PokeSniper APK! – Catch Rare Pokemons without Soft Ban! (Pokemon Go Hack)

Download Free Full PokeSniper Apk (Latest PokeSniper 1.4.1 Apk) is an android app used for catching any rare Pokemon without getting a soft ban. PokeSniper APK is an open-source application that is safe to install that allows you to find the coordinates of rare Pokemon prohibited without getting soft.

To use this application, be sure to set your last coordinates used in the official app Pokemon Go in PokeSniper APK. This will prevent you from being banned. With the latest update, users have tested and did not get softbans.

While Niantic is banning apps left and right, you can still enjoy the game to the fullest using PokeSniper APK, app completely free, you can download and install easily. If you have not tried this application is definitely give it a go this week (end) and let us know how it works!

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PokeSniper Apk – Snipe Those Rare Pokemon!

PokeSniper is an application that is used to catch a pokemon pokemon unusual or anything we want, for example Snorlax, Dragonite, Arcanine, and many other unusual pokemon that can be captured with this PokeSniper 1.4 APK.


Set this value to the last coordinates when you play, there’s 3 categories to set this coordinates:

  1. PokeSniper APK
    • When using APK PokeSniper App (Android or PC), use the value of this program and will not change it.
  2. Bot
    • This Coordinate a little difficult, because bot is still moving its location / coordinate. Sometimes after botting then use this application you will have sweet ban.
  3. Pokemon GO App
    • When you’re using the App, please use that last coordinates used in app.

With these 3 categories, we have tested it and the result we didn’t get any softban so far.

Frequently Ask Questions:


Why does the app force close on startup?

Try uninstalling the previous version and install the latest version. If the problem persists, please do not hesitate to report.

Pokemon always flees:

You get fresh ban. Wait 10 minutes – 6:00, if you follow the guides on the coordinates of the house, you should not tender you banned.


I am receiving errors, PokeSniper APK force closes, etc:

Try these standard troubleshooting steps:

  • Access settings, apps, and select PokeSniper.
  • Force Stop
  • Empty the cache
  • Clear data
  • Switch to airplane mode
  • phone reboot
  • Remove / Reinstall latest version

App crashes when I press “Snipe Those Pokemon!” button

Make sure you have set all the necessary settings, accounts and valid input type.

PokeSniper APK In Game Troubleshooting:

  • Make sure there is room for things and Pokemon. After looting is much, everything is complete and you will have to clear out it. Regarding Pokemon, use the settings to eliminate Pokemon is special and prevents manual attempt.
  • Make sure you disconnect and return without any problems in Pokemon Go steady.
  • You always have the ability to disable “location” on your phone and connect to the PoGo program to clear your stock go out and micro-management. Deactivation can make the red bar “location not found” display up but you can still use the program.
  • *Note

How to use PokeSniper APK?

  1. Access settings.
  2. Access login info.
    • Add the user name, password, and select the Google account identifier if applicable.
    • For Google, the complete email address is required. Passwords are case sensitive. This means that your user name is your email ID and your password is your password.
  3. Set your home coordinates
    • This is the real way to avoid a soft ban. You must set this setting.

It is recommended to pretend you are flying on a plane. Go to different locations by logging off and the application based on the duration of a typical commercial flight would take.


  • Latest  PokeSniper APK v1.4.1.apk download from here.
  • File size: 11.81 MB

Changelog 1.4:

  • Fix Mr.Mime Error (Tested and working, but you should test it too), Donation System, Softban (Should be fine
  • Remove Pokeball to Use (Not effective), using auto pick on current version
  • Now, but please test it first)
  • Enable Setting for All Users

That’s all… Use Pokesniper and catch rare Pokemon without soft ban. If you have more question about “PokeSniper APK! – Catch Rare Pokemons without Soft Ban! (Pokemon Go Hack)”, then just leave a comment in comment section.

Credits – GitHub

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