[All Method] How To Use Lucky Patcher Full Tutorial 2022

Hey, guys! Today I will be showing you how to use lucky patcher aka all lucky patcher tutorial 2018 on Apk Fact. Because at first, I know I had a few problems and didn’t know how to use Lucky Patcher properly. Hope this helps! :D

Y’all Should Know that Lucky patcher is Very Popular App to Hack in-App Purchase on games/app Or Unlock its features free without paying a single penny. This is a full tutorial 2018!
So let’s start:-

Lucky Patcher full tutorial 2019

Warning:-You Must Have Rooted android Device and I’m Not responsible for any damage causes to your device. but we’ll trying to fix it , just comment your problem.

How to Hack In-App Purchase

Before this processing, first you See this tutorials and post:

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  1. Open Lucky Patcher and choose any App.
  2. Click on open menu of patches.
    lucky patcher tutorial 2017
    Lucky patcher tutorial 2019
  3. Now select ‘Support In App LVL emulation.’
  4. Then Check first two options and apply.
  5. Wait Till it completes, Check Patch result (work if 13% or more than 13%.
  6. Launch App.
  7. Make sure You have working internet connection, then click on anything you wanna buy.
  8. You’ll get Lucky patcher window.
  9. Tick On Save Purchase(2nd option ).
  10. Select yes.
  11. Done???? Now Enjoy free purchase.

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How to Apply Custom Patch To get everything unlocked(if available):-

  1. First Open Lucky Patcher And Select Any App.
  2. Select Open Menu Of Patches.
  3. Now Click On Custom Patch.
  4. Now You’ll See A Patch Window with all patch features, Now Click Apply.
  5. Wait till It Completes, Then Check Patch result And Launch App.
  6. You’ll get all the features you’ve seen in patch window.

How to Remove Google Ads/Make Offline App

  1. Open Lucky Patcher and select App.
  2. The open menu of patches.
  3. Now Select Patch To Remove Advertisement.
  4. Now Enable all options same as shown in the picture below.
  5. Apply And Wait Till completes, Launch App and Now you got rid of ads.

How to remove Google license verification.

  1. Open Lucky Patcher and select App.
  2. Now open menu of patches.
  3. Then Select Remove license verification.
  4. Now select auto modes.
  5. Enable all options shown in the picture below.
  6. Apply and wait till completes, check result and now you removed it.

How to Remove Every Advertisement From your phone

  1. Open Lucky Patcher.
  2. Select Toolbox from bottom.
  3. Now Click On Block All Advertisement from Device.

How to Bind/Mount Data/Obb Folder From Internal to external

  1. Open Lucky Patcher
  2. Select toolbox.
  3. Now Select Directory Binder.
  4. Now click on Add New Directory.
  5. Then Select Your Default Data/Obb Folder Using File Browser Option.
  6. Select Folder Where you want to Mount and use as new obb/Data folder.
    lucky patcher tutorial 2017
    Lucky patcher tutorial 2019
  7. Now Bind directory. Done Enjoy

Note that:-This feature used usually for huge game data that isn’t places in external memory card in some phones.

To install lucky patcher apk on your Android device, you do not need root access. But to get all the features of Lucky Patcher, you need to root your device. Rooting tutorial can be found on youtube or other sites. You can backup apps with lucky patcher without root access. So we strongly recommend you to root your device so you can get all the app features.

Thanks for reading…..! and stay with Apk Fact

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  1. How do you even make your own custom patch?
    I know how to modify a APKs data to hack the games also with memeory editors so I wanna make a patch for games but how do I make the patch and upload it?
    Email me please

  2. It keeps saying something is wrong with my purchase check with support team. It use to work but I undownlowded an app I was using lucky patcher for (Episode) and when I re-downloaded it wouldn’t work.

  3. Hey Lucky patches guys /gals, I hope u see this Because I want a game to be able to be hack the name of the game is Choices by Pixelberry it’s one of the group new games and it just like Epsiodes. SO I hope u guys can work on that for me Thanks and Bye ????????

  4. hi been trung to use lucky patch ap in my Samsung s7 edge for my game domintions but the in app always pops up with google play purchases , lucky patcher dosent work

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