10 Hidden Tips And Tricks For Pokemon Go

 Pokemon Go Tips And Tricks.

Pokemon Go became a sensation is quite a short period of time. You can see the mobile Pokemon fans in the park or on the streets catching Pokemon Pokemon Go on their application. People are competing for rare Pokemon and for more number of Pokemon.

But now you can also become the Pokemon Master by acquiring a sufficient number of characters in Pokemon Go and train enough to go to battle and win the race Pokemon master. There are some hidden tips and tricks for Pokemon Go and you have to know them, then you’ll be ahead of everyone in the game.

If you play the game, you can see or know the basics of gameplay and terminology down, but there are so many tips out there without that you will not be able to be a Pokémon master. I share some tips and tricks to play with the best Pokemon and how to acquire more powerful Pokemon. Look. here’a 10 hidden tips and tricks for Pokemon Go game.

How To Find And Catch Pokemon

Tracking Pokemon is one thing, but actually catching a situation is quite different. The main purpose of Pokemon GO is to get outside to investigate and explore the world: you will not catch anything if you’re stuck inside all day.

Investigate the world, and click the bottom right bar to see a list of Pokemon profiles nearby. The distance between you is indicated by sets of imprints: the more impressions later the Pokémon you. Three footprints means that the Pokémon is far, then no footprint means you are essentially on top of it.

Once you’ve found a Pokémon, it will appear on the map. Tap the icon to start the capture sequence, which is considerably different from the capture sequence in past Pokemon games. You will need to throw Pokeballs Pokemon to catch, as opposed to fighting with Pokémon you already have.

Once you reach level 5, you will find inside Incense PokeStops. Use of incense will actually affect all players nearby, but you will have more chances to find rare and rare Pokémon.

If you have AR enabled on your smartphone, be sure to keep the Pokemon centered at all times. Keep your phone again, and use a gentle gliding in a straight line to the Pokemon to catch. You need to time the throw so that the green ring (easy to catch) around the Pokemon Pokeball and meeting each other at the smallest point. A yellow ring means that the Pokémon is more difficult to capture, while a red ring means it is very difficult. Your combat power (CP) level and trainer all dictate your ability to capture a Pokemon. You can choose not to use the AR, which makes actually capture Pokémon easier, but losing a connection can make you lose track of Pokemon.

If you’re running low on Poke Balls, visit PokeStops to get more, or simply buy some from the Shop.

  • $159.99 AUD for 14,500 Pokécoins.
  • $62.99 AUD for 5,200 Pokécoins
  • $30.99 AUD for 2,500 Pokécoins
  • $14.99 AUD for 1,200 Pokécoins
  • $7.99 AUD for 550 Pokécoins
  • $1.49 AUD for 100 Pokécoins

Catch Pikachu as Pokemon Go Starter

Initially, you will be offered one of three main entrances Pokemon named Pikachu, Charmander and Bulbasaur. When you notice them, do not trap or walk to them. Just walk away from them until your phone vibrates for Pokemon nearby.Catch Pikachu as Pokemon Go

Catching Them All

Whenever you encounter a Pokemon in your neighbor, park, water areas, mountains, temples, capture them in your Pokeball even if they are similar or identical race. This is actually good for your Pokemon to evolve with the same kind of Pokemon.
Pokemon Go Hidden Tips And Tricks 2

If you want to strengthen your Pokemon quickly, catching many of the same Pokemon race guarantees to provide all the supplies needed to toughen you for all Pokemon gym battles.

3. The best place to find the Pokemon

The best places to find Pokemon is not the road outside, but the green land, parks, gardens, waterways such as rivers, lakes, oceans, mountains, temples and more. Keep an eye on the rusty leaves as you walk closer, your smartphone vibrates when Pokemon nearby. Just aim and throw your Pokeball.
Pokemon Go Hidden Tips And Tricks 3

Hunting at the right time also increases the chances of meeting. You will find the psychic type Pokemon ghost in the evening or at night. So go figure.

4. While Pokemon capture, disable AR

Pokemon Go app uses Internet or Wi-Fi and GPS settings when you hunt for Pokemon. This can drain your battery too. Then, turn off the augmented reality (AR) because it actually makes it harder to catch Pokemon. Keep your stable and ready smartphone to any AR and turn off you can always turn on every time you find a Pokémon anywhere particularly hilarious.

5. Use lucky egg before moving Pokemon

Lucky Egg is a level of reward you get, it doubles your personal trainer XP you collect for 30 minutes. You can use it effectively to grind your level while catching your Pokemon creatures but the best time to use eggs lucky is when you evolve a Pokemon.
Pokemon Go Hidden Tips And Tricks eggs

6. Name your Pokemon

One of the best features offered by GO Pokemon is that you can always name your Pokemon. You can do this as soon as you catch a new Pokemon Pokemon or go to the section from the menu and change the name of your pocket monsters from there.

7. Master the art of catching

Pokemon Go includes a special shooting mode every time you are about to capture a new Pokemon. Just focus on the camera of your Pokeball before discarding. If the color changes to green, this means easy, moderate, medium yellow and red hard way.

8. Each Pokémon has a different strength

Each Pokemon comes with different strength so always ensure that you keep the most powerful version in your pocket. Each Pokemon next to CP and do not forget the exchange of those with lower Cp score or you will significantly outperformed successfully gym. You can also use candy to raise your Pokemon CP score.
Pokemon Go Hidden Tips And Tricks 4

9. Choose your Pokemon Go team.

When you reach level 5, you will be prompted to choose a team, it includes three team options Instinct, the team of Valour and the team Mystic, but once you have chosen no return backward. Before joining the team, make sure that the degree of competitiveness of your opponent and also to take account of popular team in your area.
Pokemon Go Hidden Tips And Tricks team

10. Check the footprints

The distance between you and the new creature Poke brand can be seen in terms of impressions is paw prints Poke, more accurate. A paw print suggests that Pokemon is very close, while two paw prints suggests it is little further.

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