6 Best Android File Manager App for Exploring your Phone

Android file manager apps tend to be quite similar, but it is the subtle features that make the difference between a good file explorer and a great one. Make sure you use one of the best Android file managers around by choosing one of our top 6 listed below. Here’s the 6 Best Android File Manager Apps for your android device.

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1. File Commander – File Manager

File Commander is a fairly common Android file manager, but it is also one of the best. The basic interface consists of basic files for videos, photos, documents, music and downloads. Click on one of these videos, for example, and you will see the locations of all the videos on your device. It is clean, clear and simple.


File Commander is one of the most simple ways to find files and folders on Android


2. File Manager HD(File transfer)

File Manager HD was developed by Cheetah Mobile, people responsible for the optimizer “popular application CLEAN MASTER. One of the great things about HD File Manager is that it shows your recent files on the homepage of the default file browser.

If you are looking for a file that you recently accessed, you can just rewind the timeline to find it. This is an ideally located and well designed feature.

File Manager HD has a great timeline that shows your recently downloaded and accessed files.



3. AntTek Explorer

AntTek Explorer is a little less than others by friendly applications because the interface is not as intuitive. Some of his icons are not immediately recognizable, and it throws you right into the deep end when you start it. The ‘drag and drop’ interface format is useful if, and for this reason, we believe AntTek Explorer is an excellent interface.

AntTek brings a Windows-like experience to Android.


4. Root Browser

Root Browser is our choice for the best file manager for rooted devices. In addition to being a fully functional file explorer in his own right, the root browser allows you to change file permissions and ownership, and edit all kinds of files. Your phone does not need to be rooted phone to find, move, or delete files with the Racine browser, but if it is rooted, roots browsers gives you a great opportunity to do things much more interesting.

Got root? Then use Root Browser.


5. ES File Explorer File Manager

ES File Explorer is a favorite file managers among the Android community. It is a familiar file explorer with pictures, videos, normal music categories. It also has a search feature. We recently crowned the manager of our favorite Android app files in our list of the best Android applications.

ES File Explorer is our current favorite Android file explorer.


6. Total Commander (Free)

The name “Total Commander” should be familiar to many desktop users because it is already a popular third-party file management tool for desktop computers. Now the dev has made the leap to Android, bringing distinctive navigation pane in two Total Commander for mobile users. This apps is copy, paste and files and folders especially easy to manipulate the comparison. root functions, multi-selection, sorting filename, directory history, bookmarking and light multimedia player are among the additional features, while plugins for FTP and LAN support is available.

Total Commander


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Well, now that we’ve had our say, what say you? Do you use certain file managers mentioned above? Do you think that others are worthy of mention? What are you using now? Want to try a different file manager? What is your favorite file manager for Android? Let us know in the comments.

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