Skype vs WhatsApp: Which is the Best for Video Call?

In this article, we will try to answer the question of whether Skype or Whatsapp should be preferred by revealing the differences between two popular video calling applications Skype and WhatsApp.

Skype and WhatsApp are the most recognizable and most used apps for video conversation consul. Although both applications basically provide video calling and some chat features, there are some differences between them.

In this article, Skype and WhatsApp comparison by differences between WhatsApp and Skype and will tell what are.


Differences Between Skype and WhatsApp Vidoe calling

There are some differences between Skype and WhatsApp. Here is a comparison of two very popular apps worldwide,  Skype and WhatsApp !

Image quality

Skype’s video calling feature has better image quality than WhatsApp. This is because Skype has a codec. In addition, Skype takes video calling to the next level with its HD audio feature. For these reasons, Skype offers a much better video talking experience than WhatsApp.

Group Chat

Although not known to many, WhatsApp has group video chat. WhatsApp provided support for up to 4 people for the group video chat feature, but it is said to double this number to 8. Skype supports group video chat for up to 50 people.

Data Consumption

Both Skype and WhatsApp offer free and unlimited voice and video calling options. Skype’s excellent video call quality results in higher data consumption. This is very important on mobile internet, although it is not very important when connected to the Wi-Fi network. So, if data consumption is more important than image quality for mobile users, WhatsApp should be preferred.

Security and Privacy

Both apps have encryption support for communication, but WhatsApp is one step ahead of privacy and security with default end-to-end encryption. This is very important for privacy and security. Skype uses end-to-end encryption, but is not enabled by default. Therefore, WhatsApp is the best in terms of privacy and security.

Skype or Whatsapp?

Both applications are very successful. Skype is by far ahead for computer and professional use. Since Skype is an application focused on professional use, it has features such as screen sharing and a series of business oriented tools. On the other hand, WhatsApp is perfect for chatting on mobile devices. In short, Skype is a business-oriented application, WhatsApp is the best option for daily use.

How much does an online video quota affect?

On the average, video chat:

  • 100 KB in 1 Second ,
  • 6000 KB in 1 minute ,
  • It  consumes 360000 KB or 360 MB of data in 1 hour .

In order to spend less internet when talking on the video, you can enable data saving if the applications have such a feature.

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