The 10 Best Habit Tracking apps for Android 2022

Best Habit Tracking Apps For Android To Achieve Goals In 2022. Our lives revolve a little around our habits and the way we perceive them as well as our tasks and our daily routine. Often, we do not take into account the habits we develop and their impact on our growth.

But no more, there are extremely useful habit tracking apps that not only keep track of your habits, but also get rid of those that consume your energy and focus on your ultimate goals.

Fabulous: Self Care

Fabulous is more than just a habit tracking app and can accompany you to create new habits and reach your life goals. The application can be your guide to introduce a workout or a permanent morning routine, perform a meditation to become conscious or simply follow your habits and get rid of bad ones.


The application offers a decent number of trips, trainings and challenges, but after that, your only option is to continue with an annual subscription. In addition, frequent alarms can be a bit annoying for some of us.

Download: Fabulous

Boosted – Monitoring productivity and time

boosted is an application that will help you take control of your work habits and engage yourself on the path of self improvement. You can track the time you take for various activities and analyze how you spend your time on various habits and take steps to control how you spend your time consuming habits to be more productive.

The application can certainly be an excellent choice for professionals who want to be more productive. As you can add your work projects and track performance. However, the application is definitely not for multi-users who want to save projects or tasks simultaneously.

Download: Boosted

Do it Now – RPG To-Do List & Habit Tracker

Do it now is an excellent choice to follow your habits and accomplish certain tasks in a fun way. Get this app if you want to spice up your everyday life and get motivation for your daily tasks. The application presents you as a virtual RPG character who grows up and becomes more adept in improving and completing your tasks.

Set goals to achieve according to their importance and accomplish them in an exciting way with this app and continue on the path of self improvement. So, focus on the virtual RPG character who becomes more powerful as you work on yourself and on your habits.

Download: Do it now

Loop – Habit Tracker

Loop is an application designed to introduce and maintain the good habits in your life. The app allows you to set long-term goals and provides detailed information to help you track your progress toward your goal. The app gives you a usual score based on your continuity for the habit of helping you know the strength of a particular habit.

You can follow as many habits as you like, whether it ‘s routine or occasional routine. The graphical representation of the data facilitates their analysis. However, you can not add notes to each habit or decide which habits you want to include in the chart and which ones should be deleted. But nevertheless, the application is still a decent choice.

Download: Loop

Goal counter: goal tracking, change of habit, to-do list

Goal Meter allows you to accomplish more with its variety of features. The application allows you to surpass yourself and be more productive with its dedicated support. Choose this one if you want to manage your time more efficiently, track performance, and receive instant notification when you forget to start an important task, but the application still does not allow you to set alarms.

The app comes with an objective and usual template like health, finance, work and diet that lets you start tracking and changing bad habits immediately . However, you may have difficulty saving or deleting tasks and eliminating clutter.

Download: Goal counter

Goal tracking, list of habits and workout schedule

If you do not like ads, a purchase built into the app that Goal Tracker is worth trying. The application allows you to set small targets by programming weekly habits with the ability to choose any combination of days of the week. However, you may have trouble deleting your completed or canceled tasks, which could result in unnecessary slots.

You may also find it difficult to update your progress on multiple devices. However, you can freely import or export goals. Overall, a practical application to follow your habits and progress towards improvement.

Download: Goal tracking

Habitory: usual tracker

This one offers to be your habit of creating and maintaining an assistant. You can choose to create a daily, weekly or monthly habit and be sure to be reminded not to interrupt the flow. The application is ad-free and offers a simple user interface and lands the notifications required to maintain a flow to develop permanent habits.

To prevent data loss, the application synchronizes your data with the cloud and you can access it anytime in the future. Add as many habits as you want and start following them without losing any money.

Download: Habitoire

Tracker of habit

As its name indicates, this app allows you to keep an account of your habits and track your goals in a synchronized manner. It even allows you to break bad habits by following your habits and creating better habits. Get your motivation source with motivational images and forum support where you can interact with the community and build your self-confidence.

You have so much to do in and through this application that it may seem to have a cluttered UI if you are ready for a simplified option. Overall, the app is encouraging in itself and can be chosen as a stimulating but motivating option for self-improvement.

Download: Tracker of habit

Repeat Habit – Tracker of habit for the purposes

repeat habit is a simple application that focuses more on the day in hand and be your tracker of goals and habits two in one. This app only shows you the goals and habits you have scheduled for the day and works without pressure to achieve your long-term goals. The list type widget is enough to handle tasks from the home screen and offers a multitude of color choices.

Although there are chances that you are annoyed by the notifications that appear even when you are done with your day’s habit. But overall, the app can be chosen for its simplicity and non-pressurized tracking style.

Download: Repeat the habit

Do you also feel the need to follow your habits? If so, which application will you choose?

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