons or more of your favorite wallpaper.


Why doesn’t Google want you to remove the Google Search bar?

Google wants its Google Now service to be successful. So they put the small microphone icon on their search bar with the hope that you will use it through its convenient location. If they have made it easy to take the Google search bar and its microphone button off the home screen, this would affect the success of their product.

How to remove the Google Search bar

Remove the Google search bar is not difficult, but the process is different from one device to another. Here are some examples of how to do it. All devices must follow fairly similar steps, so try the first example, and if that does not work, move on to the next one.

1st Method: Remove the Google Search bar for All device. (Disable Google Now widgets)

  • Unlock your Android Device first.
  • Now tap to hold on “Google Search bar”  move it on remove/delete icon at the top/bottom of the screen.

2nd Method: Remove the Google Search bar for All device.

  • Unlock your Android Device first.
  • Go to default Settings,
  • Scroll down and find any Apps option and go there.

On the Samsung and LG handsets, for example, just delete it as you would any other home screen widget. On Sony Xperia handsets, however, this process will not work.

Samsung Galaxy (Remove Google Search bar using Disable Google Now)

  • Tap and hold on the Google Search bar.
  • Drag it to the trash/remove icon at the top of the screen.

To Google Search bar back on Home Screen:

  • Tap and hold a blank space on the Home screen.
  • Tap Widgets in the menu that appears.
  • Navigate to and tap the Google App folder.
  • Drag the search bar from the inside of the folder to the appropriate space on one of your home screens.

How to remove the Google Search bar with a custom launcher

A custom launcher allows you to customize your home screen. This is an application that allows you to change the way your Android home screen works and works. Frankly, it’s this kind of tweakery that makes Android superior to the iPhone or Windows Phone, in my opinion.

Simply access the Play Store and install the launcher you like best. Some of the best custom launchers for Android include Aviate, Google Now Launcher, Action Launcher, Apex Launcher, and Nova Launcher. Each of these will allow you to kill the search bar, and do much more next door. There are free and paid launchers.
The process is globally the same: in Nove Launcher Prime, you access the settings for the application, and then select Desktop. There is an entry for Persistent Search Bar: set it to None and the Google Search bar will disappear from your Android home screen.

How to remove Google Search bar on Android: Root your Android and use a custom ROM

It will not come as a surprise to those of you who have heard of this process. If you try to root your phone, you can remove the Google search bar. If you do not know rooting yet, it’s when you give yourself complete control over your phone – at the “root” level. A rooted Android is almost infinitely customizable, and once you have rooted your device, almost any custom ROM will allow you to uninstall the Google search application. We have written a comprehensive rooting guide that will tell you not only how to do it, but how to do it as safely as possible.
On the other hand, virtually all custom ROMs will allow you to remove the Google search bar by simply deleting it as you would with any other home screen widget. So, if you’re an adventurous guy with a rooted Android, install a custom ROM and remove that annoying search bar.

Did you remove Google Search bar from your Android Home screen? Has the process caused problems on your Nexus, or maybe it was smooth on your Samsung? Share your experience in the comments!

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