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Mobile phones are certainly tools useful life. Especially, when it comes to smartphones. Intelligent, allows them to offer users a variety of features and capabilities that go far beyond the basic principle of what is expected from one phone to do. These smartphones can now emulate your organizer, appointment maker, camera, editor, web browser, in fact, the latest smartphones may well emulate your home computer completely.

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The Avast Battery Saver is a unique software. Unlike competitors who all follow the same old pattern Touch to optimize. This application works intelligently and autonomously. It intelligently monitors energy usage patterns and adjusts settings, background etc kills applications to save power and increase battery life. Smart Profiles that pass automatically based on the GPS location or a WiFi network is another strong point of this program.


The accuracy of the estimated remaining life of the battery is extremely high. Avast Battery Saver helps extend battery life and it does so without affecting the call quality, performance, screen brightness, Internet connectivity, applications or loading ring volume. Download Avast Battery saver from Google Play Store

Avast Battery Saver Review


  • Very Light on the system, Quick Start
  • Basic and simple interface, easy to use.
  • No unnecessary features, trackers, statistics, graphs, one-click Optimize floating or Homescreen widgets
  • Virtually no targeted ads completely free.
  • Automatic profile switching battery based on the WiFi network or GPS location. Manual switching is also possible.
  • Accurate representation of estimated battery life.
  • Does not affect performance, calls, Internet connectivity, screen brightness or ringer volume.


  • You can not turn off the GPS  to save battery life
  • Lack of homescreen widgets to change profiles on the fly
  • Only 4 battery customizable profiles
  • Can not specify the list of applications that the firm saver to save battery ignore
  • No healthy current charging system

Avast battery saver Apps features

  • Smart Profiles will activate automatically based on time, battery level, and location.
  • App detects and consumption stops definitively applications that battery life draining too.
  • Accurate estimate of the remaining life of the battery based on the  phone usage and historical data. The battery level will be displayed as a percentage and time remaining in the notification on the status bar.
  • The app can disable the Wi-Fi when there is unknown hotspots nearby.
  • Your limits of  your phone connections to the Internet every 5, 10, 15 or 30 minutes, depending on the configuration of your current profile when the screen is off.
  • Emergency mode is activated when your battery level is very low, and it disables all functions that require a
  • lot of energy, energy saving when you really need (eg, data connection, Wi-Fi, GPS or Bluetooth).


My 1st time user experience on Avast Battery Saver

  • After installing for the first time, an icon appears in the main menu
  • Opening the application displays a splash screen (this happens only once and not on subsequent start-ups)
  • The main screen is a graphical representation of remaining battery life in% to the left and “Hours” on the right.
  • Upper right has options to disable the application as well as options to display the icon and notifications.
    Below is the graph of the battery is a quick link to the profiles SMART mode. The active profile and the switching mode (auto / manual) is mentioned here.
  • Even below that is a link to APP CONSUMPTION which displays a list of applications and amount of each battery they use.
  • Pressing the link profiles, lists the profiles under “work”, “At Home”, “At Night” and “emergency mode” and the optimized mode. Each can be customized to active when and what changes it makes to the phone.
  • Tapping one of four profiles, it can be modified to enable such audit time: 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 (night) or GPS position or the detection of a particular wireless network. In addition, the changes can be edited here include brightness, ringer, Bluetooth, Internet connection, standby, etc.
  • Apart from the application notifications are displayed in the notifications from the menu. But as the remaining amount of battery life. Tapping, which opens the application and allows the switching of profiles based on the requirement. No other widgets found.
Avast Battery SaverDownload Avast Battery Saver
Forget your phone charger; let Avast save your battery energy.

After all, Avast Battery Saver is not the only application of its kind on the market, moreover, be a late entrant still has some time to get approval from users and critics. However, being supported by the reputation of AVAST and other positive as being free from ads, is free to download the application and great features make this application a must have. Performance wise, it eclipses its competitors as being truthful and realistic estimated battery life projection as well as avoid a gadget like 1-Touch Optimization. The interface is clean and simple and the ease of use as well. Smart profiles coupled with intelligent switching options help users not only to save the life of the battery, but also time and effort in changing the parameters depending on the situation. Overall the full experience is very satisfactory and demands applause.

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