Best apps for system monitoring performance on your Android device

Best android apps for system monitoring performance .

If you’re the kind of Android lover who needs to know absolutely everything about the performance of your Android device then you probably want to monitor the performance of your device in real time. Fortunately, we have a list of applications that allow you to do just that, so you can identify problematic connections WiFi, hungry electrical applications, the behavior of irregular CPU or background processes that suck your data allocation and chew your battery.

Network Monitor Mini – the great mini widget for home screen.

Network Monitor Mini is a quick network monitor. Go figure. The application allows you to keep a small reading current speed network download and upload floating above all that you are doing. This allows you to keep an eye on websites are chewing your data, and how, in real time. Information can be placed wherever you want on your screen and you can also set the font, color, ” cock through ‘option (instead of opening the application), transparency and more .Network Monitor Mini- screenshot

Network Monitor MiniNetwork Monitor Mini
Check Your Network Connection.

System Monitor – Real time system information.

An old although a goodie, System Monitor has not been updated for a while and it shows in the interface, but the guts are all good, as they say. You can configure resizable widgets to display how your system resources are used in real time, including CPU load and monitor the battery and memory (RAM times and SD). There is the usual array of task manager also has. If you want to feel like you are sitting on the panel of engineering Android HQ, this is one of the best applications you need for performance monitoring on Android system.performance-monitoring-1

System MonitorSystem Monitor
Manage tasks, installed packages, clean memory, helps to save battery charge of your phone.

TinyCore – minimalistic widget with necessary info.

If a full system monitoring gadgets is a bit too intrusive for your home screen designed unsightly TinyCore then has you covered. This thing is minimal. And I mean small. So small that you will not even know it was there unless you were looking for her. TinyCore is a system monitoring application that adds a small line above the clock in your system tray for visually displaying a look of your current RAM or CPU usage. If you want to pay for the Pro version, you can also add frequencies to the display processor.performance-monitoring-2

Tinycore - CPU, RAM monitorTinycore – CPU, RAM monitor
Tinycore is the ultimate lightweight status-bar system monitor app!

Disk usage – information is kept simple.

If numbers, graphs or simple lines are too complicated. Then how about a big old table that shows how much memory a certain file or directory is based on Picking how big it is on the screen? It’s perfect. Well that’s exactly what makes Disk Usage: allows you to monitor what goes up the most space in the local or external memory by showing you blocks proportional to the screen size. There is no interpretation of the data required here. It’s great if you want to identify large files and free space.performance-monitoring-4

Find out how storage card space is used

CPU temperature – how hot is your smartphone?

Given the battery drain rate, chewing and overheating CPU firmware updates that are circulating, some hard data could be useful to have on hand. Knowing what a normal range for your unit also allows you to know exactly when things are abnormal. Not that your palm is not a very good thermometer, but the CPU temperature will allow you to monitor the temperature of your CPU and the clock speed, the battery temperature and charge level and give you a lot of interesting graphics so you can see the changes over time. You can also get a superposition of your status bar so that you are always aware of what is hot and what is not. Yes, I just said that.performance-monitoring-3

Cpu TemperatureCpu Temperature
The best app to check the cpu temperature.


How to monitor the system performance for Android phone or tablet.

The Android system has some built-in options to keep an eye on the ongoing process too. Process statistics are available via the Options menu for developers in the settings. If you do not already have this permit menu, go to Settings> About phone and press the build number until the notification appears. Options for developers will now appear at the bottom of the Settings menu. Process statistics tell you what percentage of the time an application is in progress and its medium and maximum RAM usage. You’ll also get a list of running processes attached to that app and the ability to force them to stop.process-stats-gpsSimilarly, check your battery section. Exploiting the listed applications and services will show you a breakdown of the biggest suckers of the battery, the process they run, how they eat battery, wake lock statistics, WiFi and mobile data sent and received and more . Also, check your Applications section and scroll to the Running tab, this is where you can learn what applications still work on your system for good reason (like WhatsApp or Google Play Services) and those that should not not (games, you are not playing music or players that you are not using).battery-usage-google-services

What are your best android apps for monitoring system performance on Android phone or Tablet?

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