How To Remove The License Verification Using Lucky Patcher App

Hi guys, Today I’m going to show you how to remove the license verification from apps and games Using Lucky Patcher App. license verification can be found in all paid applications to see if you actually purchase the app / game or downloaded from another location. Well, today, we will remove this license verification and use paid apps for free, or most of them.

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For this tutorial, we’ll use Aftermath XHD, which is a paid game available on Google Play store, as a demo.


For this tutorial we need:

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How To Remove The License Verification Using Lucky Patcher App

You can get rid of the license verification forever if you install cracked or modded Play Store. Read to the end how to do this. But if you do not want to install modded game store the following steps: –

  1. So, before you remove the license of the game, the game does not start because our license is invalid
    As you can see the featured picture in above.
  2. Now open Open lucky patcher and grant root access if needed. When it opens it shows the list of all the apps with Google Ads, License Verification, and some more.
  3. Tap on the app or the game you want to Remove The License Verification, a screen with some information about the game will show, like the picture bellow:remove license verification from android apps
  4. Select ‘open menu of patches'(long click on the app will directly open this).
  5. Click on “Remove License Verification” a list of patches will show
  6. Select remove license Verification and select auto modes and apply patch. If it works well, but the other try other methods ie manually selected pattern. The patch you chose will be already selected for you, so just click on Apply, it will start processing. Now all you have to do is wait until it finishes and give you the result:

You’re done! Now launch the app you patched, and it will work just fine!

Note:  If still fails, install Modded Google play store. The only way to get rid of it.

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This process can patch many applications, including famous like SPB Shell 3D! And the game above is a paid games in Google store too. Have fun and try to patch the applications you want!

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