GB Instagram APK Download (Latest Version 2022)


Most users find the only irritating thing on Instagram is that they cannot save their favorite picture, video, or story. You can take a screenshot for images and stories, but we still have to crop it, which is time-consuming and difficult.

A new application named GB Instagram apk is introduced in the market to solve this problem, allowing users to download their favorite pictures, stories, and videos within the app. GB Instagram was designed and developed by GB Whatsapp developer Atnfas Hoak, a very popular application.

It successfully eliminates the need of downloading any third-party application to save media of Instagram which means it saves your device storage by providing both features in a single application.


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GB Instagram APK Download V8.75 (Official)

GB Instagram is the most modified and enhanced version of the world’s most popular images-based social media website Instagram. GB Instagram APK is officially available for both Android and iPhone users even it also works in Macbook/Linux and Windows-based PC or desktops. The latest version is now also officially compatible with the Tablet and iPad devices as well.

In the official application of Instagram which is available on Google Play Store, there are a few restrictions, but these limitations are not part of GB versioned Instagram. You can now easily download any image, video, or story using the “one-click” feature of GB Instagram.

Official Info

Compatibility: 4.0+ Android

Size of application: 38 MB


Downloads: one million

Developers: GBWhatsapp.Net


After Facebook, Instagram is the most popular application among people of all ages, from all over the world. This application is used specifically for uploading photos and videos and is the best medium that is capable of expanding your portfolio if you’re interested and you want to grow internationally.

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How to Install GB Instagram on Android?

Now you’ve read enough features and are interested in downloading the app, but you don’t know how to do it. Well, this installation guide will surely help you to complete the installation process.

GB Insta is not available to download on the Google Play store, but you can download the latest version of the app from any trusted third-party website.

You can download the app using the link on this page and follow the installation process further. Follow these steps below to install GB Instagram on your Android phone.

  • Step # 1

Download GB Instagram apk file on your Android Phone from any trusted third-party website.

  • Step # 2

Enable installation from unknown resources by moving to your device settings

  • Step # 3

Locate the apk file on your device before installing the app.

  • Step # 4

Now your GB Instagram is ready to install, tap on the install button and wait few seconds until the process is done.

  • Step # 5

After Installing the apk create a new account or log in to your existing Instagram account. Great now installation is done; you can now enjoy Awesome Features of GB Instagram.

Now you know how to install GB Instagram on your android smartphone. GB Instagram is a trusted Mod of the Instagram app with super amazing features in addition to official Instagram features. There is no need to worry about safety and security.

Latest Features

You can zoom in on the pictures and videos of your friends and people on your list. You can zoom in and save the profile pictures of your friends too.

To zoom the profile pictures of your friends and family or someone from your business circle or co-worker, click on the picture for 2 seconds and keep pressing the picture and the picture will zoom in for you. For zooming out the picture simply drop the picture, and it will get back to its original size. This feature is amazing. Isn’t it?

  • Easy Download: Photos, videos, live streaming, feed stories of your friends and other users can be downloaded.
  • Translator: Gb Instagram has a built-in translator which helps you in translating the text in any language unknown to you. You can communicate easily and effectively with your friends from other countries.
  • How To Use Translator: To use this auto-translator option you have to turn on the translator in your mobile phone, long-press the text you want to translate, the option for translating the text will pop up, you have to click on that option, and then you can translate the text in any language of your choice.
  • Theme Customization: Gb Instagram allows you to customize the themes of your own choice, and allows you to switch between the themes as many times as you want. If we use a single theme all the time, we get bored. We are living in a life full of colors and Gb Instagram allows you to use more than one theme on your cell phone.  This Gb Instagram feature enables you to switch between the themes in a blink of a second by using this feature of the versatile modded version of Instagram.
  • Hide Online Status: You can hide your online status. Often times we are too busy and surrounded by people and we are so occupied by things that we find it hard to text back despite being online sometimes we are not in the mood to talk to anyone but to scroll down and enjoy the feed without any interruption and disturbance.

This feature is so amazing and you can avoid so many annoying fights with your friends for not replying on time. This feature is amazing and I personally find it attractive in this busy life full of tantrums. Gb WhatsApp has a hide yourself option, which enables you to see your friend’s stories while you remain protected.

This feature is super awesome and so cool. If you want to mark a message, you can mark a star on the message. You can even mark photos, images, videos, Gifs, and other files sent to you via this application.

No reboot is needed. You don’t need to reboot for this Mod version of Instagram. GB Instagram is safe and protected from bans and restrictions and this Modded version of Instagram does not use root. You are safe from being Banned from Instagram.

