GO Simulator APK – Pokemon Go Bot for Android! (GO Sim 1.22.0 APK For Android)

Go Simulator APK (latest version of GO Simulator 1.22.0 APK) is a Pokemon Go Bot/GOSim (Pokemon go bot free download and it’s a Pokemon Go Hack) that help you to catch Pokemon literally doing nothing as it automatically. Now we have actually been able to use this app to catch Pokemon and level up without actually playing the game. Note that the Go Simulator APK is really recommended for educational purposes only as it will eventually get you banned. But here’s Catch Rare Pokemon without Soft Ban using PokeSniper APK.

The developer of Go Simulator (Pokemon Go Bot) has released the latest version of GO Simulator 1.22.0 APK Without interruption. In this reform some changes, which looks like the display changes from the previous version.

Not only that, in this latest version, the developers have fixed bugs in the previous version to add the user experience and so bots can be used seamlessly.


We did check the application worked as shown in the screenshot below the screen, but the problem we encountered was that you’d have to stop and start the hack every few minutes and while doing this, the application itself will give you a 30-second to look at, which was annoying.

You may be better off using a Pokémon hack Go Joystick / GPS-spoofing method such as Fly GPS, TutuApp or Pokemon GO APK Controls.

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GO Sim apk for Pokemon Go Bot apk download.

But it was definitely fun to play with Go Simulator APK as it does capture Pokemon for you without any work. If you want to check it for fun, make sure to make a new Pokemon Go account to try it because it will likely get you banned permanently rather quickly.

GO Simulator APK – Pokemon Go Bot for Android! (Pokemon Go Hack)


  • Catching Pokemon’s [ You can choose if u want to use razz-berry on pokemons with cp higher then ur value ]
  • Auto walk [ through predefined routes or random walking around point you set on map ]
  • Transferring Pokemon’s [ You choose what’s max CP to evolve. Bot will always keep the strongest of a kind ]
  • Looting pokestops
  • Auto Loot Pokestop
  • Auto Catch Pokemon
  • Clean Potions & Revives
  • 4 Speed Options
  • Hatch eggs
  • Auto Evolve Pokemon
  • Auto Transfer Pokemon
  • Evolving pokemons [ You choose min CP to evolve ]
  • Hatch Eggs
  • Clean potions and revives ( to make space for pokeballs )
  • 4 speed options [ Slow, Medium, High, Super fast ]

How to use GO Simulator APK – Pokemon Go Bot Configuration:

  1. Install GOSim APK (apk download link given below)
  2. Make sure to use a new account because the chances are you will be banned eventually. Sign up for a new account at Pokemon Go Trainer Club.   – Link
  3. Open settings tab and set up logging info. (If you account new, make sure you catch your first Pokemon and also go through the setup process.)
  4. Enter your Pokemon Trainer Club credentials in settings after Launch the Go Simulator app.
  5. Open GO bot settings and set them up ! (See bellow to setup)
  6. The bot runs in the bottom cell, can be doing other things funfa good.
  7. If you are Softban, the bot takes the ban automatically. See this How to Remove Soft Ban in Pokemon Go.

Go Bot settings documentation: 

  • Route – If u choose the option ‘Use predefined routes’ u must select a route to use otherwise bot will crash.
  • For bot settings, I do recommend using “Use predefined routes” option and also set Routes to “New York South” or “New York” for best results.
  • Use predefined routes – This means bot will walk via the predefined route you choose. Currently, there are 7 available predefined routes but I’m working on the feature that will allow you to manually create a route.
  • Transfer Pokemon’s – This is used to tell the bot to transfer Pokemon’s. Also, you need to say bot maximum CP of Pokemon’s to transfer. The bot will always keep strongest of a kind.
  • Speed – this is actually bot speed, how fast bot you want. Take care because too fast might be suspicious
  • Evolve Pokemon’s – This is used to tell a bot to evolve Pokemon’s. U must choose minimum CP of Pokemon to evolve. You can enable the option to evolve Pokémon automatically
  • Use raspberries to catch Pokemon – Self descriptive :) U can choose min CP of Pokemon to use razzberry on. Default is 500
  • Auto reloads ( no need to close page and get back to refresh )
  • Clean potion and revives – If selected, the bot will periodically remove all potions and revives.
  • Hatch eggs – Pretty self-descriptive. The bot can also automatically hatching eggs ????
  • The button also automatically removes portions (to make room for Poké Balls).

How to Use  Pokemon GO BOT (GO Simulator 1.22.0 APK)for Android:

  • If you want to set the course bot
    tap Settings > Bot Settings
  • If you want to set the Pokemon which will be transferred, evolve, catch
    tap Pokemon Settings
  • To set up an account to login
    select Settings> Login information
  • If you want to see any Pokemon that has been catched
    tap Bag

Important! When you have finished using a GO Simu, press Stop!

Working on (GO Simulator APK – Pokemon Go Bot):

  • Manually create own route
  • Stability
  • Pokemon catch/transfer/evaluate filter

TIP: If you do not use routes, just place marker on map for your start location and press start.

Some Problem & Solve it:

  • If it says “Something went wrong while catching Pokemon” then press Stop and then start back the bot.
  • I recommend using a stable network.
  • If you get a warning “Failed to login, invalid credentials” check your account Pokemon.

