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Instagram Plus APK

Instagram Plus APK Download: Instagram is one of the most popular social media marketing networks for celebreties. Instagram Plus is an advanced version of the Instagram. Unfortunately, it is not available in the play store.

So, I made this tutorial on how to get Instagram ++ for android smartphone. Let us discuss the complete details about the Instagram +.

Instagram Plus APK Download(Insta +)

Instagram Plus APK

What is Instagram Plus?

Instagram plus is not an official version of Instagram. But it provides features more than Instagram.


Why Download Instagram ++?

One of the main reasons for using the Instagram plus is that Instagram lacks lots of features. And the lacking features are added to the plus version of Instagram.

  • The Instagram application does not allow you to tweak the images. It means you cannot download any image, zoom any image, or share directly. But the Instagram mod apk helps you to remove all the limitations. And you will be able to download or zoom or share the image directly. And all these features also imply to video too.
  • In the original insta app, you do not get the full-fledged view of the profile picture of someone. Instagram plus mod apk helps you to do so.
  • Instagram does not allow you to share the image directly to other social media networks. While Instagram + apk help you to share the image or video on any platform.
  • Also, Instagram plus helps to know if any particular person is following you or not.
  • The videos can be auto played with sound in insta plus.
  • It supports multiple languages.
  • Also, tons of other features.

Because of these many features, people are liking Instagram plus more than original insta.


  • Remove the existing Instagram app from the smartphone. This is because Instagram plus app does not run on a smartphone if the original Instagram is already installed. If you wish to use two insta accounts on the same Android smartphone then you can either use GB insta or parallel apps. And many smartphones such as Xiaomi and One Plus comes with the parallel app features.
  • It is obvious to have an internet connectivity for the functioning of the application.

Once you have these prerequisites then you can move ahead to the installation steps.

Steps to Download Modded Instagram:

  • The initial step is to remove the existing insta app from the smartphone.
  • Download the insta+ apk from the downloads section.
  • Open the downloaded file and click on install.
  • The installation will get started.
  • And it will be completed in less than a minute.
  • Open the insta + application.
  • Provide all the permission access.
  • Login with your credentials.
  • Enjoy using the insta plus on your android smartphone.

Instagram Plus APK



Why is Instagram Plus not available on play store?

There are many numbers of applications in the play store. And google play store has some set of rules to be followed.

Instagram plus does not comply with all the rules of the play store. Hence, it is not available in the play store.

Final Words:

If you are planning to use this modded version of Instagram then you can use it without any hesitation. I have tried my best to make this tutorial of Instagram mod apk to be as easy as possible. I hope that you have found this post on Instagram plus apk to be useful. And if this article has helped you then please share it on social media sites. Also, subscribe to our blog for more awesome tweaks.

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