How to Root any Android Device Using KingRoot Apk Apps

How to Root Android device using KingRoot Apk .

KingRoot Application is a very powerful tool that allows you to root your Android phone / device in a click.  Now KingRoot is the best one-click rooting apk / EXE  apps with high success rates on 2022. And best way to Boost your Android device by rooting with KingRoot app!

In fact, KingRoot not only reach the one click root for many hot models before any other tool Rooting in the industry for many time, he is also trying their best to improve the success rate of Rooting Based on its original 92% . Therefore, KingRoot became the first China rooting tool recommended by XDA, which is top Android Technology Forum in the world. As the top market of rooting tool, it has been selected by Enfo Desk and ranked 96 in the “2015 October Top 500 Mobile App List.” Not to mention that it is the only rooting tool from the list.

Root excellent program should match the Android system MOST popular brands with the highest market share and the thephone models with high sales. the data showed that KingRoot 5.0xsystems 5.1x and Android have the highest success rate of the root. These two systems are the major current trends in the Android market. According to the latest data published by Android, Android Lollipop (5.0x-5.1x) had a 32.6% percent of the market. Itmeans that most Android phones launched nearly a year are 5.0x-5.1x system.KingRoot supports more than 100,000 Android models.Users mainly traditional models that have 5.0X 5.1x-Andriod phone system want to root their phones , KingRoot is a good choice.

The owners of  Sony Xperia Z3, Samsung Galaxy S6 and a bunch of other Android smartphones running Android 2.x Android with 5.x can go ahead and root their device using KingRoot of senior member of XDA Developers, Kingxteam. The success rate is the main factor when users select their mobile phone root tool. According to the figures released by KingRoot, the success rate of Rooting among Letv X500, Redmi Note3, Redmi Note2is, Samsung S6+ & Note5 & A8 users. while extending support for a bunch of Google / Nexus, Samsung, ZTE, HTC, Sony, Huawei and LG devices. One Click king root tool working on almost all device with out Pc / laptop. The full list of supported Android devices KingRoot is posted here.

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Key Learning Points

  • If KingRoot finds Sony_RIC is activated and the system can not be mounted, then you need Unroot the first device. Then you can re-root and RIC off automatically.
  • Those who have already installed on their device KingUser, KingUser need to install 4.0.5 patch, before uninstalling the same. Only after uninstalling the KingUser application you will be able to re-root the device using the KingRoot tool.
  • In case you face any problems while removing KingUser, try braking force KingUser, make clear the cache data, and then the root with KingRoot again.
  • There are two versions of the tool: mobile and desktop KingRoot.

SU binary

  • Su binary will be installed in the android system / xbin ensure that you can keep root access permanently.


As SuperSU, KingUser will be installed in your system / application (default) or Date / app to manage your root access. In addition, KingUser also provide some other functions that allow you to remove applications (system) and disable automatic startup items.


This application also produced by us and has the ability to cleanse your system. Purify can make hibernation applications automatically exitted but you always running in the background. In addition, it can also archive notifications for you. as your housekeeper. Purify will be downloaded and installed on your Data / app
Note 1:  The Desktop can be flashed KingRoot only with customized recovery tools and if you want to keep restocking, then do not use it.
Note 2: If you ever lose root access, you can just re-install KingUser return to root your device.

Requires Internet Connection

Kingroot App requires you to have an active Internet connection to use the app. As he seeks the root strategy available for your device to get rooted.

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Downloads needed for Root

Here, we have managed to share few versions of KingRoot APK including the latest to the oldest.

  1.  KingUser
  2.  KingRoot for Mobile
  3. KingRoot for Desktop Version (latest): KingRoot desktop version used device that can not be rooted by KingRoot apk app treat. You can download the tutorial based in KingRoot app. Desktop version is an expert in the root domain SAMSUNG, if your SAMSUNG device can not root, just try it.

Now Steps to root any Android phone with  KingRoot tool.

Steps to root any Android device with one-click KingRoot tool
– Download and install the KingRoot application as you would with a normal application.
– Start the application of KingRoot app drawer.
– If your device is supported, then  click on Try to Root button will appear at the bottom of the screen. Just tap the button and let the entire rooting process.
– After your device is rooted, a success message will appear on the screen.

  • If fail to root your device again try it and check your internet connection.
  • If the device is supported, then you will see a message asking you to try the desktop version KingRoot place for rooting your device. Just follow the onscreen instructions to root your android device successfully.


[*] How to unroot? If in case you want to unroot or remove kingroot from your device then Follow how to unroot your device.

[*] Credits: KingRoot Application is created and distributed by Kingroot Studio for free. So Full Credits goes to them for the Application.

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