15 Beginner’s Tips to Play Clash Royale Game

Clash Royal is one of the most popular mobile games out there. It is developed by the same people that brought you the most popular Clash of Clan game for mobile devices. If you are having a hard time playing this new game duel, Clash Royale. Do not worry because we will give you the best tips to help you improve your game and become a better duelist in this epic fighting game.

Clash Royal is all about strategy and tactics. You can not win the game by using brute force attack your opponent and all that. You need a plan and a decent strategy to get the upper hand and win the battle. Clash Royal could be more addictive than Clash of Clans, so be cautious before downloading. It is so good, that polite, and very fun. Once you get familiar with the layout, management of resources such as gold, and building a platform (or army) to go to battle with, try some of our tips below -Dessous to improve your skills, strategy and overall balance in order to win fights.

with Clash Royal you fight the enemy in real time, and they fight back. Players must use both offensive and defensive, strategy, and any good time to get a win. Troops more you use, the more players must wait Elixir to regenerate before deploying more troops. Figure out a good strategy and stick with it. At the beginning of your troops are probably surpassed, but use these tips and you will gain a little and get better, and get more cards. Here are some tips to help beginners gain battles in Clash Royale.


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Clash Royale – Make A Perfect Deck

You can not win to have the perfect strategy. You also need a good platform. People who have often best platforms can win even when they are not in the best strategies. Sometimes the most expensive bridges can lead you to victory. If you wish to obtain units, and maintain balance as mentioned above. Do not invest in the most expensive unit, but not only get cheap either units. Get fast units with some anti-air units. Use your style of play to choose your units. If you are an aggressive player, then choose faster units and if you use a defensive strategy then choose the units of tanks that can withstand heavy damage. You can choose a combination of both, if you want to have a balanced strategy.

Clash Royale – Keep The Balance

The first mistake that beginners make is they often go for the strongest units in the game. It looks good on paper. You have strong units, and you defeat your opponent, but that’s not the whole matter in this game. Your opponent will quickly get overrun by the weaker units. So always keep a perfect balance in your units and mix of the strongest units and lower units in your arsenal. Do not under pressure and give up early because the game can turn at any time if you keep your cool. Keep a mixture of all the cards in your deck to maintain a perfect balance on the ground.

Clash Royale- Devise A Plan and Stick to It

Any player who does not take seriously the battle and sent a small number of troops into battle almost always lose the battle. If you want to play a serious game and increase your chances of winning then, stick to the following tips.

  • Play your cards only when your meter is full Elixir.
  • If you have any troops away, so be sure to protect them with your powerful forces that can attack the incoming tanks.
  • If you want to play on the defensive, then focus on destroying enemy towers to ensure victory.
  • If you lose a round and obviously it will be destroyed so do not defend it with all your might. Focus on the towers of the enemy, turrets, etc. to reverse the tables.

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Clash Royale- Improve your troops

In Clash Royale, you can actually improve your troops using gold. You can update your favorite troops to a higher level using gold after reaching a certain level. If you want to improve your troops and units, but have no idea which one to improve and follow the simple tips below.

  • First, improve the troops that you like and use most often, it is simple.
  • Focus on improving the troops you have in your deck constantly.
  • In addition, to improve the units that are not in your bridges because when improvements they can fit in a wide range of platforms with different strategies and tactics.
  • If you like to spend real money on a mobile game, then invest your money in Clash Royale. This way you will a plethora of improved and powerful units without real effort.

Clash Royale – Don’t Drop Trophies

Beginners or those who keep losing many battles are doing something to try to get an edge in Clash Royale. Go to battle and just sitting idle, leaving the other players attack and victory. The idea here is to “throw trophies” and be put in a smaller arena to be matched against easier opponents. Like dropping a troop and stop an attack in Clash of Clans.

I continue to see users mention this on the forums, they dumped trophies in an effort to lower when they fight, have a better chance of winning. It does not work. First, Clash Royale was a pretty good match-making system, and for two, the arena more you are, the greater the reward. Reaching Arena 2 and 3 as quickly as possible to upgrade the troops and have a better chance of winning. Arena higher deposit boxes are much better too.

