Tinker Island: Survival Adventure Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

Tinker Island: Survival Adventure is a game of time management that you will surely love. Make a survivor of the shipwreck and find others like you who have been swept away and stranded on an island! Together, you can plan how to survive with the combination of your skills and the island offers. What are you waiting for? Start building your camp fodder, discover the secrets of the island and survive! Here is a list of our Tinker Island: Survival Adventure cheats to help you do just that. We’ll help you survive your island adventure with our Tinker Island: Survival Adventure cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to surviving!TINKER ISLAND CHEATS, TIPS AND GUIDE

You know Tinkers Island is a small island off the coast of Marblehead, Massachusetts, USA. See the wiki page.

Objectives and elements of the game.

Taking the role of a survivor, your goals are to find others who have endured the wreckage and, forage for food and build shelter. You are also supposed to explore and fight sometimes. Each survivor has features and capabilities that are perfect for some work, and your task is to know. This is an easy game to play, but with each decision results in a different outcome.


This game is a fusion of different genres, and you’ll also notice that there are different types of missions to complete and decisions, making the experience somehow engaging and authentic. Explore the island using the card / s and not to leave unexplored areas.

Learn about each survivor to maximise their potentials.

The survivors have unique skills and professions that can be useful in certain missions. There are four types of skills, represented by different icons. Make sure you use the proper survivor to perform specific tasks for best results.

Save other survivors to explore, if they have higher stat for exploration, and to help defend your turf if they have good fighting skills, and so on … to improve the different sets of skills survivors.

Always use the correct survivor for work!

Naturally, the survivors comes with different professions, meaning different skills! Skills are divided into four categories: explore (magnifying glass), fodder (hand), construction (hammer) and fighting (sword). Every action you can take on the island of tinker corresponds to one of these skills, and as you can probably guess, using appropriate survivors provide the most effective results.

For example, using a survivor with a great discovery to explore the regions of the card will result in the progress bar up more. The speed at which progress bars mount directly equal to the corresponding total competence survivors you set. So if you have two two survivors explore with 10 fixing the two to explore a region will progress bar 20!

Take on different tasks at the same time.

You can terminate several processes taking different tasks at once. Each task or process takes a few minutes or hours. Play continues to send more survivors to perform quick tasks.

Enjoy the fishing grounds.

You will need to store on food products by sending your people to fish. Always assign a survivor on each fishing ground to ensure that the bees can collect whenever stains are ready to be cultivated. You can also upgrade the fishing grounds for bonuses. Use the appropriate surviving fish, preferably with a high stat explore.

Watch package ads!

A white package will be found eventually and it will sit in the lower left corner of your site. Tapping this allows you to watch a 30 second announcement in exchange for a jewel, the premium currency of the game. It is a typical gesture of a mobile game, but if you have all your survivors to the tasks, you will be waiting anyway, so why not earn gems at the same time? You can watch up to 10 ads a day, and the counter resets once it is a new day.

Earn bonus.

Earn bonus as gemstones and play money by watching advertisements you can access by tapping the white bundle at your campsite. You can view pending tasks to complete. Maximum you can watch is ten ads per day. So if you have lots of time to spare, go ahead and watch those ads for freebies.

Collect and Save your gems!

Gems are quite difficult to find in this game, and to unlock some of the best surviving you are going to need a ton of gems. Unlock best survivors to help you manage the island in exchange for gems. You can win these important points by watching ads and accomplish achievements. You can also earn gems by playing using Kongregate account. Do not lose them accelerate tasks; retain as much as you can. Look at the ads, complete achievements, and connect a Kongregate account to earn some easy gems.

To build!

Once you unlock the capacity, you must build the most important first as water wells, tents and storage. Everything that has to do with the most basic things you need to survive as water, food, and storage, these are what you need to build first.

Prioritize your buildings!

Various buildings provide different effects for your survivors, but it is important to know which ones are doing.

  • Your fire opens up new buildings for you to build. Since this is the closest thing related to the progress, this should be your first priority.
  • Water tanks increase all your surviving skills of a certain amount. Plus it is upgraded, the higher the skill bonus. This helps a ton in the long run, making your task much more efficiently.
  • Tents and shelters offer storage space for your resources. This should be your second priority, as you do not want an item of food, unique wood, or all that goes to waste.
  • Maps provide all your survivors with a bonus explore. This useful for new areas faster testing, but is probably the least of your priorities, at least initially.

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  • Tinker Island – Android Apps on Google Play (if you want to direct download  apk file then copy and paste Google play Store app downloader on this site sidebar)
  • Tinker Island: Survival Adventure on the Apple App Store.


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There you have our list of Tinker Island: Survival Adventure cheats. If you have any other survival tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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