Boost your Phone, Save Battery and Free Memory with Systweak Android Cleaner

You might never have spent enough time figuring out what makes your Android phone lag. Yup, you need not to since they are SMART phones. But reflect back and see are they really smart? Certainly you’ll say NO. Your Android phone lags, it runs slow, it never has sufficient memory and so on.
The key to all these issues is Systweak Android Cleaner, an app to clean and optimize an Android device. While there are myriad apps available on the Google Play Store, but none could match up to this Android optimizer. Thus, it would be perfect to call it the best mobile cleaner.

Systweak Android Cleaner: The best mobile cleaner app

The cleaner app is equipped with a battery saver, speed booster, phone cleaner & booster, app cache cleaner, game booster, and data & app manager. All these features form up to be an efficient cleaner app. What more?
What really impressed us was primarily, its interface and secondly its efficiency to perform all tasks.

  • Phone Boost: The Phone Boost feature helps clean out unwanted rudiments from the RAM. It shows up the RAM usage with different shades. When your phone reaches to the optimal RAM usage, the app indicates with a shade of green. Perhaps, at all times, the cleaner app will show you current status of RAM.
    Systweak Android Cleaner (7)
  • Junk Files: Junk Files are unavoidable. Systweak Android Cleaner comes up with memory usage that is being occupied by junk and obsolete files on your phone. It, firstly calculates this memory and then gives the option to clean that data.Systweak Android Cleaner (6)
  • Game SpeedUp: The Game SpeedUp feature of Systweak Android Cleaner helps enhance game speed with a tap on it. Open and play any game using this app, and it will do the work for you.
    Systweak Android Cleaner (5)
  • Storage Manager: Data is invaluable and none of us can gamble with it. This app will allow you manage your data warily. Preview and delete all unnecessary files and thus retrieve phone memory.Systweak Android Cleaner (4)
  • App Manager: Unlike any other similar app, Systweak Android Cleaner has an App Manager, which helps in uninstalling or archiving any app in a jiffy. Further, it is an efficient feature to organize and manage app on a device.Systweak Android Cleaner (3)
  • Battery Saver: Many of the similar apps claim to have an apt battery saver. But this one actually has. It promises to boost battery life on a device, up to 50%. You can rely on this this feature since it lists all dominant battery consuming apps and gives an option to save battery usage from them.Systweak Android Cleaner (2)



In nutshell, Systweak Android Cleaner is a pretty much good app. It has distinct features which wrap it up in the skilled apps category. It is also compatible with all prominent versions of Android and has been rated with 4.4 stars on Google Play Store.


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