Common Google Play Store error codes and how to solve them the problem

Experiencing some Google Play Store errors? We've got the solutions

Have this ever happened Google Play Store error to you? You will find a great app to download and try to solve them the problem. Only to receive a cryptic error message containing seemingly random numbers from Google Play Store. Pretty boring, right? Some Google Play mistakes most common stores and their solutions. Here some Common Google Play Store error codes and how to solve them in 2022.Here are the most common Google Play Store errors and their solutions.

Google Play error processing Purchase ‘store error DF-09-BPA

Google Play Error processing purchase DF-09-BPA happens quite often when you try to download an application. This problem will not go away if you just try to download it again, so you will need to go to settings.



The problem is not to individual users, but Google is playing, so hopefully it will be resolved in the near future. In the meantime, here’s what you can do:

Go to the settings of your device
Press applications or App Manager (the name varies depending on your device).
Slide to the All column.
Scroll down until you see Google Services Framework
Finally, select “Clear Data”, then click OK.
If this does not work, go to the Google Play site to your PC and install the application that gives you questions on your smartphone or tablet from there. When you return to your device, the installation should work.

Google Play Store Error RPC:S-3 Code


Can’t download an app.


Remove Google account and re-add it, or try an alternate account.

Google Play Store Error rpc:aec:0] Code


You can’t download an app.


Remove your Google Account. Remove all synchronized accounts. Go to Settings> Applications> All> Google Play Store and select Clear Data. Reboot your device and try again.

Google Play Store Error 194 Code


Error caused by trying to download games and applications from Google Play Store.


A fix for this problem is to clear cached data to Google Play services Google Play Store.

Go to Settings> Applications and Application Manager
Scroll to “All Applications”, then to “Play Store” app.
Open the application details and press the “work stoppage” button.
Next press the button “Clear Data”.
Now, repeat the process above, but replace “Play Store” with “Google Play Services’ to step two and then try your download again.

If that does not work, do not worry, the problem has now been resolved and a fix is being deployed in the next version of the Play Store app. Just do you have the latest Google Play Store APK and you should not meet again this error.

Google Play – Error -24




You need a root manager to solve this one. If you have one, navigate to Data/data. In that folder, locate the package name of the app causing trouble (this can be found by looking at the URL of the app on the Play Store website). Delete the entire folder. Try reinstalling the app.

Google Play Store Error Code 495


Trouble downloading or updating Play Store applications


Delete your Google Play store data in Settings> Applications> All> Play Store> Clear Data. Delete Google Services Framework data also (Note: it will assign a new Google ID to your device, like having factory reset it means that your Google applications can be subsequently temporarily).

Delete your Google account on the device, restart your phone and re-add your Google account in Settings> Accounts> Add account> Google Account.

Google Play Store Error Code 941


Interruption during the update


Go to Settings> Applications> All> Google Play Store and clear cache and data. At the same location, scroll to Download Manager and clear the cache and the data for that too. Retry the update.

Google Play Store Error Code 504


App not be downloaded due to an error

As usual, please: go to Settings> Applications> All> Play Store and Google Cache and clear application data. Also the data cache and clear framework for Google services.

Google Play Store Error Code 491


Downloads and impossible updates


Remove your Google Account by going to the settings on your device, then the accounts and Google. Hit delete the account. Restart your Android and add the account again. Then in the settings, go to Applications (Apps) and swipe to find “all” of your applications. Scroll to Google Services, and then click Clear data and finally to force shutdown.

Google Play Store Error Code 498


Interruption downloads from Google Play Store


The problem is that the cache of your device is full. Delete unnecessary files and applications. Restart your smartphone into recovery mode by pressing the volume, power and source buttons (for Samsung devices) or volume down and power (for most other devices).

This mode offers a few more options. Select “wipe cache partition ‘sailing between the options with the volume rocker. Confirm using the power button.

Google Play Store Error Code 919


Download the application works there but not open once downloaded.

It is simply more space on your Android. Eliminate all unnecessary data, like music, videos or large applications.

Google Play Store Error Code 413

Download applications or updates is impossible. If you use a proxy, remember that it may cause problems with the operation of the Google Play Store.

In Settings, find applications (or application manager), then drag to All. Scroll down and tap Google Services clear data and then force shutdown. Do the same with the Google Play Store app and clear the cache of your Internet browser.

Google Play Store Error Code 921


You can not download an application.


Try deleting the cache of the Google Play Store app. If that does not work, remove all application data Play Store, but please note that it will therefore remove all the settings you have already done. As a last resort, remove your Google account, restart the unit and enter it again.

Google Play Store Error Code 403


Can not download and demand is “forbidden”. This usually happens when two Google accounts are used to purchase applications on a single device.


Method-1: Go to Google Play Store with the right Google Account. Uninstall the application in question. Try to get the Google Play app again and click on the buy button.

