Hack Google play store in-app purchases with Freedom App For Rooted Phones

Freedom is an Android application designed by the Russian Hackers. By using Freedom app you will be able to buy coins, gems, levels, gold, point, lives, etc. Freedom app allows users to make purchases under without paying any money. By using this application, you can hack popular games like hack Temple Run 2, Subway Surfers, Candy Crush Saga etc. In fact, it contains a built-free card that is used when you buy something in the Google Play Store. But the most important condition is the android phone should be rooted one.  Latest freedom app is a free application that allows in-app purchases available from the Google Play store.

However, an important point, is that you must have rooted your device before using this application. If you do not know what rooting is, then you must first search for it, gather information, and then root your phone. You can contact us via our contact page if you are unsure of rooting your phone. You can use it in a game, but there is no guarantee that all games and applications work with it.

Look at, we have already shared for you:

Note: Before processing … hacking the Google Play Store in-app purchases using  freedom app. you need to have a rooted Android device. Either it does not work for you. 

If you want to rooting your android phone, we always recommended to root your android device with kingroot app.  or find rooting tutorials for you.

Download Freedom App:

How to Hack Android Games Using Freedom App on Rooted Phones

Follow the instructions carefully to get the freedom to work:

  1. You should have a rooted device to hack android games using freedom app.
  2. Install the downloaded Freedom apk file in your rooted android phone (Links given above).
  3. Now install Market Unlocker app.
  4. Open Market Unlocker => tap to Enable Unlocker
  5. Now, swipe Market Tab over to the left => Scroll until you find Russian MTS 25001 => Select it
  6. Once open Open Freedom. If it says “freedom is not available in your country” then change your timezone to as like Go to Settings => Date & time => Select time zone => Moscow (Optional).
  7. Open Freedom => Choose any app or game => Wait for the process => Enjoy free in app purchases.

How to Hack in-app purchases Using Freedom App

Freedom app works in a very simple way.

  1. Now open it. It will give you a list of apps & games that can be hacked for free in-app purchases by Freedom app.Hack Google play store in-app purchases with Freedom App For Rooted Phones 11
  2. Now click on a game that you want to hack in app purchases, I click the surf subway, it will take some time to load.
    Hack Google play store in-app purchases with Freedom App For Rooted Phones 12
  3. Then click on a package you want to purchase from the menu of the subway surf shop. I click on the vault of the coin option.
    Hack Google play store in-app purchases with Freedom App For Rooted Phones 13
  4. Now you will see the play store purchase page on your smartphone’s screen but instead of normal “proceed to payment type” option you will see a free card number xxx-xxxx etc. Click on buy and then voila! payment successful. For proof, in the above image look at the number of coins and keys I have, I purchases them through freedom.  Hack Google play store in-app purchases with Freedom App For Rooted Phones 14Hack Google play store in-app purchases with Freedom App For Rooted Phones 15

So that way, you can easily purchase items in all of your game for free. But this application does not work on applications that requires online connectivity as WhatsApp, TrueCaller etc., so it only works on poker applications.

Freedom in app purchases not working in 2020

If you have No Connection Error and nothing helps, do the following:

  1. Please download and install Root Explorer.
  2. Open it and go to the root of your phone (/).
  3. From there,  find and go to the ‘etc’ folder .
  4. Find the file named “hosts” and hold it for 2 seconds => choose “Open in the text editor.”
  5. Delete everything and paste below code in the first line of the file.
  6. localhost
  7. Save the file. That should do the job for you.

However, Freedom runs on most games and you must surely give it a try.  There are newer versions of each week or month, then maybe all games/apps can be hacked with her in the near future. If you already have any problem with any step then comment here .. we just try to solve it.

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  1. Smith says

    my moto g4 is unrooted, can i use this app without root it? or root is necessary.

    1. Rafael Marba says

      You must root first

  2. sami says

    my phone is rooted i follow all step but not working in clash of clans and 8 ball pool please email me

  3. tony says

    Please help,did everything,root my phone, downloaded all the apps,yet the the card xxxx did not show,on the online game clash for dawn

  4. prasanjeet says

    When I try to hack clash of kings it said purches successful. After 3 second it saying payments fail what can I do?

    1. Shintaro says

      Read. The. Text. It Says You Can’t Hack Online Games.

  5. Asim says

    It is not working on online games like clash of clan

    1. Arham jutt says

      Its does not work on line games

  6. Bhavesh khomne says

    Followed all the steps but the freedom app opens for few seconds annd closes if you be quick and select any app it says be patient and the freedom closesit not able to select any app.. All the steps are tried also SU access is granted.. Please help

  7. kayode says

    Payment successful but the gold not credited to my account, pls help

  8. Jack says

    Can inapp purchase of online game like Age of King be hacked with freedom ?

  9. kumar says

    Which app is help to claim unlimited money and coins at online games…like 8 ball pool reply mee

  10. Yasir says

    Freedom and lucky patcher doesn’t work on online games like cok. Clash of clans etc….. We need something to hack these apps. I can hack kids games like subway surfer without root.you guys mades us root for what??


    Does it work for mobile strike

  12. no name says

    I do all the step…after payment successful nothing happended…game Mangawarrior

  13. Unknown says

    Does it work on FIFA Mobile?

  14. koushik says

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