Smart Poke APK (Smart Pokemon Alpha v0.4.apk) – Smart ways to Catching Pokemon [Working Now*]

Here’s we shared latest Smart Poke APK (Smart Pokemon Alpha v0.4.apk) and it’s working now with new Pokemon Go. Cyril Preiss updated on Sep 14, 2016. Also he says… Nearby Pokemon Scan with Notification and Pokemon scan is now working. Pokemon Go smart Poke is back with more power than before. The latest version of smart Pokemon is equipped with new features. So I decided to put together a small guide explaining the new features.

How to Track Pokemon with Smart Pokemon :

  • First of all, download Smart Poke APK (latest version is SmartPokemon Alpha v0.4.apk) from below. the app isn’t available in Google Play Store.
  • Now install the app.
  • Next, what you’ll need is a PTC  account(Create from here). Remember to use different user name and Email-ID for registration. Echoing the same information as your Pokemon Go account can create difficulties in a long term. For example, get a temporary or even permanent ban.
  • Now enable your device’s GPS location and open the Smart Pokemon app.
  • This step, Log-in with your newly created PTC account and wait until the application connects to the server. The application gives the option to cancel the process of log-in. But doing so will affect the application and Pokemon monitoring functions do not work properly.
  • If the application fails to detect your current location and shows the world map, press the button in the lower right corner and the app will detect your current location. here’s some solution for you.. How to Fix GPS Signal Not found error on Pokemon Go (Error on Location Not found).
  • Now just Long tap on any location of the map and the app will start tracking.[See Screenshot below]
  • At the bottom center of the screen, the application displays a percentage indicator showing current process. Wait until the display reaches 100%.
  • Now you can see the exact location of the Pokemon on the map. Typing on the Pokemon displays a countdown timer showing the time remaining before the Pokemon becomes clear the memory.
  • By setting the Auto-refresh option in the settings, you can also get notification of Pokemon nearby while playing Pokemon Go. Just a tap on the notification and you will be drawn into the world of intelligent application Pokemon.

Download Smart Poke APK (SmartPokemon Alpha v0.4.apk)

The app can be downloaded from either dropbox or from another cloud source –




Nearby Pokemon Scan with Notification (In Smart Pokemon Apk)

  • Pokemon are shown on the map(Long click anywhere on the map to start scanning)
  • The listview on the right shows the found pokémons with the more rare ones on top to help you spot the more interesting ones. The background colors show the rarity level.
  • Click on any pokémon to show its details in the bottom left corner.
  • Name, Rarity, distance (on this screenshot the distance is 75 km because i was not there ) and remaining time.
  • The map zoom will always be adapted to show both your location and this Pokemon location on your phone and your android wear watch if you have one, If you click on the aim icon in the pokémon info window.
  • You can enable a notification showing the pokemon with their expiration time. if you scan areas far away from each other, pokemon go servers might stop sending information for a while.

What’s New In Smart Pokemon V0.4 :

New Filters : The application now includes two new filtering options for monitoring Pokemon. Remote filter allows the user to choose between 400m to 2000m. The application detects the surrounding Pokemon near the location selected based on the selected radius. