Ketchapp’s Trio Cheats and Tips to Quick Shape-Changing

Trio Cheats and Tips: Ketchapp’s Trio  is no single end game that will greatly challenge your hand-eye coordination. Excellent skills in tapping and memory are important if you want to play this gradually testing shape-shifting game. You should introduce long-ish and tutorials for this game, because it’s like a cross between Tetris and Snake in terms of how it is played. All you need is a brief overview of how it works, here is our Trio Ketchapp cheats and tips to help you play longer and beat the game. And also you like to play another Brain Workout Game.Trio - Ketchapp

Goals of the game: Trio Cheats and Tips

The main objective of the game is to ensure that the form goes through the obstacle correctly by matching the contour of the obstacle. Another objective is to go as far as possible in the game to earn points and beat your last high score. The track where a form moves follows a zigzag line and it accelerates as you successfully match the shape with the contour of the obstacle.

Important things to remember: Trio Cheats and Tips

You can change the shape at any time by pressing the screen until you get the right to move it through the obstacle. Touch the screen to change the shape and match the contour of the obstacle. Remember the sequence when you type because it is constant. It is always circle-triangle-rectangle.


Anticipate the next obstacle: Trio Cheats and Tips

The more you play, the more you get with your hand-eye coordination skills. This means that constant practice will help you get used to see the outline of the next obstacle the corner of his eye.

Coins and other characters: Trio Tricks and Tips

Free coins can be taken every few hours. If you want to increase your stash, put all notifications for this game so you can be alerted when you receive the next freebies. Watch Ads to increase your parts as well, if you have the time to play this game, then you will have time to spend some time on them. You could win tons of coins, then do not complain!

Play all the time, soon enough you will be able to pay all available characters. Collect them all for the love of … collection. These “heroes” can not be leveled up, they just add some variety to an otherwise monotonous play.

Download Trio – Ketchapp->


Beat your latest high score can be quite frustrating. This game gets pretty intense the more you play faster because the track goes, the less your eyes work well locate the following form. Time is essentially against you because of the “hand is quicker than the eye” fact-or something to that effect. Just do not throw your machine out of exasperation and does not mean we do not have warned!

Trio try if you want a quick solution to your boredom. It does not take too much to learn and it is actually much more difficult to explain the mechanics of words without confusing you more. Hope you enjoyed our “Ketchapp’s Trio Cheats and Tips to Quick Shape-Changing” Post. Leave a comment below if you have any suggestions, feedback, or advice on how to play this(trio) game.

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