SHAREit Connection Problem & Transfer Failure Fix

SHAREit is a one of the most popular File Transfer & Sharing apps. Here’s We discussed about to fix SHAREit Connection Problem & Transfer Failure.

We can easily transfer and share videos, audios, photos and files with our friends. This is a faster way to share data because if we transfer data via Bluetooth, it takes a lot of time. But when we transfer the same data using WiFi, the data can be transferred up to 10 times faster. Therefore, instead of Bluetooth, This file sharing apps are used a lot.

How is SHAREit file sharing app transfer the data?

Use SHAREit App and it WiFi and WiFi Hotspot connection and transfer data at the fastest speed. For example: If you send a file to your friend’s Android/Windows/iPhone smartphone, your smartphone app shares your data via a Wi-Fi hotspot and your smartphone friend’s app receives data via WiFi.


Shareit Didconnection problem and transfer failure fix

SHAREit Disconnection Problem & Transfer Failure Fix

There are have many methods to fix these type problem on your device.

Placing devices at a greater distance between which you are transferring files may cause a drop or interruption of the signal caused by the surrounding Wi-Fi networks. This would cause disconnection while SHAREit sends or receives files. Try to place the devices as close as possible to make a stable connection between the two.

If SHAREit App on a computer can not connect to a mobile phone or tablet, temporarily disable your antivirus firewall and try again. You can also try to connect to the SHAREit mobile hotspot if the SHAREit PC access point is not working.

If the file transfer fails due to disconnection, you can resume it after reconnection. Note that resuming the transfer process may corrupt the file. When the transfer is complete, check the file if it works. If it does not, you must send it again. If you transfer APKs of apps and games or other archived files and the disconnect occurs during the transfer process, you can resume it, but it is more likely that the APK file in which the failure occurred either corrupted. You can test it by opening the APK file with WinRAR and launch the “Test”. If no error is found, APK is intact. Otherwise, you must transfer it again.

Disable Mobile data, WiFi (WLAN), WiFi hotspot to Solve SHAREit disconnection

Before using this app, first disable your mobile connection, Wi-Fi connection, and Wi-Fi access point, and then start these applications, otherwise, the connection to your application’s file share will not work.

  • Disable WiFi (WLAN): On Your Android Phone, Go to Settings>>WiFi or WLAN.
  • Disable WiFi hotspot: On Your Android Phone, Goto Settings>>More>> Tethering and Portable devices>>WiFi hotspot.
  • Disable Cellular data (Internet data connection): Check your internet connection is disabled or not. If it is enabled then first disable it. On Your Android Phone, Go to Settings>> Data Usage>>Cellular data.
  • Alternatively, You can check Mobile data, WiFi and Hotspot status via Quick access widget shortcut bar.

Keep enough Storage Space on Your Device

If you want to receive a file from your Mobile friends, check your mobile storage or Micro SD card storage. There is enough storage available or not. If the phone’s storage does not have enough space for the file size, the file will not be transferred.

There are other file sharing apps available for Android that can better transfer files over Wi-Fi. You should try these if SHAREit does not work for you.

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