Use Lucky Patcher to Hack In-App Purchases without rooting? [Unlimited billing hack]

Here’s will learn about how to use Lucky patcher in-app purchase without root. You can use it on any app & game. that have available custom patch for lucky patcher to hack In-App Purchases (hack in-app purchase game as Unlimited billing hack).

Yes .. you can use it without rooting your android phone too … the only difference is that if your phone is rooted it can make the necessary changes in the installed application. As the method of hacking in-app purchases (billing hack) available for rooted devices, but not for non-rooted devices. And if it is not rooted then you must first generate a new patched apk apps using lucky patcher, then uninstall the installed version and install the patched version …. then Lucky patcher will surely work on in-app purchases .. tested it myself.

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Unlimited billing hack: Use Lucky Patcher to Hack In-App Purchases without rooting?

Someone asked me to describe the process. Here together is how we do it.
1. 1st download Lucky Patcher apk app
2. Install in your android phone.
3. Open the app. you will see something like that.

Lucky patcher in app purchase with out root

  1. Click on the application you want to modify. Like I hill climbs racing selected

Lucky patcher in app purchase with out root hill climbs racing selected

How to use lucky patcher without root for in-app purchases

  1. Now Click on “Open menu of patches”

Lucky patcher in app purchase with out root hill climbs racing 2

  1. this time click on “create modified apk” to create modified app.

Lucky patcher in app purchase with out root hill climbs racing 3

  1.  If Custom patch is available, click on. If the click does not work “Apk rebuilt for InApp and emulation of LVL”. Here I click on “Apk rebuilt for InApp and emulation LVL”.
  2. Now Click on “Rebuild The App” & wait for patch results
  3. If the patch pattern showed no chance success.Then displaying all failed means no chance that we got cracking pattern app.Here successful patch.
  4. Click on Go to file button.

Lucky patcher in app purchase with out root 2

  1. Click on the file. Select Uninstall & install.
  2. It will ask you to uninstall the application. Go installed on the uninstalling app. After uninstalling cancel.
  3. return to the modified app. Again click on it and select Install.
  4. After the installation is done. Open application that you changed

hill climbs racing hack coin

  1. Try to buy some coins. Click on GET parts.

hill climbs racing hack coin 2

  1. Select one of them.Click on it And window patcher will open the chance
  2. Now tap on ‘Save purchase for restore‘ then Click on Yes… And you are done.


Similarly, following this lucky patcher tutorial, you can hack in-app purchases any games, whis game offers in-app purchase as like Candy Crush Saga, Subway Surf, Temple run OZ etc.

Sorry, Lucky Patcher can not hack in-app purchases, who want to hack like Dream Girlfriend, Clash of Clans, Asphalt 8: Airborne, CSR Racing …. etc game.

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Use Lucky Patcher to Hack In-App Purchases: Last word

I think now you guys have not the slightest doubt. If you think about “How to use lucky patcher and Hack In-App Purchases without rooting.” (this Unlimited billing hack ) Article is informative, kindly share this article on  Google+, twitter, facebook, and other social forums.  If you have any new idea / thick like this work or Already have problem with Lucky Patcher hack in app purchase game/app? Read comment section and leave a comment here …

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Kartik Pokar

As you said……i have done exactly but still its not working

Android How To
Reply to  Kartik Pokar

So sorry… brother, it’s not working if you use this trick on online games ( like as it Clash of Clans, Asphalt 8: Airborne, CSR Racing or Multi Payer Games etc. ) …
Please read this again and try it…. again fail to crack then share this game name.

See this video if rooted >>

Reply to  Android How To

After the installation it says app not installed

Reply to  Android How To

Hello there. Thanks for these tips. Can you tell me if it’s possible to hack NFS: No Limits with Lucky Patcher??
I have to know this.

Reply to  Kartik Pokar

i have tried it i ticked on save purchase for restore but its showing there was a problem during this inapp purchase.receipt verification failed:(


Can it hack power level warrior?

Android How To
Reply to  Lewelline

Lewelline, You can not hack power level warrior by using Lucky patcher.
You need a custom server for hack power level warrior games.