Method-2: Disable the proxy you may have set up by going to the settings, then select Wireless & networks (or several networks) and Mobile Network. Select APN, which stands for Access Point Name and press Option-Delete Proxy. Then you can always restore the proxy.

Method-3: Another solution would be to delete your entire search history you can do in the Play Store itself by selecting the Settings button. Then select the Delete history of research.

Method-4: Try to create a new Google and use it instead to the Play Store account. Go to Google Play, and select again the menu button. Next, select the accounts and choose the new Gmail account. Then reinstall the application.

Google Play Store Error Code 923


Downloading is impossible error when syncing your Google Account or insufficient memory cache.


Remove your Google account and delete all unnecessary applications that take up space. Then restart your device in recovery mode. Select wipe cache partition and begin your device as usual. Do not worry, your personal data will not be deleted. Set up your Google account again.

Google Play Store Error Code 492


You can not install an application due to the Dalvik cache.


Under Settings, find applications and then drag to scroll and all Google services. Here, select clear data and then force shutdown. Do the same on the Google Play Store.

Note: If the problem persists, try to delete the Dalvik cache. To do this, enter the custom recovery mode (only if you have the root). Another solution is to supplement data reset wipe / factory. This option applies to all users and can be performed in recovery mode. Attention, it will wipe your data so make sure you have backed up everything you want to keep.

Fix Google Play Error 906, 907 and 963


Occurs mainly on the HTC One M8 and M9 devices when trying to download or update an application through the Play Store.


1st  solution

Settings> Applications> All> Google Play Store> Uninstall updates; return to the previous screen, and Google Play Services> Clear data.

2nd  solution

Head to Settings> Applications> All> Google Play Store> Clear cache. Return to the previous screen and the previous screen, select and Downloads / Download Manager> Clear data.

3rd solution

Move the application to the internal memory of your device. Go to Settings> Applications> All> (app cause of the problem)> Move to the internal memory. Turn on the Play Store, try to download or update the application again, and if it works, move it to the SD card.

4th solution

Disable your SD memory card. Go to Settings> Storage> Unmount SD> OK card. Return to the Play Store and try to download or update the application again. If it works, head back to Settings> Storage> Mount SD card.

Google Play Store Error Code 927


The download is not possible because an update is in Play Store.


Wait a few minutes until the Google Play Store is completely updated. If the problem persists, go to settings and applications, drag and locate all Google services. Tap clear and then force stop data. Do the same with the Google Play Store app.

You have probably guessed by now that there is a standard way to alleviate some of these errors and if there is a problem other than those mentioned above, you can try the same steps. Always be careful when wiping your data or make a factory reset / data, because that will get rid of your saved photos, files, contacts, etc., so make sure you back up all your data first.

Google Play Store install Error Code 961


Problems when installing applications Android Play Store.


First, get a refund from the Play Store, you can do within 15 minutes of purchase. To do this, select the repayment option in the Play Store. Then go into the settings of your device and select Applications and swipe left until you see ‘All’ applications. Now scroll down to Google Play and choose. Here, empty the cache. If the problem persists, choose to delete the data.

Solving The Low Storage Problem

You start getting the error 927 in the store game when storing your Android phone is 200 MB. However, in this much space, you can install a few apps, but this space is reserved for Android by other Android applications, so the app store game would not download applications. There is only one solution that you download android apk and sideload applications on your android phone. Just download the apk and install it on your phone, you will not be a mistake.
If your phone runs out of internal storage then either free space or buy a new Android phone with at least 16 GB of internal storage. If you are an experienced user, you can root your phone to increase internal storage.
After following advice over the Google Play Store 927 error will be resolved. If you ever encounter again and then apply these tips.

The solutions for the errors described below are based on my personal experiences. If you have other issues with Google Play, please contact us in the comments section. Please let us know is all of the above method does not work for his error. If you have another easy method to solve any of this error.

Have you fix Google Play Store error codes or  ever encountered other Play Store problems? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Can’t install app
    “Google Play services” can’t be installed. Try again, and if the problem continues. get help troubleshooting. (Error code: -8)

    1. Hey Jan,

      If you are facing problem only on some games installing, I recommend you contact your game developer’s support team for your solution. You could also check their website to see if there are known issues with the current version.

      If you are facing problem on all games installing, Just uninstall all the updates, clear all the cache data, disable it/turn it off, restart my phone, turn it on again and open google play like usual, usually the updates are being downloaded automatically.

      I hope the issue has been solved by now. if your problem… already have, then let me know..

  2. My fb app just stopped working and I can’t reinstall it (messenger, youtube and a couple of crossword apps also)
    When I try to reinstall I get error code -7.
    Have followed the troubleshooting suggestions but no success.
    Ihave a nook hd tablet.
    Kathleen Mc

  3. When I am installing Google play games its showing
    Can’t install app
    Error code -24
    What does it mean??

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