New way to Hide SMS (SMS Lock) or Text Messages Private on Android

Hide SMS or Text Messages Private 

Receiving private messages is one thing, keeping it safe and secure is another matter. Most individuals are funds to exhibit their private messages to the public. Do you know that you secure your account can be easily compromised if the number used in receiving the bank’s notification are not guaranteed? There are also many reasons why we should keep our private and secure SMS.

Recently, I came across a new method to keep them private messages locked out of the prying eyes of the eyes, and unlike all other methods, this method seems to work perfectly and gives your SMS maximum safety. With the help of the application I’ll be telling you a chance to hide your private messages from prying eyes eyes.

So what is this app name?

The name of the application is the code name “Message Lock (SMS Lock)“. However, the application is compatible on all Android devices and it comes with a very high rating. Let me quickly give a brief description of the message and SMS app lock.message lock


About Lock & SMS messages

SMS lock lock aka the request message is a lightweight tool that was developed for special purpose that protects your personal messages. Maybe you’re the kind of person who lends your device to friends to play games, listen to music, watch movies or whatever, and you want to keep the lockout to go through your posts personal, so he advised you to use message and SMS lock.

With this tool, the light, you can easily get the full protection of privacy on your posts and blocking patterns is also available on the SMS message and locking tool.

One of the latest features on SMS & app lock is the fingerprint feature license that is available for compatible devices such as fingerprint Galaxy devices with fingerprint scanner. It also comes with a unique lock engine and password recovery is possible.

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What you waiting for? Keep your private messages using the SMS interlock message aka lock request. You can get the app from Google Play Store. If you have any related questions, please let me know via the comment section. Do not forget to share this info with your friends.

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