6 Essentials devices that work with Google Fit

Google Fit was not much to write home about when it first appeared in 2014, but it is slowly gaining features and additional features over time, and there are now dozens of applications and portable gadgets that plug directly into the platform offered by Google.

Google Fit is primarily focused on the collection of statistics – the activity, sleep, weight and so on – rather than providing the comprehensive, all-in-one view of your health and medical records that Apple Health want to be. Fit is more basic, but it is easier to use.

The Google Fit app is free to download for free Android devices and once you have it and running, it can use the sensors in your phone to track your progress. You can also manually add activities or use one of the following applications or gadgets for work instead.

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Best Google Fit compatible devices

Fossil Q Founder

For those of you who prefer a bit of style to your step count, give  a look Fossil Q Founder: This Android Wear blend with the style and expertise of fossils come up with something that looks good and works good. And of course, there is the integration of Google Fit.02-fossil-q-founder-1462176822-sddq-column-width-inline

Fossil Q Founder is my first smart watch and so far I really do like her. I finally went with the Q because of the Intel Atom processor paired with 1GB of RAM and internal speaker. (Speaker currently inactive) It has the highest specifications of all Android Wear watch and I feel it was a better investment / proof no future.
Price: $295.00

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Basis Peak

This is not the best fitness tracker out there, but if you care more stats and monitoring as aesthetics, the base peak has you covered: one of its best features is the tracker integrated heart rate, and it has more sensors than most wearables.01-basis-peak-1462176809-pznb-column-width-inline

I am extremely satisfied with this product; monitoring, measurement, application and content extremely strong online (via mybasis.com) are superior and better than anything since, I have tried in the past. Again, you have to wear it properly (tight, but it should not be so tight that the tape leaves traces on your skin) Basis and if does not deliver on their promises software updates (notifications and activities, etc. ) I will definitely be updating my review / star ratings accordingly!

Price: $180.50

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Moto 360 Sport

Take your workout to the limit without worrying about your watch. All Android Wear smartwatch will provide seamless synchronization with Google Fit (and in fact, you can use a widget Fit as the face of the watch if you like), and the Moto 360 Sport is one of the best: many options customization and a sportier look than most of its rivals.03-moto-360-sport-1462176832-jxmd-column-width-inline

Moto Sport 360 may maintain, through sustainable design comfortable. solid silicone construction with special UV coating wicks moisture and resists fading or staining, while the lateral ventilation channels help you stay cool. Moto Sport 360 has a built-in GPS that works seamlessly with Moto Body. It gives you accurate location information, measures your speed, distance, pace, and more. The screen Motorola AnyLight is the world TMs first hybrid screen that automatically adjusts the level of natural light around you. So you can see clearly whatever the conditions you are. Inside, enjoy a traditional LCD screen for maximum readability. Then when you’re out for a run, natural light is reflected to improve readability, especially in bright conditions. Get Gmail messages and calendar invites with just a glance through the power of Android Wear.
Price: $463.49

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Sony SmartBand 2

This tracker rather ugly Fitness Sony can not win a best-in-class price, but integration it offers with Google Fit can make you choose over rivals. It is also affordable and has an integrated heart rate monitor, as well as all the essentials.04-sony-smartband-2-1462176842-gyxh-column-width-inline

It is not a medical device and data that should never be used to make medical decisions (such as the prevention, diagnosis, monitoring or treatment of illness or injury) or replace the advice of a health professional. Consult a physician before starting a new or modified training regime using this device, especially if you use this unit with a pacemaker or other medical devices.

Price: $116.95

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Under Armour Band

05-under-armour-band-1462176850-levb-column-width-inlineUnder Armour fitness experts have a new wearable this year that works great with Google Fit (via AU Application Record). It is a tracker to consider if you are keen on the rest of the Under Armour Health box pack or do not want a full smartwatch on your wrist.

Price: $180.00

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Withings Aura

If you want to be serious about tracking your sleep then this intelligent light and alarm Withings fits the bill. An optional accessory monitors your tossing and turning and sends all data to the Withings Health Mate app, and thus through Google Fit.06-withings-aura-1462176858-1htf-column-width-inline

Making the most of innovation, technology and design, Withings invents intelligent products and applications that fit into any lifestyle that allows you to track what matters so you can improve your daily well-being and aim for better long-term health. Our ecosystem enables you to shape all aspects of your health and achieve your personal idea of a balanced lifestyle.

Price: $294.98

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Xiaomi Mi Band Pulse

If you do not want to shell out hundreds of pounds on a tracker then this laptop Xiaomi will the foundation for much, much less. Okay, the supplied application is not the best in the world, but you can work around this by synchronizing all your data to Google Fit instead.

07-xiaomi-mi-1462176866-yorh-column-width-inline The software “Mi Fit” is actually pretty decent, better than the multiple applications of HR software I currently have. MAJOR positive … it syncs to Google Fit is a huge and very rare case. My other HRM precise and expensive super wrist does not synchronize to a different application, which really limits its value. For me, being able to visualize and analyze data, is really the most important aspect of having a fitness tracker. Want to know how you are doing over time. Am I getting better or worse? Seeing the data over time in graphical form is really useful vs. see a number for the day.

Price: $25.99

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If your favourite Google Fit compatible device isn’t included, let us know using the comments below

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