Easy App Switcher will speed up your Android experience

One of the main strengths of the Android operating system is its simplicity. Menu navigation is easy, but if you could make it even easier, faster? WAS: Easy App Switcher is a shortcut that provides exactly that.

What is EAS: Easy App Switcher?

Easy App Switcher is an application that adds a floating icon on your Android screen. Its basic function is to allow you to switch between your two most recently used applications.

For example, if you browse the Internet while taking part in a WhatsApp chat, you can just press the button to quickly switch between the 2 apps.

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Why is great?

Here’s the deal. Without this application, if you wanted to go back to a conversation WhatsApp Chrome, you can not press the return key (because it will bring you to your Chrome previous page). You need to hit the recent apps menu, then select WhatsApp. It is very good. But it is also a two step process. EAS takes one.

The main reason EAS is effective because it eliminates one of the navigation steps in Android; Tapping this app will switch between the two applications in one motion.

EAS also a list of “excluded apps” on which you can place applications that will never be gone with the application switching button .


EAS, locked to shortcut does not work (left), try a little more transparent, (right).

This function is crucial. There are a number of applications or places that do not require constant attention (maybe a weather application, or the settings menu) you open once, and will not want to come back again.

The beauty of the exclusion list is that you can make these infrequently used applications do not harm your shortcut in both directions: it will act only on the applications you leave.

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How to Easy App Switcher will speed up your Android experience

What can he do?

EAS another function. Sweeping through it will reveal a history of your recently used applications and a shortcut to your favorites (you can set the main menu of the application). In addition, you can also the theme of the floating icon to some extent: You can adjust the size and transparency according to your taste.eas-two

Why is not it great?

A problem with EAS: Easy App Switcher is that no matter where you put it or how big it is, it can get in the way: this is inherent in all floating applications and I am yet to see a solution to this problem. If it could be applied to the bottom bar shortcuts, it would be much better (and I would even prefer it to the Recent Apps menu, to be honest).

In addition, EAS allows you to select different default action for the button, but not all of them are useful. You can assign it to act as a key to recent applications, the house key or the return key, but the selection of one of these is useless: you have those across the bottom of your phone anyway. It is an easily overlooked option, however.eas-three

Should I install ESA: Easy App Switcher?

Yes. It is free and provides a shortcut that you can not achieve with standard Android interface. It is certainly worth a look, but as with many shortcut applications, it occupies space on the home screen, which may frustrate some users. Download EAS: Easy App Switcher here

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