BlackBerry Returns to the Market With Its New 5G Smartphone


Onward Mobility, which BlackBerry has acquired as of August 2020, will enter the smartphone market with the new BlackBerry model with 5G. The company has started a pre-commitment program for the device.

BlackBerry, which had a very serious share in the phone market before smartphones came out, is returning to the market with a new smart model. The Canadian manufacturer, which joined Onward Mobility in August 2020, showed the finality of the project with the company’s pre-commitment program announcement.

Partners and BlackBerry fans participating in this program will receive ongoing information regarding “product, features, and usability” before public statements are made about the product. According to the information on the Onward Mobility website, people and organizations participating in the program will be able to have a say over the features and functions of the device by making suggestions directly to the company.


Smartphone of BlackBerrys will likely be made in China:

Onward Mobility, which has certain expertise in security, is not familiar with mobile hardware, so it has turned to telecom companies and influencers who know the market better. The company will likely work with a China-based manufacturer to manufacture its BlackBerrys.

As it is known, BlackBerry used both a touch screen and a keyboard on its phones, before it came out. Although there were fans of this design at the time, the fact that smartphone users are currently using keyboardless touch screens may make this design unnecessary.

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