How to Avoid Pokemon GO Malware on Your Android Phone[Read Must]

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Recently, a new threat to a widespread popular game player has been identified. Many Pokemon GO malware apps lured potential victims with promises of  Pokemon GO hack tips, tricks, and other interesting features. While they had enough songs innocent, they were only vehicles for the penetration of nasty code into the phone, which then defrauded users to buy expensive scam services.

Pokemon GO Malware:

ESET Mobile Security was the first to discover several malware applications on the Google Play Store and removed them shortly after.

It seems that a malware applications Pokemon GO had a resemblance to the real game, but deliberately locked the user’s screen after startup. A simple restart does not solve the problem, forcing affected users either use Android Device Manager or pull their battery to reboot their device. Even after this, the application continues running in the background, open-porn ads. The application should be uninstalled manually using the Android settings to be completely removed.


pokemon go screenshot
The app was really malicious, but ESET noted that if they wanted to, it’s creators could have done worse.

Other applications are scareware and lured victims to pay for unnecessary services, such as generating a large number of in-game items, such as eggs lucky, or Pokeballs PokeCoins Pokemon for GO.

These Pokemon GO malware applications promised as much as 999,999 on a daily basis. Before they delivered their promises, however, the applications users need to “verify” their account. It was then that the counterfeiting of pop-ups materialize and claim the device had a virus that needed cleaning.

Pokemon GO malware removed:

Fortunately, Google Play has taken these applications down pretty fast, so there was not enough time for them to attract a large number of victims. That said, there is a concern that applications were ever live on Google Play first.pokemon go malware play store

Google has a dubious history regarding the prevention of malicious programs and adware, despite their rapid response to reported applications. Still, the company claims Android users are protected against malicious software by its systems, which check more than 6 billion apps every day.

With the popularity of Pokemon GO full swing, you can bet there will be many malicious applications arise on the road.

Since the Google Play Store can not be completely trusted to keep you safe, your best shot to protect you against malware on Android Pokemon GO is to be careful before installing the game from a third-party developer, at least for the moment. This is particularly good advice if the application seems to make promises that are too good to be true.

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Have you seen Pokemon GO malware there? Tell us in the comments below and see other useful security articles on how to completely erase all personal data on your phone and keep your privacy on Android.

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