Download GO Simulator APK – Pokemon Go Bot/GOsim

Here’s we shared Pokemon Go hacked version(Pokemon Go Location Hack for Android Lollipop/KitKat/Jellybean [No Root]) but Pokemon GO bot is another way. it’ offer’s Pokemon Go auto walking,  auto Pokemon catching etc.. available in this GO Bot hack.

See also:

Latest version Go Simulator Apk 1.22.0 (New Updated v1.22.0)

  • GO Sim 1.22.0.apk download from here.
    – Size: 10.71 MB
    – Added: 04/10/2016

Changelog 1.22.0:

  • Minor UI changes
  • Added reset statistics button
  • Added shutdown timer.

Old version Go Simulator Apk:

  • GO Sim 1.21.0.apk download from  link: http://androidapkapps.wapka.mobi/software/view/49115864
    – Size: 10.82 MB
    – Added: 24/09/2016
  • Changelog 1.21.0:
    • Minor bug fixes;
    • Updated for New Pokemon GO 0.39.1
  • GO Sim 1.19.1.apk download from here.
    Changelog 1.19.0:
    • New Logo Design
    • Updated for New Pokemon GO 0.39.0
    • Fixed statistics per hour
    • Added auto-reload ( no need to close page and get back to refresh )
  • GO Sim 1.17.0.apk download link: http://androidapkapps.wapka.mobi/software/view/48716064
    • Size: 12.80 MB
    • Added: 13.09.2016

    Changelog 1.17.0:

    • More advanced settings for items;
    • Fixed ultra & great ball;
    • All settings are now in the settings page.
  • GO Sim 1.14.0.apk download from here. http://androidapkapps.wapka.mobi/software/view/48638208
    – Size: 23.17 MB
    – Added: 09.11.2016
    – Changelog in 1.14.0
    • Minor bug fixes;
    • Major UI refactoring;
    • the main screen contains more space for logs.
  • Go simulator v1.12.2.apk from here. http://androidapkapps.wapka.mobi/software/view/48134743 (Size: 11.95 MB )
  • GO Simulator 1.20. APK Pokemon Go BOT download from here. http://androidapkapps.wapka.mobi/software/view/48102955

If Go simulator apk (GO bot/GO Sim)download link not working, then please leave a comment…

When you settled your settings, go back to main activity and press start. :) Happy Pokemon’s bot catching in Pokemon go..

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  1. hi,
    i m facing probs that sometimes it shows message something went wrong while catching pokemons.
    I set map to NY South location and I do not change it.?). I have kept clear Revive and potions OFF. So that it wont clear my Pokeballs in between to zero. Which led to no balls to catch Pokemon.
    Please advise.

    1. May be you run too fast then normally..

      Each time you start a Pokeball, it is subtracted from your inventory and you not get it back, no matter what.
      Draw a Pokeball does not recover. Instead, he just despawns and allows the next launch to occur more quickly. Pokeballs are common enough that losing a few will not hurt you at all, fortunately.

      1. Cannot I try befor the app evolution my Pokemons automatically!! because 1.14 version got save button so no issues . Please fix this thanks

  2. For some reason if you try to disable ads the app crash when try starting the bot so basically just let the ads invade your screen every second in order to let the app works, this is so sad :c the developer must need the money so bad, otherwise he wouldn’t do it…

    1. Thanks for commenting.. I found a solution for GO bot users to remove ads from go simulator app. See here’s
      Lucky patcher tutorials

      How to Remove Ads from lucky patcher

      Download Lucky patcher and Install it.
      – Open Lucky Patcher and select App.
      – Open menu of patches.
      – Now Select Patch To Remove Advertisement.
      – Apply And Wait Till completes, Launch App and Now you got rid of ads.
      – I hope it’s working for you to remove ads from GO Sim apk..

  3. Hey there the bot ist Not working on my Phone i can succesfully Log in anderen Start the bot but the only Thing happening is that the Pin on the Map is moving but in 30 min No Pokémon was catched and No pokestop looted .. sorry for the Bad English

  4. Yes…. Successfully logged in but then only the pin moves without catching any Pokemons and no looting pokestop as well…. Reply ASAP… Wats going on….

  5. Why does it not collect any pokestops or catch any pokemon or hatch my eggs? Im not soft banned i went there and collected a pokestop via fly gps and collected one fine and same with a pokemon but the bot fails everytime why ?

  6. After using it for a few months. Its not working for me anymore. After login nothing happens. Tried to use diff routes but the result is still the same. Im sure my bag is not full

  7. Ok donc je ne suis pas le seul… apres la dernière mise a jour tout les bit ne fonctionne plus… et moi meme sa fait des mois que je l’utilise ainsi que dautre bot… et tous on cesser de fonctionner suite a ka derniere mise a jours

  8. go simulator seems to be detected already by the Pokemon go, whats happening is yes It would say successfully login but the app detects the bot software and gives you a captcha process, you can check when you login using the official app, it will provide you the captcha screen not allowing the bot system to continue.

  9. go simulator is saying, failed to log in, your account is probably banned however I am able to play it smoothly on my pokemon go app. Please help

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