Install Pokemon GO on any Android device (Download Pokemon GO for 4.X, 5.X, 6.X)

Pokemon Go 0.43.3 Apk Instructions (Pokemon Go Update APK) Pokemon Go apk 0.43.3 Instructions (new Pokemon Go Update APK)

Here’s download Pokemon GO and modded apk for Android ICS, Jelly Bean, Kitkat, Marshmallow (4.X, 5.X, 6.X) you will be find out how to install Pokemon GO on your android device.

Latest updated: Pokémon GO 0.39.0 Apk By Niantic, Inc. 

How to get pokemon go on android

Pokemon GO, Augmented Reality (AR) game long awaited Niantic, is finally here and, within days of his arrival, he has already proven to be incredibly popular. Seriously, who would not be happy to catch a Pokemon and finally become a Pokemon master? I mean, that was the dream of almost every child in the late 90s people are very active in this amazing game, play day and night, going places, and catch pocket awesome monsters.


You can do all sorts of things like catching and training, visiting gyms, fighting against Pokemon, and more. It uses the GPS in your device to track and inform you about the nearest Pokemon. While millions of players already playing, there are millions more who are not. Indeed, it is not available everywhere.

Irrespective of Region Restriction

The game restriction region / country. At the time of writing this article, Pokemon Go is officially available in the US, UK, Germany, Australia and New Zealand. If you do happen not to live in one of the areas mentioned, you will not find in the Google play store. If you do not want to wait for the official launch in your country and you want to feel the genius now, well, here’s how to Install Pokemon GO on Your Android Device Right Now, Irrespective of Region Restriction.

Warning: In order to run this game, we will use an APK file. You know APK installer from the Internet or from an untrusted source can install software or malware threatening too. While I believe the source and have personally installed the APK file, I can not guarantee 100% security. So go further at your own risk.

First, make sure to enable “unknown sources” in your device. You can do this by following this path: Settings> Security> Unknown sources.

Security Tip: It is recommended to disable “Unknown sources” once the app is installed.

Download Pokemon GO apk Game

Steps to download Pokemon GO apk App

  1. Download the Pokemon Go APK file from above.
  2. Once it’s on your phone, find the APK and tap it to install on your device.
  3. Run through the installation process.
  4. Once installed, make sure that you have the GPS location services enabled to play this game.

If you want to download Pokemon go from play store then see here’s  How to Fix Pokemon Go is Incompatible with your device.

Pokemon Go Modded APK for Android ICS and Jelly Bean! (4.0.X – 4.3.X)

For those of you who want to run Pokemon Go on older devices running Android 4.0.1, 4.0.2, 4.0.3, 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich and Android 4.1.2, 4.2.1, 4.2. 2 4.3 Jelly Bean, thanks to a Reddit user, there is a modded APK Pokemon Go you can use that removed the requirement Android release.

Now, most Android ICS devices running Jelly Bean or have outdated equipment, which means Pokemon Go can run very slow or laggy. But you can still enjoy Pokemon Go with this modded APK. This APK contains no hacks of any kind (such as identity theft GPS), it has been hacked to run only on ICS or Jelly Bean. In addition, the code is open sourced so it is very safe to install, you can check the code here.

If you have an Android device running ICS or Jelly Bean, please do not try and let us know how it works! This is the latest v0.35.0.

Download Pokemon Go APK for Android ICS or Jelly Bean

  • Modded Pokemon GO_v0.35.apk from here.

See must if you pokemon player:

Setting up the game is quite easy – just create an account and then create your player. That’s basically it. Now you’re ready to play Pokemon Go and become the greatest Pokemon master of this world has ever seen.

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