How to View Old Notifications log that You’ve Dismissed on Android

View Old Notifications log on your Android device.

You probably have many notifications on your android phone/tablet that it is easy to dismiss them without reading them. But one day, you instinctively slide a notification on, you can understand it could have been important and panic. Or, the Android notifications menu sometimes fills so fast, it is easy to close the well without checking. If you have done this. and think you may have accidentally slipped something important in the non-existence. you can still recover it. No worries: In Android, you can easily access a log of your notifications. Here we show you how to view old notifications log on your Android device by finding Android notification of the story.

On most Android devices running Jelly Bean 4.3 and above. you can create a shortcut on your home screen that lets you view all your previous old notifications log. even if you have them away. For our example, we use stock Android on Google Nexus 7. This option is not available on all devices (for example… it was not available on the tablet of Samsung). but if that does not work for you we list another option that you can use to access the notification log at the end of this article.

How to view old notifications log on Android

  1. Long press an empty space on your Android home screen. then tap on Widgets. or,  tap the “Apps” icon either at the bottom (portrait mode) or on the right side (landscape mode) of your Home screen, then go to Widgets.
  2. Swipe to the left until you see the “Settings shortcut”. Press and hold on the widget…“Settings shortcut” choosing_settings_widget
  3.  Long press the widget until your home screens appear, and then drag it to a home screen of your choice.adding_shortcut_to_home_screen
  4.  In the settings context menu that appears, scroll down and press notification log.tapping_notification_log
  5.  A notification log shortcut will appear on your home screen. Just type this, and you have access to your notification history.notification_log

Once you’re in the notification log, you will see active notifications in white, and notifications you closed gray. You can press the gray notifications as you normally would, and you will be taken directly to the source of the notification.


If your device does not have a “Settings” widgets, as our tablet from Samsung, we suggest you use the Notification Saver app access previous notifications. This app displays notifications in the same way the Nexus 7 is, for white light gray and active notifications for redundant notifications. Tapping a notification displays a dialog box with more information and buttons to access the app on the Play Store and in “App Info”. You can also export the notification list as a .csv file (in the application preferences), you can open in Excel. There are several other applications on the Play Store that are similar to communication from standby, you can also try.

NOTE: Apps that provide access to your notification history show no history before installing them. They start recording and history display notifications after installation. Each application will also tell you that some accessibility options must be enabled for the app to work, usually providing links for easy access to settings that must be enabled.

Are you guilty of accidentally deleting your history of notification? Let us know in the comments.

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