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Compressing photos and videos always means a compromise, but Opera Max allows you to save on fairly painless data.

There are times when you want – no, you need – to save on much data as possible. Other times, you’re fine gigabytes suck down as fast as your operator or Internet service provider can serve. And you are the one who knows what you need when. And there are many ways to save on data. Use airplane mode. Or simply turn off your phone. This seems a bit drastic though.

Opera Max is one of those applications that has been around for what seems like an eternity, and yet we really take a look. That ends today. And it turns out that it is devilishly simple. It is a VPN tunnel data through its servers, compressing things where he can. This means concretely photos and video, which constitute the bulk of the great stuff your phones and tablets face.

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But cuts always comes with a compromise. So let’s take a look and see if Opera Max is good for a data management solution full time, or if it is something you’ll want to use from time to time.


Opera Max Install is simple and well done. You get a few screens that explain the advantages of Opera boasts Max without really explaining what is happening. “Opera Max saves your data and extends your data plan.” Not really – it keeps on the applications you use every day using as much data because Opera is the interception and compression what happens and it is not exactly a new idea -.

Google has been doing the same thing through Chrome for a while – and anyone who has seen HBO Silicon Valley should be pretty familiar with compression now. Opera Max goes further, however, acting as a VPN to complete all that is coming in.

So, images and videos load faster. After spending a few days with Opera Max I do not know what I could see no obvious difference in speed, but that is probably because I’m on a fast connection most of the time anyway. If you’re on a slower connection, however, you may well see a real difference.

But that’s where the really cool part comes in. You have some control over which seriously affects Opera Max, and what does not.

You can start by deciding if you want it to compress mobile data or data over wifi. (For my money I give up compression on Wifi, Wifi as it is.)

But then, you can go down even further and control things on the implementation plan. Press either the mobile data or Wifi menus to see how an individual application data pulled in, and how Opera Max saved by compression. It will even show you how much data they use all day, so it’s very detailed.opera max data savings

And this is where you can also control whether Opera Max is the data compression only for a specific application on mobile data or Wifi, or not at all. You can also see the use on a monthly basis.

Although you might not use Opera Max 24/7 there are times when it can certainly be helpful.

It is worth taking a tour through the settings too, as is the case, you can control notifications, and how much compression you want to use the application (high, medium, low or no.)

And who separate is applicable for mobile data and WiFi data. It is also interesting to read through the FAQ Opera on the application, if only to find out that the data sent over HTTPS will not be compressed, for obvious reasons (secure data is secure), and IPv6 on Android 4.4 is a no-go, too.

So my bottom line on Opera Max is: If you are looking for a way to retain the date made while using your phone, this is an application to try. I would not use every day, at least in my normal everyday life. And I sure would not bother with it on Wifi.

For where could really make sense to me is when I am abroad and the amount of data that I use directly related to the amount of money I’ll pony. And it makes sense for markets in which high data limits are not the norm – and there are many of these markets there.

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