Clash Royale tips for beginners

I just reached level 8 in Clash Royale, and have enough trophies that I fight in “Arena 5-6” instead of 4. More Arena arena, the better “drawers” when you win 10 fights. In Arena 4, you will be rewarded with a Golden Chest giant, and it is loaded with maps, gold, gems, and so more improvements than most cards. 101 gave me a chest cannon cards, and enough I could update it three times, and even update my rockets twice. This is a huge update and tons of money just to fight in an arena more. This boost will help users win battles, rather than simply fight easier enemies.

At the end of the day, do not drop the trophies just to fight in a smaller arena, because it probably will not work, and the reward is not as great. Yes going down to unlock the cards you’re still missing is logical, but not to stay there just to win battles. It is worthwhile to continue to win, so on Clash!

Clash Royale – Tweak Your Decks

Make a bridge, learn and play continuously. Learn more about all the cards so you know what is low and what is high. Learn more about the different match-ups and make your bridges accordingly. Once you’ve made a platform and then play for a number of times before trying something new. Having played a lot of games with the bridge, only then you should make small changes and improvements to the platform to improve it. Look for cards that do not allow you at all or very little during the game. Replace these cards with others and rerun the tests. Repeat the process until you find the perfect balance between all your cards and a platform that has a perfect strategy against most other players.

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Clash Royale – Use Spells Often

In the early stages of Clash Royale most players do not have the spells, but in a week or play you will likely fate of Freeze, then 3-4 in the arena get the fate of Rage. Freeze as expected, freeze everything. Playing defense troops to take down your troops, or register at the last second before the game ends to prevent the enemy to take down a tower. I saved countless battles near the end using the gel out.

Purple “Rage” spell increases the speed, movement, and damage to deal tons of damage. Post a Giant or Giant Skeleton, wait a few seconds and drop the Rage. It will quickly get to their base and destroy it. I found that using a large troop of goblins with three fast launches or skeleton army mixed with rage to be extremely successful. Warning for defense, as it can easily be squandered, but just as easily win the battle.

Clash Royale tips for beginners

And what gel, I use it for everything. perfect placement (and after waiting a few seconds and be risky) paid as you can see above. I waited longer than I should have for the enemy to abandon a party on my ball, then dropped the gel. Judgment of the tower and the witch at once, and give my long ball to drop bombs and take his turn, and give me an easy victory. It’s all about thinking ahead, not only rush to file troops. So be methodical, take your time and use spells as often as possible to surprise the enemy and gain an advantage.

Clash Royale – Keep an Eye on Chests

You can open chests in the game to receive awards. These include maps and upgrades for your troops. However, there is a time limit and a waiting time before you can open a safe. You can work around this time limit if you use your jewelry. If you are waiting for chests, then it is best to keep track of the time and open your coffers in time to get as much value as you can.

Clash Royale – Have Variety in Your Battle Deck

The most important thing for beginners is to set up your bridge battle. There are three different decks you can assemble and have at hand, ready to fight with. Each company has a number of Elixir costs. Not having all of 2-3, and not have too many 5 this. They take longer, cost more, and get you quickly outmatched and overwhelmed.

Clash Royale deck
Look Variety in Your Battle Deck

Basically, shuffle your deck with both high and low Elixir troops, and both ground and air. Giving you a wide range of options at different times. It mixes with a good variety gives you the best chance to win. I’ve been using Giants, skeletons (for a distraction that the giant does damage) and splash damage as troops Baby Dragon Valkyrie or Chick. The Dragon and Valk splash damage, and wounded several soldiers and buildings on every shot. This is crucial. Valkries take incoming Giants, while my other troops are moving towards the enemy towers.

Adding a good variety of high and low level troops, and mixed air and the soil becomes increasingly important as the game progresses. If the enemy troops on the ground, drop a dragon and go take down a tower. It is all about timing, and strategy. This is one of the best games yet simple strategy that I played on a mobile device.

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Clash Royale – Don’t Attack First

From the beginning, I’m always the first to attack, and my troops are opposed by the enemy, and put me behind from the start. I lost a lot, and frustrated. Not to mention being surpassed by the increase in troop levels. Players must wait for the Elixir bar to get full before attacking, and if possible, wait for the enemy to deploy first, to help use your troops and strategy for the future.

