Temple Run 2 Cheats Codes, Hacks, Tips,Tricks and Game Strategy

Temple Run 2 Cheats Codes, Hacks, Tips and Tricks.

It is one of the most popular games in the trend that does not really need an introduction. An amazing 3D experience that has amazing graphics quality, and was so successful in its first version, that Imagni Studios decided to make a second.

It is certainly much more difficult and fascinating with more variety of scenes, the players and the new time offers on related themes, challenges, players, magazine articles, etc. which continue to strike after new short updates.

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Quick Points to Get Started

Collect all possible power-ups to change your scores.

We like free rooms in the beginning.it is the currency of temple run 2, to collect as much as you can. Choose magnet that you can to collect as many coins when power meter maxes.

In addition, the upgrade of your “coin values” under the capabilities section makes double or triple rooms appear on the track compared with normal amount piece of track.

Gems give your afterlife. Save them.

For novices, not achieving harder to reach power-ups on cliffhangers and inside the mine while changing side. They are hard to reach for a reason. You will eventually get the game of blocking and then you can really try harder.temple-run-hack cheat codes

Temple Run 2  Tips, Tricks and Game Strategy

Multiply and Level up

Fill as many goals you can get a better score and head to the next level faster. This also levels up your best multiplier for you to get better scores.

Stick to the Right

The majority of the coins appear on the right side and stick to the right side for more rooms and increase your upgrade meter for even more coins.

You can switch sides mid-air

Cliff hangers really are breathtaking. But believe me, as soon as you spot a; jump in first when you do not know what to do. While you’re in the air, it gives you the time to understand which side you should be on and quickly tilt to it.

This method does not work in the mines. You can not jump into the mines that you are in one basket. Again, stick to the right. It is best to switch in the right direction and be prepared to switch to another, rather than to prepare for any direction and stay in the middle. Keep an eye on changes in direction and the ends of the track.

Red Tiles

red tiles are often coupled with other obstacles such as spikes, waterfalls, etc. not jump when you see a red tile when you are above and beyond the level that you might end in a second pool of obstacles and tilt to the required side when you spot a red tile. It really helps in advance.

Hunt for Every Possible Obstacle in the Game to Stay Alive Longer

The quest for survival begins with a slow jog turning to a fast race and a sprint finally panic. Remember that the glance of time when the speed of the runner becomes extremely high when you’re too early in the game and presto, you are out, game over! I got something for you.

Find all possible obstacles that does not take your life, but you can fall on it, as red roof tiles, rocks, etc. They kind of give you an ultimatum and the bear follows you closer reach, but still can not catch you until you do this again in the same set of seconds. Even if you can not find one, go on either side so you feel the speed is too much for you and speed decreases down with the bear near you. Keep running safely and carefully and in a matter of seconds, you can try again.

Free Stuff

You really need to buy coins and other things as there are many free ways you can do it. Visit the application of Game Store and choose “Free Offers”. You can get an extra jewel and up to 250 coins like the game on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

How to Get Unlimited Coins and Gems for Temple Run 2

Well, free stuff you can not switch off for long. We all need cheats and hacks to enjoy every bit of this wonderful game on a faster level. Buying expensive characters, maxing out all updates, an endless score with unlimited gems to spend. Outside find gems and coins in Temple Run 2, if you want more gems and coins, you must buy them from the store Temple Run 2 in-app at a cost. if want to temple run 2 hack unlimited coins and gems, then see below the post.

How to get free Gems Temple Run 2

Go to the application store in Temple Run 2, and find the area that says “Get Free Stuff!”. From there, you can “like” the game on Facebook, which will earn you a free Gem.

How to get free Coins in Temple Run 2

Go to the application store in Temple Run 2, and find the area that says “Get Free Stuff!” From here you can follow on Twitter Temple Run 2 and get 250 free coins.

Temple Run 2 cheat codes:

Here are the Temple Run 2 cheat codes compatible with all iOS and Android devices. You do not need to hack tools for them(Temple Run 2 cheats) and they give you free shopping app.

  1. Handful of Gems– LS_4FKDSGqMAp
  2. Handful of Coins– OU_28TfuBpp19
  3. Usain Bolt(temple run 2 usain bolt hack)– TC_fb27xxeaw2
  4. Bag of Gems– WP_Wt6vp7wIDQ
  5. Chest of Gems – QP_Of3yaHWS3q
  6. Chest of Coins – VT_avLXtE0PSi
  7. Pile of Coins – TA_ZjNhEhQd1h
  8. Coin Doubler – MQ_9WoDgk0lto
  9. Pile of Gems– LP_2l7PTap91q
  10. Bag of Coins– SU_9TBrGTM858


Temple run 2 hack game by Lucky Patcher

If you want to hack Temple Run 2 game in-app purchases, then follow the below step:

If your device rooted

  1. First Download Lucky Patcher App and install on your android device.
  2. Now open lucky patcher from app drawer.
  3. Please wait… for loading..
  4.  Now find your Temple run 2 game and tap it on.
  5. Then goto Open “Menu of Patches” and tap on  “Support patch for InApp and LVL emulation”. now  a pop window appear on your device screen, then tap on “Apply” button.
  6. Now again wait for Patch results.
  7. Enjoy it… :-)

If your device NON-Rooted

We already shared an article about How to use lucky patcher and Hack In-App Purchases without rooting? and it also worked for Temple run 2 game.

Temple Run 2
Temple Run 2
Developer: Imangi Studios
Price: Free
  • Temple Run 2 Screenshot
  • Temple Run 2 Screenshot
  • Temple Run 2 Screenshot
  • Temple Run 2 Screenshot
  • Temple Run 2 Screenshot
  • Temple Run 2 Screenshot
  • Temple Run 2 Screenshot
  • Temple Run 2 Screenshot
  • Temple Run 2 Screenshot
  • Temple Run 2 Screenshot
  • Temple Run 2 Screenshot
  • Temple Run 2 Screenshot
  • Temple Run 2 Screenshot
  • Temple Run 2 Screenshot
  • Temple Run 2 Screenshot
  • Temple Run 2 Screenshot
  • Temple Run 2 Screenshot
  • Temple Run 2 Screenshot

I hope that this work for you, if you have any idea to hack Temple Run 2 game, then please leave a comment below ..

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