What is Rooting and Why should I do it?

What is Rooting ???

The Android phone that you have come to love and enjoy running an operating system that was designed for commercial and private use. Like most operating systems, several features have been disabled, or for future use or to prevent the casual user from causing permanent damage to the operating system. “Rooting” is the process in which limitations are removed and full access is allowed. Once anchored, Android phone owner has more control over many parameters, functions and performance of their phones. Basically, “rooting” means going to the root of the operating system and have the ability to make global changes.

hmmm … sounds great.. but are there any disadvantages of it ??

Okk.. let me tell you its advantage and disadvantage of it …


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Advantage rooting ….

  1. Unlock Hidden Features and install applications “incompatible”

    Advantage of Rooting…
    Sometimes even the applications are not open enough to give you some of the features you want. Either an application is blocked by carriers, hacks in the files of the Android system, or otherwise are not available. Fortunately, rooting can help with that: you can install blocked carrier applications, obtain features in the latest version of Android, make consistent incompatible applications, the power of your equipment, get features like Beats Audio from other phones or emulate exclusive features such as the Moto X. All you want, rooting gives you the power to do much more.

  2.  Automate everything

    Android-automation- every things
    You have probably heard of Tasker, the awesome app that automates almost everything on your phone. You do not have the root of your phone to use, but if you are immobilized, it can do a whole lot more. Some tasks, such as 3G, GPS failover, change the CPU speed, turn the screen on, and others require root access. So if you want to get the full benefit of an app like Tasker, you’ll definitely want to root your phone. For more automation inspiration, check your best Tasker actions, and more recently our Tasker tricks featured.

  3.  Boost Your Android Phone’s Speed and Battery Life

    Boost Your Phone’s Speed and Battery Life
    You can do many things to speed up your phone and stimulate the life of the battery without rooting, but the root, as always, you have even more power. For example, an application like SetCPU you can overclock your phone for best performance, or underclock for better battery life. You can also use an application like Greenify to automatically hibernate applications you’re not using perfect for applications that always want to run in the background when you are not looking.

  4.  Block Ads in Any App

    Look, we of all people to understand the need for occasional advertisements it is how we make money. But ads can also get in the way and use the data. If you want to block ads in certain applications or devices, rooting is by far the best way to do it. AdFree, AdBlock Plus, and Ad elsewhere are all great options. Of course, if you are not rooted to switch to airplane mode works in a pinch too.

  5.  Back Up Your Android Phone for Seamless Transitions

    Back Up Your Android Phone for Seamless Transitions

    When you move to a new Android device, or restore your device in stock for any reason, you can make your life much easier by saving your applications and settings first. This way, you can get your entire configuration back in a few taps. If you are not rooted, you can save a number of things, such as applications and data, but you will not necessarily be able to backup system applications and their data, and automate the whole process and Titanium Backup can.

  6.  Remove Pre-installed Crapware

    Top 10 Reasons to Root Your Android Phone

    Titanium Backup is good for more than just backups, too. It can also remove that annoying, battery-draining crapware wasting space that is preinstalled on many phones these days and unfortunately this feature is root only. Freeze them first make sure your phone works normally without them and then delete them completely to free up space.

  7. Tweak the dark corners of Android

    Tweak the dark corners of Android

    If you’re the kind of person who likes to play with every little depending both on the surface and under the hood is rooting for you. You want to customize your keyboard layout keyboard withsomething as manager or give you scroll faster, multitasking improvements, and additional themes with Pimp My ROM, rooting gives you the power to change almost all corners you can think of. If you want to do, chances are someone on a forum XDA has created a mini-app or tweak that will help you.

  8. flash a custom kernel

    flash a custom kernel

    Some of the Android under the hood tweaks require a custom kernel, which you can flash with a rooted device. The kernel is responsible for helping your applications communicate with the hardware on your phone, which means a custom kernel can give you better performance, battery life, and even extra features like Wi-Fi tethering (on phones not supported), faster battery charging, and much more. You can flash the hand cores or simplify the process with something like kernel manager.

  9.  flash a custom ROM

    flash a custom ROM

    Well, you probably already know about this but it is one of the best advantages of rooting. A custom ROM is essentially a customized version of Android, and it really changes the way you use your phone. Some just make a version of the Android stock to non-stock, telephones or later versions of Android for phones that have not yet. Some add some useful features, some really add a lot of unique features, and some changed your operating system from head to toe. No matter what phone you have, even if it is a Nexus we strongly recommend you check the custom ROMs there. You will not be disappointed. Note: As some of you have noted, you do not actually need root access to flash a ROM-although you’ll need to unlock your bootloader (a process that sometimes comes bundled with root access) customized. Yet it must free your device from the manufacturer lockdowns, so we kept in the list despite that technical!

  10.   Increase RAM using ROEHSOFT RAM Expander


    The RAM on your phone is a very essential element that plays a vital role in the speed and performance. if you have more RAM, this means that the processor has a larger storage capacity to handle more and more temporary files running, so it can work freely which ensures the device is fast enough. But if your RAM is low, the device’s processing power is allocated. As if you have some RAM <you will not be able to play high-end games on your Android Smartphone or even ti could accuse while doing simple tasks such as seeing a video, type text etc. .but do not worry if having a rooted android you can increase your RAM using Expander ROEHSOFT RAM up to 4GB.

Disadvantage Of Rooting…

There are two main disadvantages to rooting your Android phone;

  1. Rooting will void its warranty-both rooted your phone, do not try to take your phone back for a service or warranty work. You are alone!
  2. Rooting involves the risk of “brickwork” phone-in essence, a “bricked” phone is not better than carrying around a brick in your pocket. The phone died when he was “bricks”.

Other potential disadvantages, though less severe, are still worthy of consideration;

  1. Poor performance While the intent of “rooting” a phone is the phone to give more performance, many users have found that, in their attempts to speed up the phone or add additional features that have lost their phones to times the speed of performance and features. Remember that when you “root” your Android phone, you make changes to the operating system of stock.
  2. Virus-Yes, even the phones can get the virus. A common practice that people do with phones “rooted” is flashing their ROM with customized programs. Whenever you make changes to the code of software, you run the risk of introducing a virus.

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