Features of GB Instagram APK

Be aware of the replicas and duplicate APKs of GB Instagram, because there are too many applications available on the internet that claims to provide you the same features, but actually, they do not. Before touring into the modifications and technical details, you must have a look at the features of GB Instagram in 2022.

Secret Seen

This is one of the dominating features of GBInstagram that is called Secret Seen. You can now hide your own profile for the follower or friend whose story you have just seen. This means the story publisher will not see you in his/her story.


By using this feature, you can now read the comments or text in your native language. Yes, the comments or other text in different languages will be automatically or manually translated into your own native language.

Downloading Videos

As we all know, officially you cannot download any video on Instagram, whether it’s a story or a video on News Feed. But GB Instagram has enabled this feature and you can easily now download any video or image available on Instagram.

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Downloading Images

Like video downloading, the GB Instagram also allows users to download pictures of any followers or followings. You don’t need to install any alternative or extra application on your mobile to download pictures on your mobile.


This is another brilliant feature of GBInstagram for iPhone and Android devices users. The Zoom feature allows users to take a keen look at any picture by Zooming in or out. The zoom feature of GBInstagram makes the user experience excellent and interesting.


GB Instagram APK also allows the users to use multi-accounts with the same features. You can use your personal and business accounts simultaneously which is the best Pro of this app. Using the Multi-Account feature is simple as you can customize the notifications and popup according to your use age.

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All Special things about GB Instagram APK

The APK file size is 38.8 MB. But you are not here for that. You are here for exclusive features. That’s why we are mentioning them below.

You will never get banned from Instagram

This App is a legitimate version. That’s why Instagram authorities will never ban your account. So, do not worry about your account safety.

You will never require to root your device

Most third-party apps require you to root your mobile phone. But this App works properly without rooting the device.

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Zoom options

The usual Instagram App does not allow you to zoom the images and profile pictures. This leads to less satisfaction while surfing through the feed. This App lets you zoom the profile pictures and images. This way, you get more clarity with photos.

Automatic translator

Instagram is an App with Global users. That’s why people post their stuff in their native languages. And it creates a problem for users while comprehending the post. This App translates all stuff into plain English. Consequently, you will never miss any information due to language insufficiency.

Marking the message

In the original App, you cannot mark messages. Due to this, you lose track of your messages. But this App lets you mark the messages. So, you can use the message later.

Dual Instagram

The original App allows you to use only one account. But this App enables you to use two Instagram accounts on a single App. This way, you can use both private and business accounts in a single App.


You have the choice to customize anything on this App. You can choose various themes from the library. And you can also choose many fonts. This App is fully under your control with respect to UI.

Hide your online presence

The original App lets other users see your online status. But, this App allows you to hide your online presence. This way, you can browse Instagram without being noticed by followers or contacts. Hence, you become a private user of Instagram.

You can copy captions and bios

If you like anyone’s caption or bios, then this App will let you copy that. In other words, you can use anyone’s words for your post without typing it.

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Permissions Required for GB Instagram

Following permissions are required for successfully using the GB Instagram app on your device:

  • Access WiFi, Camera, Bluetooth, Microphone, etc
  • Live Internet Access
  • Send SMS
  • Record Audio
  • Vibrate
  • Modify Audio Settings
  • Write External Storage
  • Access Device Location
  • Write Contacts
  • Use Maps Services
  • Read Contacts
  • Get Accounts
  • Kill Background Tasks

Advantages and Disadvantages of GB Instagram

There are pros and cons to every application we use. Some of the pros and cons of GB Insta are listed below.


  • Hide story view status
  • From the profile pa, you can check if a person is following you.
  • Download and save images, videos, and stories.
  • Repost images, videos, posts from your feed.


  • Risk of security, as it is a third party application
  • It works a bit slower than the original Instagram app



Is Using GB Instagram Legal?

Yes, Using GB Instagram APK is legal and you can use it easily.

Does GB Instagram Work in iPhone?

Yes, you can download and install the GB Instagram in any model of iPhone and Macbook.

How to Install GB Instagram APK?

You can download the latest version of GB Instagram from the given link. After downloading the APK, you need to install the GB Instagram after allowing installation from the unknown resources option.

What is GB Instagram?

This is the modified version of the Instagram application. There are the latest and modified features available in GB Instagram which you don’t get in the official Instagram application that is available on Google Playstore.

Final Words

GB Instagram is an application that every MOD lover is definitely gonna love. If you have ever used GB Whatsapp, you must be aware of the creative features. A download link is shared above on this page, so you can use that link and successfully download this application for free. The complete installation guide and features are also shared for your ease and convenience.

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