How to Block Any Website on Android Devices

You can search for information on any subject on the Internet. However, there are situations in which you have to block particular websites. For example, you can block pornographic websites to protect your children. By using an app called BlockSite, you can easily block any website on Android devices. In this article we will see how we can do it.

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In addition, there are many other situations in which blocking a website becomes necessary. There are many ways to block a website. You may be able to block a website on your computer. However, it is quite possible that you also have a smartphone. This article will show you two ways to block a website using the BlockSite app on your Android device.


Block Any Website Using BlockSite App

One thing to note is that there is no guaranteed solution for blocking websites on Android. Your kids can install another app to access the website. In addition, your employees may also use third parties way.

The best way to block a website is to edit the host file. But, this requires a rooted device. So, the ultimate solution in this regard is to use an application called BlockSite app for android devices.

The BlockSite app is a solution you want to block a website on Android. Firefox allows you to install an add-on to block websites. However, this is a temporary solution because you can do it on a single browser. In addition, with BlockSite, you can block websites on your Android device globally. This application allows you to keep your social networking applications, but block them according to your needs. In addition, BlockSite is useful if you want to keep your family members away from malicious websites. This allows you to stay away from distractions. Parents can also use this app to block pornographic sites.

BlockSite is also available for the desktop and provides similar functions on mobile. Let’s see the step-by-step instructions for using this app.

Download & Install BlockSite app

  • Download and install the BlockSite app from the Play Store by clicking this link.
  • Once the installation is complete, you must grant an authorization to the application. This will ensure proper blocking of websites. Just click OK regardless of the access permission requested by the application.

How to Block Websites on Android using BlockSite App?

After above, the next step is to block websites on Android devices. To do this,

  • Open Block Site App
  • Tap the Plus (+) Button on the bottom right of the main screen.
  • Now, enter a web address you want to block ( and tap the Check Mark in the top right to save it.
  • Yes! that website is blocked. Whenever you try to visit that website from any browser, you will find it blocked.


Additional Features of BlockSite

Block Distracting Sites & Apps:

BlockSite blocks any URL you wish, helping you keep your concentration! And block apps that eat up your time. If you accidently click on a blocked app icon, BlockSite has your back!

Block Adult Sites

There is another option to block adult websites. With a built-in porn blocker, BlockSite will block all known adult sites at the click of a button.

Just tap the Block Adults button to block all pornographic websites at the same time. Although it is not perfect, it allows you to easily block the most popular adult websites.

Scheduled or Permanent Blocking

There is a time and a place for everything. It is difficult to be disciplined with your own device. BlockSite makes it easy! Besides, you can also block the apps based on the days of the week. This is a great feature and allows you to be more productive at work.

 Password Protection

With a password or pattern protection for the app, you can block the adult or other websites securely. BlockSite is the best easy-to-use tool for blocking websites and applications. It has a simple and intuitive interface and does its job effectively.

Sync between Desktop and Mobile

You can now sync BlockSite on mobile and desktop! Press the Sync BlockSite button and it’s done. This feature allows you to synchronize blocked websites on your computer with your Android device. You can have the same list of websites blocked on your mobile as on your desktop.

Work Mode

Stay super productive and block distracting sites while you’re in the zone. On the BlockSite app you can customize work mode with whatever time frames you want! Longer working time, shorter breaks? You got it!


However, there is a disadvantage of this great application. It can be uninstalled by anyone and with that, all blocked websites and applications will be unlocked. However, you can still use an app like AppLock, CM Security, etc. to prevent this application from uninstalling. There are other methods, such as using NetGuard as a firewall, but the configuration process is complex and you can also block multiple websites. BlockSite acts as a VPN, which means you can not use another VPN next to it to unblock websites. Thus, BlockSite becomes an effective website blocker.

Do you know of another great solution that can block any website on Android devices? Let us know via comments!

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