How To Root Any Android Device Without Voiding The Warranty (iRoot App)

Why Root Your Android phone / tablet?

While Android devices are actually powerful devices, but its real power comes after rooting. Although not everyone needs to root their devices. As Android smartphone are already fully capable of managing the day to tasks for a day quite easily. In my opinion rooted Android device are for those who want to customize their device to explore new features and the open whole new world of their powerful device that is kept hidden from the user.

Root Any Android Device Without Voiding The Warranty

Most of us have always wanted to root our devices, but still fears rooted Android device whose main consequences being up voiding the warranty or wall unit. Well, I found a way to these consequences, which is absolutely free, unlike other online sources that require you to pay them and that too with just a single click. Yeah, you can eliminate any Android device without voiding the warranty and that too without fear with a single click. So let’s go ahead. and see how to Android device is made rooted with a single click.

Warning: This procedure is only available for devices running Android 4.0 or more, but not Lollipop. iRoot software in this tutorial is compatible with Android to version 4.4.x This also works on devices that have built-in security software, such as HTC Sync, Samsung Knox.


Forget the cumbersome procedures such as having to use Odin, looking Flashable recoveries and everything else. Once your device is recognized (in a database of over 8,000 devices), the iRoot allow permissions using root exploits and do everything with a single click of the button.

Software Needed for Rooting…

  • iRoot (formerly VRoot) PC/Laptop software who will do anything for you.
  • Your device drivers installed on your computer. The best way to get them is to use the management software that comes with your camera ( Nexus > Google USB Driver, Samsung > Kies, HTC > Sync manager, Sony > Drivers etc.) or other Manufacturers Device Driver search on the internet or simply contact me through comment box.

How to Root Android Without Voiding The Warranty (with iRoot App)

  1. First, you must need  download and install on your Windows iRoot PC / laptop for all rooting Android devices.
  2. Now turn on your Android device over USB Debugging Mode.
  3. If you are a user of the device with Samsung Knox-enabled. you must go to Settings > Security > disable the lock Reactivation.
  4. Now once that is done connect your device to your Windows PC / computer. and iRoot App opens on your computer and click “Connect” tab.iroot-on pc
  5. The iRoot App will take several minutes to check whether your device is compatible or not, once this is done, you will see a “Root” Tab at the bottom right corner, click this button.
  6. Once you click it . and your android device is rooted to confirm that you can install Root Checker from Google Play Store.

Enabling SuperSU

Normally, when you use iRoot, there is another program that manages superuser privileges on your rooted device now. If you want to change this for the surprisingly popular SuperSU, just use the following steps:

  • SuperSu installs from Google Play Store.
  • Open SuperSU. Superuser permissions are requested, click OK or 允许 (the option on the right).
  • SuperSu prompts the user to install the SUbinary. Tab to Confirm with OK.

I  hope that this method does not work for you at the root any Android device without voiding the warranty. otherwise, you can contact us via our comments section or you can even ask your doubts or propose anything on our Facebook group.

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  1. I want to use lucky patcher on Bluestacks I got a game to hack so how do I do it or I have to root the Bluestacks if yes how can I acheive that?

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