How to Hack Android Games Using Root Browser (Editing .xml Root File)

How to Hack Android Games Using Root Browser (Editing .xml Root File)

Hack any Game With Root Root Browser.

Hey guys, you know… you can hack android games by editing game data file as like “game.xml” root file. here’s  Root Browser Help you to manage files on Root folders which simple file browser never goon There. Many of you know that the root browser is only as a file manager or file browser. But, using the root of browser, you can hack Android games. In order to hack Android games using the root browser. So you need to Rooted Android device. if your Android device rooted then see here’s how to root your android. You can hack Android games, such as their resources like coins, gold, silver, power, gems, diamonds,  money, etc. From subway surfers, dr.driving, Temple Run, hill climb race and many other popular games. Here you will find the Step by Step Process to hack Android games using the root browser. Before starting the process, let you know the features of the root browser.

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How to Hack Android Games Using Root Browser (Editing .xml Root File)

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Root browser is most powerful file manager for rooted android devices. Here are some of the features of root browser. Some of the features are listed below.


  • View and edit any file
  • Batch copy/paste, zip, tar, delete, move any file or folder
  •  Move, copy, rename, and delete files
  • Two file manager panels
  • Change file permissions and ownership
  • Explore apk, rar, zip & jar files
  • SQLite explorer
  • Send files by email.
  • Create and delete directories (folders).
  • Install zips using clockwork recovery
  •  Add new files & folders in any directory
  • Bookmark any folder
  • Execute script files
  • Sort by name, size & date
  • Open files and folders with other apps
  • Change the theme (double tap home button)
  • Extract single files from zip/apks/jars
  • Hack Android Games.
  • Search for files or folders
  • Show list of files with thumbnails for images.

Below the process to hack Android games using the root browser. And also, you can get to know how to use a root browser to hack android games.

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Here’s steps by steps to hack Android games using the root browser are:

  • At first, download and install Root Browser app on your rooted android device. Download From Here (if you have it, do not need to again).
  • Now Open Root Browser…
  • Go to the Data folder ⇒Data Folder Again.
  • Now, this step… Find the Folder With the game name you want hack Open it.
  • Once you are in your game’s folder, then go to shared_prefs.
  • Now go to game.xml file. (game -The game which you want to hack)
  • Change value Like value from 18 to 99999. IN other games you can increase coins, lives, gems, gold ..(for ex: If you want to change the score for selected game, edit this line ,<int name=”score” value =”0” /> write 999999999 instead of 0, or If you want to change the coin, edit this line ,<int name=”coin” value =”0” /> write 999999999 instead of 0 ).
  • After all, click on save button.
  • Now going Back to the Game.
  • Game is Over. You Succeeded.

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Disclaimer: We make no guarantee possible to hack android games using Root Browser. We just share … how to possible. And Online games cannot be hacked using this root browser.

This is the simple tutorial to hack android games using root browser. If you have any doubts comment below.

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  1. It is supporting most of games, but in some games like traffic rider i am unable to find string named score or coins instead some meaningless letters and numbers are written.please post the solution

  2. This is a great article! I have been trying to hack Android games for a while now and this article has really helped me out.

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