Can I hack teenpatti gold coin or hack teen Patti gold
Store money

Android How To
Reply to  Nadeem

I am tested this game on new lucky pather 6.4.4 and thi not working. but may be work in lucky patcher 5.8. Teenpatti may update there octrocdn server. if it not working this way you need old version lucky patcher with old version teenpatti game or modified with a hacked server.

Reply to  Android How To

Any update on the said issue

Reply to  Nadeem

My purchase not complate in clash of clain

Emily bett

Thanks for the hacking tricks


We have any app that can hack gems of kings empire game for non rooted android device.and it works in our region.

Reply to  Suren

If you find it lemme know too

Lovesh Saini

How to hack clash of kings


will lucky patcher work on games like castle story 2, monopoly bingo, (storm8 studio games) etc.?? without root!?

Android How To
Reply to  deja

Hey Deja,
We have already shared which games and apps lucky patcher supported.


lucky patcher do not work on online games.


It was working!!
But when i ticked all the 3 option
1.and a reply
2.‘Save purchase for restore‘
3.Auto repeat purchases
It stopped working.
Now how can i fix this problem…. Please help.!!!

Android Apk
Reply to  Xianlee

Hello Xianlee!

Clean your lucky patcher and games cache data & cookies … then try again.


Can Game of War be hacked?

Reply to  Jay

Hell no
Need a VPN private server to do that


Will fhis work angry birds go?


Can u please tell how to hack mini militia using this app

Android Apk
Reply to  Asdfg

can i hack battle cat using lucky patcher???tell me your method if u can hack battle cat

naresh abi

i cannot hake gunship battel using lucky patcher.and i followed the above given steps but finaly im not getting tat uninstall and install menu.


How it works Vikings war of clan pls tell me


Can sniper fury be patched thru this app


Can I hack bakery story 2 with lucky P


Hi, I bought bloons td 5 from galaxy apps and it won’t let me buy things trough the playstore but through samsung billing. Is there anyway I can fix that? My phone is not rooted btw.

Anand Mahadev

Does lucky patcher works for clash of clans?

Android Apk
Reply to  Anand Mahadev

Yes, if the game is listed in Game Killer apps then it means that it’s supported. We’ve personally used it with Hearthstone and Clash of Clans to hack unlimited gold, but there are many other people using it with different online games.

Reply to  Android Apk

Sorry, how did you use it on Hearthstone? In-App purchases crack doesnt work!

Reply to  Android Apk

Same question how did you get it to work on hearthstone?


Lucky patcher can not hack gunship battle 2.3.50


Bro plz work on coc i want to purchased coc n i like your apps????????


Bro plz work on coc i love your apps????????

Naveen kumar

How to hack coc I can’t understand


Hey brother I m a huge fan of urs.. get work.. but am how I m unable to hack township . Please help buddy…


Can I hack asphalt 8 airbone


Can hack 8 ball pool with a non rooted device?


Many game are working Thank and i love it,but i can’t hack League of Immortals with game killer ????


Its not working on my township game, i cant get back into my game at all! What do i do to fix this!


Doesn’t work with Music Maker Jam. I tried several times and got fed up now. Has anyone been able to get free stules from rebuilding from Lucky patcher?


Hi there i have downloaded latest lucky patcher and want to hack jurassic world on android. Follwed the numbered steps but when it install is say unfortunately it has stopped everytime. I havent rooted my device but should i do this for it to work?? Many thanks

Reply to  Gavlaar

how to unroot app

Anonymous(real anonymous)
Reply to  daus

Easy if you’re rooted go in kingroot and click unrooy


Hey can I hacked clash of clan or asphalt series…… I tried to hacked clash of clan but when I purchased gems they are showing “wait your previous payment is going on”… Please help me or I heaved to hack older version of clash of clan..

k. aabhishek wardhan

wow its amazzzing. mind blowing its working. install this app and enjoy

Marcie Tirres

I can’t get it to work with Disney magic kingdoms. It keeps saying purchase unsuccessful please try again later. Please help.


