How to Controls allow or block Apps Internet Access on android

If you’re an Android user, then you may have noticed that many applications silently using your Internet connection for various purposes. They run in the background without your notice and steal your data. You can not uninstall either because they are essential for many tasks. All you want to do is block their Internet access. And you want to do this without rooting your Android phone. So in this Android Fit post, you will get an Android application which will block and allow Internet access to all your applications (both systemic and external) individually.

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The good news is, there are ways to block Internet access in specific applications on Android. You can make it through the embedded options of Android or you can use a third party application. First, let’s take a look at how you can restrict Internet for specific applications on native Android:


Restrict Background Data on Android Natively:

Restrictions background data  for specific apps.

You can restrictions background data  for specific apps on Android easily define:

  • All you have to do is head to Settings> Apps and select the application you want to block data connection.
  • In the App Info page, you can press “Data usage” here and, enable “Restrict app background data“.
  • This ensures that the application will not look for mobile data while running in the background. However, if you open the application, it will use the Internet.Android-Restrict-Background-Data-in-specific-apps

Restrict background data for all the apps

  • If you want to restrict background data for all the applications, you can go to Settings> Data usage,
  • click the three-point and tap “Restrict background data“.
  • Here you can also set a monthly limit of mobile data, so you know when your mobile data is close to recovering.Restrict-Background-Data for all apps

Now Android Nougat includes a Data Saver Mode, which essentially limits the database of all apps. However, you can select the applications you want to enable data access without restriction.Android-Nougat-Data-Saver-mode

Although Android native methods work very well if you want to restrict use of mobile data, there are third party applications that allow you to block mobile data and WiFi connectivity for certain applications:

How to Block Mobile Data and WiFi with a third party Apps.

While there are some good apps that allow you to block Internet for specific applications. Mobiwol, NetGuard, NoRoot Firewall are the best apps for it. we suggest you NoRoot Firewall because it’s free and it provides most of the features you need. So install NoRoot Firewall on your Android smartphone and follow the steps:

Controls allow or block Apps Internet Access with NoRoot Firewall..

  1. First, Install NoRoot Firewall app from Google Play Store.
  2. Now, run the app. You will see the following screen. Tap on the Start button.NoRoot Firewall - Controls Apps Internet Access (1)
  3. Note that the application will create a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection for you on your android phone. Thus, it can intercept your Internet connection. The application is trustworthy. So, you can press the check box and click OK.NoRoot Firewall - Controls Apps Internet Access (6)
  4. The app will be launched and the following screen will be seen. Tap the Auto Start In the Start box to avoid these steps each time you start your android phone or tablet.NoRoot Firewall - Controls Apps Internet Access (5)
  5. Now go to the Apps tab and you will see a list of apps (both applications and system applications that you have installed). You will see two check boxes next to each of them. The first is for the Wi-Fi and the next is for cellular data connection. Now, choose how you want to Controls allow or block Apps Internet Access on android phone or tablet.NoRoot Firewall - Controls Apps Internet Access (4)
  6. For example, I allowed some applications to use my cellular data while others are blocked. Make your choice and tap the boxes depending on your need. Here ✓ means that you authorize to use the internet and X means that you block. If you keep an empty box, it will be allowed to use the Internet. So, put an X mark on the boxes in the applications you want to block Internet use.NoRoot Firewall - Controls Apps Internet Access (3)
  7. Each time the app will need the Internet connection, you will receive a notification like this one.NoRoot Firewall - Controls Apps Internet Access (2)
  8. Then you can press this button Detected Internet access and allow or block individual.NoRoot Firewall - Controls Apps Internet Access 6

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Block unwanted apps from eating your bandwidth.

If you agree with just restricting background internet connection for apps, you can do this easily on Android. However, if you need to block Internet access altogether for unwanted apps, you have to rely on third-party applications mentioned above. These applications work very well, but the only limit is that they bring VPN, which could reduce your internet speed a bit. We tried the apps and decrease the speed of the Internet is not huge, so you can certainly use these applications.

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I think,  “How to Controls allow or block Apps Internet Access on android phone” work properly  on any android device. and see also: How to Save & Reduce your mobile data usage on Android. Well, try these apps and tell us how you like them in the comments section below.

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