Must Use Hidden Settings on Android Marshmallow

Each Android version brings with it improvements and corrections, many of them your phone more secure against hackers and to add new useful features. Some are easily recognizable and others not so much. With the release of new operating systems, there is a lot of fun to be find the hidden features. Often hidden in the menu system, they can be very useful, although you may not even know they exist. Here is a list of some of the most useful of these hidden options on Android Marshmallow aka marshmallow hidden features.

Although Android N is on the horizon, that does not mean Android 6.0 Marshmallow is on its way. If you still have not updated for Marshmallow (assuming your device supports) is now as good a time as ever.

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Battery percentage on the status bar

While the little icon you normally see on the status bar for battery life can be useful, it does not tell you how much the dough is left. This is something gamers and those who make the best bingo sites could benefit from. To choose this, one way is to have the UI Tuner system activated. Go to the tuner, then simply switch “integrated Show battery percentage” and you will see the change in the status bar.

Lock screen message

Lock screen message - marshmallow hidden features
Lock screen message features on marshmallow

Of course, you can display a message or a spongy famous quote, but it is helpful to have your contact information on the lock screen of your phone in case you lose your phone. Including a contact phone number, email address or physical address on the lock screen, there is a greater chance that someone will be able to return it if they are.

To add a custom message on your lock screen, go to Settings> Security> Lock Screen the message, then type in your message. It will appear as scrolling text. And most usefull marshmallow hidden features for you.

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Enable System UI Tuner user interface

System UI Tuner - marshmallow hidden features
System UI Tuner – marshmallow hidden features

The System UI Tuner unlocks experimental features to tweak and customize the Android UI. Google may warn you that the System UI Tuner user interface may “change, break or disappear in future versions” this option becomes indispensable to your phone to some of the options it gives you. To enable this option you just to go to the Quick Settings and slide down and hold your finger on the gear icon in the upper right for a few seconds. Let go, then you will have a warning message, accept it, and the tuner is activated.

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Manage app permissions

Manage App Permissions is a usefull marshmallow hidden features
Manage App Permissions is a usefull marshmallow features

When we need to be sure that applications have access to our phone, it is important that this information is easy to find. While this may not have been in previous versions of Android, Marshmallow provided the possibility of revoking access to applications easily. To do this, go to Settings, Applications, the application name, the permissions. You will then be able to set the permissions for the application.

File Explorer

Marshmallow Android comes with a built-in explorer, but he did not offer the bells and whistles of some of the available third-party applications. If you go to Settings and Storage and USB so, scroll down, you can type exploring to see what files are on your phone and the storage device.

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Smarter volume controls

Many people were not satisfied with the way Google messed with the volume settings in Lollipop. In Marshmallow, Google sets the volume controls screwy.

marshmallow hidden features
Smart Volume – Android marshmallow hidden features

Now when you press the volume up and down buttons on your phone, you get individual sliders to adjust the volume of the notification, music and timer. To access the additional cursors, simply press the down arrow on.

Use Auto App Backup

Google has a new feature automatic backup application Marshmallow as cool feature, which should be helpful when you plan to change phone or do a factory reset. Your application data is synchronized with your Google Drive storage and you can go to Drive-> Settings-> Manage Backups to check applications in which data is stored. Unfortunately, you can not manually add or remove applications from here and application data is argued that if the applications support. Hopefully more developers will update their applications to auto implement the backup application.

Use Auto App Backup - Android marshmallow hidden features
Use Auto App Backup – Android marshmallow features

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There are a lot of new settings as it hidden features on Android 6.0 so why not have an explore? You can find ones that do things you’ve always had problems with, but until you need, you will not know it’s there for you to use.

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