This does not always work, but a good defense wins championships in the NFL, and the rule here. Being able to have a strong defense allows players time to fill Elixir, and against attack with a strong army. It also allows you to record important cards like Fireball later. It must be saved for the end to inflict mass damage to a group of skeletons, or to lower the town hall before the game ends to get that slight edge needed to win. I save it for the end, and surprise the enemy just in time to win most battles.

Clash Royale – Test New Decks in Training Battles

This may sound silly, like losing a game does not really hurt the players except the number of trophies, but test your bridge before fighting battle in multiplayer. Players lose trophies for each battle lost, and the trophies of the best. This puts you in the top leagues or arenas, outperforms chests and more. So you’ll want to earn as much as possible.
Accordingly make test attacks and practice with new maps and troops won, or new varieties to your platform in the arena of battle the first training. Once you feel confident, fight real people, and see how it goes. Before you begin, continue reading the rest of our tips for a better chance to win.

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Clash Royale – Use Skeleton Attacks

There are several different Skeleton troops, and all but the giant skeleton are very low, die quickly and are sensitive to the arrow attacks. That said, Skeletons are a great distraction to deploy just before dropping a “tank” largest troop to heavy damage.

Clash Royale tips for beginners

Try pairing Skeletons with a giant, and watch it instantly cruise down and take a spin with only two shots. Skeletons are as much on defense as they are to attack. Use them to quickly take down a giant, full speed or stop a price. Beware of Valks or dragon as splash damage can take an entire skeleton army in one or two shots. On the flip side, I always arrows ready to follow my prince or take giant skeletons enemies trying to stop my approach.

Clash Royale – Don’t Rush Attacks

Sometimes precipitate an attack with more troops and from heavy can overwhelm the enemy and lead to an early victory. And when it does, it feels good. However, good players will do what we have mentioned above and to defend and against a strong offense and take a tour. Using too much force at once (or too early) can often times put you behind and catching up to save your buildings to be taken. Hit hard too soon put you at risk of being surpassed early, and quickly lose every battle. Take your time and be precise with every movement. Do not use what is available first, unless you are under heavy siege.

I learned to start with one or two light troops, seeing that the enemy, then go with a big giant, followed by a dragon or Skeletons as a good distraction. Or that my second motion will be a strong attack against. Of course, everyone will have a different strategy, approach and style. Rushing may work for some, but beginners will want to take their time and learn to use a solid strategy, much like a chess game, and maneuver the enemy. Once you learned that maps or troops counter some enemies better, rush your attacks if you like, and be ready for a quick response from the enemy.

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Clash Royale – Minimize The Randomness

The first hand of cards you get dealt is completely random. If you get a good hand with decent cards that can be used effectively, then you are lucky, however, if you are dealt a bad hand, then it does not mean that you lose instantly. You can always remove a win if you keep your composure and play defensively. When the treated hand is not ideal, then switch to a defensive style of play to keep the enemy at bay until you have access to your strongest cards.

Clash Royale – Use The Elixir Wisely

Most beginners often end up depleting their resources together elixir too quickly when they throw everything mechanically in an attack. This often leads to your death and a crushing loss. If you want to attack, then build your first elixir and deploying a couple of combination of cards when you have enough elixir. This type of strategy works better than mindlessly using all your resources.

Clash Royale tips for beginners

The best advice is to learn about all the cards individually. How much is a map? What does it do? What is its place in your deck? etc. If you know the cards, then you have already improved your overall game. You can make different combinations and make unique strategies to confuse and Overpower your opponents in battle. The more you play, the more you learn about this epic game of the Battle of the map.

Clash Royale
Clash Royale
Developer: Supercell
Price: Free
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Keep playing and improve your skills Clash Royale. The above tips will definitely help all players who enter this epic play. New players can certainly benefit from these tips. Do not lose your heart after a loss. It’s a game, so take it lightly and do your best.
If you have other tips for Royal Clash players, so feel free to share them with us in the comments below.

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