6 Best Android Password Manager Apps 2020 with Review

Why you need Password Manager Apps? Are you kind of forgetful? You know the one who forgets why he/she opened the refrigerator and held there for 5 minutes trying to remember?

Well, the best Password Manager Android apps are for you then. How do I know? I am a proud owner of at least 2 different Gmail accounts that I forgot. No passwords, but the name of the actual user.

Google password manager on Android – All in One

Google added a feature named “Smart Lock for Passwords” to nearly all Android devices as part of a Google Play Services update. This feature integrates with Google’s password manager to automatically log you into apps that support it. Google offers a web-based interface to your passwords at https://passwords.google.com

For example, let’s say you log into twitter in Chrome on the desktop, and you save that twitter password in Chrome’s password manager. You can later open twitter on your Android smartphone or tablet and Android will provide your twitter credentials to the app, automatically logging you in. This behavior can be disabled or tweaked if you don’t like it.

Read more details about it:

How to Manage Android Autofill Settings

Best Android Password Manager Apps 2020

Note: This article will be different from the rest in two ways. An Apps do not allow you to take screenshots for security reasons the pictures you see are taken from the Google Play Store. Two, I do understand that applications that have more than 5000 notes, this also for security reasons. I do not want you to put all your passwords to a new shaded application.

1. Dashlane Password – Free with In-app Purchases

Dashlane Password – Free with In-app Purchases

Dashlane is simple & secure. The app comes with one of the best interfaces we’ve seen on any application password manager for Android. The application requires a mandatory connection, which is sometimes kind of hinder but hey, you need your passwords do not you? Once inside, the application really blossoms into something really impressive. The application lists the most popular applications with large icons right on the main screen and you can add passwords easily. I liked that the application shows the logos of real sites rather than bland lists.

Once inside, the application really blossoms into something really impressive. The application lists the most popular applications with large icons right on the main screen and you can add passwords easily. I liked that the application shows the logos of real sites rather than bland lists.

The application has really changed the way I manage my passwords and I personally recommend this app. I pushed this app on my friends and family as a supplier too. It is not only a saver Android password apps, however, fill out forms for you and auto-login to websites you frequently visit. The application also allows you to provide some limited access to family members too.

In-App Purchases: $ 19.99 – $ 99.99 per item


  • Create passwords for your applications.
  • Can secure any type of information.
  • Autofill is surprisingly homogeneous.

This android password manager allows you to protect your data with AES-256 encryption. For those who are not familiar with the technical jargon, this means that the application stores your passwords using the standard encryption of the leading industry.

Dashlane Password Manager
Dashlane Password Manager
Developer: Dashlane
Price: Free+

2. LastPass – Trial and $12/Year Subscription

LastPass – Trial and $12/Year Subscription

LastPass would have been the number one app in the password manager for Android Apps list if it were not for the almost mandatory subscription fee. Make no mistake, I will pay a subscription if the service is first class, but in this case I do not think it’s incredible. A lump sum would have been much better for those who just want to save passwords.
But for those who want more from their application password manager on Android, LastPass has much to offer. Obviously, you can save your passwords on the app with ease, but that is not only made the app. You can record passwords and auto showroom words filled with user names for all online accounts. You can easily fill in forms automatically; Well at least most of the information is filled automatically. This application started as a desk and is now branching out into mobile devices so that it is at least trustworthy.


  • Go to a site, the application gives the password.
  • An easy to use and simple interface.
  • You only need to remember one master password.

The app comes with a strong password generator that will help you generate the appropriate passwords. You know most people use very predictable passwords. Once in college, I guessed my password mathematics teachers (do not change my rating if … OK I did).

LastPass Password Manager
LastPass Password Manager
Developer: LogMeIn, Inc.
Price: Free+

3. aWalletPassowrd manager – Free with In-app Purchases

aWalletPassowrd manager – Free with In-app Purchases

aWallet password manager for applications is simple and it is simple throughout. If you only need a good password manager, it is the most hassle-free application there. You can store credit card information, web accounts or even e-banking details with ease. If you need to update the password, the application also features a neat editor for this. This application is great if you need usually the use of the best to do list applications for Android to help you remember things.

That is not all though, if like me, you have a ton of accounts, you will really appreciate the function of the categories of that application. With this application, you can create custom categories and grouping in passwords together. For example, I made a category called social media and passwords stored on Facebook, Twitter and whatnot there. Similarly, you can do the same with the office named classes or work.

In-App Purchases: $ 1.99 per item


  • You can move unencrypted data in CSV format.
  • You can back up and restore your passwords.
  • The automatic locking function can be a lifesaver.

While the application has many features one of the best things I liked that there are no ads on this app. It’s true; the application of free password manager comes with absolutely no advertising and is not based on in-app purchases. That’s why I recommend the premium version that comes with the CSV import and a good password generator.

aWallet Password Manager
aWallet Password Manager
Developer: Synpet
Price: Free+

4. Password Safe – Free with In-app Purchases

Password Safe – Free with In-app Purchases

This is a name that inspires confidence in the user. This application is a little complicated, but comes with an interface to the incredible research. I really like the teal and white color scheme the application which is a large deviation from those of other classics.

The current application allows you to save passwords on it. This free password manager for Android allows you to advance categories and then assign passwords. This makes it easier to identify passwords and locate the ones you need most. Mark the centers of passwords with purple and they will become instantly recognizable when they are needed.

In-App Purchases: $ 3.29 per item


  • Categorization of entries is very easy.
  • Only need to remember a password.
  • Comes with a password generator.

The application provides easy backup and restore capabilities. This makes it easy to store the passwords in case you might need to change a device.

5. Keepass2Android – Free

Keepass2Android – Free

If you want a password manager that can be attached to any good browser on Android, then this is the application for you. The application can seamlessly integrate with almost every browser and auto showroom fills passwords for you. Now you do not have to tinker with the keyboard special characters just to access your account. The application also allows you to access files from iCloud as applications on Android.


– Simple and easy to use.
– Quick release function is a nice touch.
– Some advance entry editing features are included.

The app comes with its own secure keyboard, designed to keep you safe third of password sniffers.

Now, you know that the Android password manager apps 2020 are great to use, there is no need to register on making applications notes. I advise you to change passwords every year, that way you will remain safe from any pirate conjecture. You must also use a healthy password with at least one uppercase letter, one number, and one special feature.

This is the best way to ensure that no brute force hacking can easily work on your accounts. If you have suggestions or questions, you can ask them in the comments below.

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