GioWhatsApp APK Download v8.50 ( Latest Version 2022)


Another modified version of Whatsapp (the World’s Most Popular Messaging app) is now available with more wonderful features and reliability for android and iPhone versioned devices. This is also among the top-notch alternatives to Whatsapp along with Telegram and Signal. Most of the users are now migrating to other popular messaging apps as mentioned above and Gio Whatsapp is also one of them.

WhatsApp is among the most popular messaging apps in the world today. But this doesn’t mean that the app contains all the features that you need. Compared to other messaging apps, WhatsApp lacks in some aspects such as innovations and upgrades. Because of this, mod developers continue to come up with retouched versions of the app with added features. To know more about WhatsApp mods, we’re going to tell you about a mod called GioWhatsApp (GioWA). This mod was created as a result of the users’ demand for more features in the messaging app.

GioWhatsApp APK

GioWhatsApp possesses the same features as the official version of WhatsApp and has so much more. This mod is regularly updated so that users could enjoy the improved experience with the app. GioWa was developed to improve the performance of the messaging app on Android devices.



GioWA offers new and exciting features for users. Below are the features that you can explore when you install this mod on your device:

  • Anti-ban protection
  • New privacy configuration to control settings like who can see a person online and who can’t or disable the blue double tick marks. All the while, you can still see your contacts’ statuses
  • Hide buttons such as the call and voice recording button
  • Function to copy the status of your contacts by simply tapping on it
  • New features to create backups and reboot and restore the app
  • Enables you to remove dialog about the updates of the app
  • Customizable app interface to change the font style, size, colors, and even make it transparent.

Features of Gio Whatsapp for Android and iPhone are the same, but these features are increased after the update that is happened in January 2021. Features are enhanced, working is fast, privacy is secured and navigation is simpler than ever. Take a look at a few important and basic features that are briefly mentioned below.

Privacy Configuration

This is one of the most prominent and desired features of Gio Whatsapp. Your privacy is now in your hands and you can control it the way you want. You can customize your presence in a format that you desire using the double tick sections, last seen feature, and profile picture as well.

Status Saver

In many modified versions of Whatsapp, you need to install any additional application in order to download or save the status whether video or images. On the other side, you don’t need to install an additional app to save status because Gio Whatsapp has a built-in status saver option.

Back up & Restoration

There are too many possibilities in Gio Whatsapp related to taking backups or restoring the data. You can now take backups and save them on your mobile in a single folder that would contain chats, call logs, images, and other files.

Built-in Recorder

Audio or video call recorder is one of the best features of Gio Whatsapp in the 2021 era. There is no need to install the extra app for recording purposes. You can customize the recording feature as well. Whether you want automatic call recording or manual audio/video call recording, it’s up to your own customizations.

Hiding Buttons

Gio Whatsapp has enabled a feature of hiding different buttons like sending voice messages or buttons of making calls.

Anti-Ban Protection

Fortunately, the terms and conditions plus the latest released coding development is exempted from the Anti-Ban strike. Gio Whatsapp is now fully Anti-Ban protection and Whatsapp now cannot delete or ban your official account.

GioWhatsApp APK Information:

App NameGioWhatsApp
Size29.4 MB
RequirementAndroid 4.0.3
Last Update1 day ago


How to Install?

Before you install the APK on your mobile device, you must make sure that you have already backed up your messages and files. The reason behind this is that you need to uninstall the official version of WhatsApp before you can install this mod. Failure to backup your messages and files will result in their permanent deletion.

The original WhatsApp must be uninstalled, as this will result in blocking the installation of the mod. The system will detect that you’re trying to install an app that is already installed. We’ve written the steps below on how to download and install the mods on your device:

  1. Back up your messages and media files before uninstalling the official version of WhatsApp. Follow the steps below to back up your files:
    • Open WhatsApp and tap on the Menu
    • Click on Settings
    • Tap on chats
    • Click on Chat Backup
    • Click on the Backup button, and this will be saved on a cloud storage
  2. Enable “Unknown Sources” when you are prompted before you install the app. Below are the instructions to enable this option on your mobile device:
    • Go to Settings
    • Tap on Security
    • Enable “Unknown Sources”
  3. Uninstall the official version of WhatsApp on your device
  4. Vist your downloads or file manager where the APK file is most likely located
  5. Click on the APK file
  6. Click on the “Install” button.
  7. Installation might take a few seconds
  8. Click on the Open button to launch or the Done button to finish the installation
  9. Open the newly installed app
  10. After launching, click on “Agree and Continue”
  11. Input your phone number and click on “Copy WhatsApp Data”
  12. If you’ve followed all the instructions above, then you’ve successfully backed up your account. Click on the Restore button.

How to Update?

Always check WhatsMod for updates to get the latest version. Because it’s a mod of an official app, you won’t find updates through official app distribution services like Google Play or App Store. You have to look for websites that offer safe and updated download links.

To update your mod, click on the download button above to get the APK file. Once the file is downloaded, click on the APK file to start the installation. This will automatically update your mod to its latest version.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Gio Whatsapp Legal?

Yes, Using Gio WhatsApp is legal

Is Gio Whatsapp Anti Ban?

Yes, Gio Whatsapp APK comes with Anti-Ban Protection.

GioWhatsapp Works in iPhone?

Yes, you can download and install GioWhatsapp on iPhone or any iOS device.

Is Using GioWhatsapp Safe?

Using GioWhatsapp on any device is perfectly fine and you can easily use this APK on any device safely.


GioWA was developed to give users more features that they can enjoy when using the popular messaging app. By installing this on your mobile device, you can explore different customization options and make use of its improved security features. No wonder mods have become popular among WhatsApp users.

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