Can I hach asphalt 8

Android Apk
Reply to  Loren

Lucky Patcher worked for asphalt 8..


I have hacked and got it working on candy crush saga but after i login my account which has the previous data the patcher stops working and i cant purchase again it says “due to connection error purchase wasnt successful and will be purchasd later” but next screen says gold bars have been added but it doesnt adds…the problem only starts when i login my king account but when i remove account it works fine..any suggesstions?


Ive teied it a few times and every time it says app not installed. Help please!!

lokesh kumar

admin i do all things for dr driving but? my version not show( uninstall and install app ) option hlp me which your version


I have done exactly as you have said. However, when I try to install the modded game, Lucky Patcher says app not installed. Is there a problem with the app or is it that I can’t hack the game. The game I’m trying to hack is Jurassic World The Game.


How to hack CIC and get unlimited gemsgems???


Will it work on Mystic Messenger?


Lucky patcher can hack coc ???


uhhmmm… how to hack deemo?


Please, help.
Is it working with Mystic Messenger or other otome games?

Reply to  Paulina

i tried for mystic messenger but it did not work
it kept on saying an error occurred

Reply to  wonhuh

No. Mystic messenger won’t work with lucky patcher.


I have installed lucky patcher for candy crush saga. After installation i can’t connect with facebook.
How to connect facebook. It showing YOU CANNOT CONNECT THE KINGDOM RIGHT NOW. What to do?

Reply to  AndroidFit

That didn’t work for me, is there any other work around so that I can connect to facebook?


There is no custom patch apk for mini militia in my lucky patcher app .what I should do

Muhammad Irfan Mohd Irwan

Can this hack ninja turtles legends


Hey dude, thx for the tutorial it really is helpfull.
I have one concern though…
When i modify apk of world conqueror 3 (with the tutorial) and once i install, it just doesnt want to start. There is a black screen and the moment i press the home button it crashes.. Any advice on fixing it? 🙂

Reply to  AndroidFit

Can you be more specific on what you meant there please? 🙂

Reply to  AndroidFit

Thx, ill be waiting 😉


I did what you told for Episode, but it doesn’t work. It says there was a problem with my in-app payement.
How can I make this work please?

Reply to  AndroidFit

I tried for the game Episode Choose your story

Reply to  Claire

me too.. i tried in episode choose your story but i can’t use cz payment problem


it does not work at all…..


It worked very well. Thank you very much. I’m soooo happy.


How to hack little big city 2 it says purchase failed


How to hack clash of clan


How to hack tinpatti gold. I am Un able to make any purchase as a guest and also unable to connect with Facebook now. Please help


I have tried this with Game Of War but everytime I follow all of the directions I go to the gold store and it gives me a reduced price. I click it and follow what your instructions said but it does not give me anything. Then when I tried again the tab changes to PURCHASED and not the reduced price and I still have not recieved anything….help?


I can’t hack candy crush soda??
Can you help me??


I did it on earn to die but when i opened it i only saw a black screen?!
Can u help me please?


So it says I have saved purchases how do I get them to show up in the game


Hi was wonder if it just not support or if i am doing it wrong. I am trying to hack animation throwdown and it says it say it work but the payment fails cause it says i need to be sign in to google play i sign it but it wont let me sign in to it. Any help please


Does it work in one piece treasure cruise?

Bianca doesn t work for episode feat mean can be solved?it say “there was a problem with your in app purchase payment information.

Karla Camille

does it work on lineplay?


Can i hack legacy of discord?


is this work for “choices the stories you play”?

Reply to  irfan

Yes please get this working for choices game. I would really love this. I did try it, but got the message that purchase was not authorized.


I can’t buy in little big city 2


hey bro.. Can lucky patcher hack ‘Match And Found’ 8 ball pool, And ‘Azar’.??


Can the game Hackers be modded or patched?


Can the game Hackers be patched?


I have tried non-stop to hack d-day frontline command with lucky patcher it does not show custom patch but multi-patch and as i do multi-patch it goes through those process but eventually shows
N2 failed……….
N3 failed……..


Is it possible to hack “choises” with this app?

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x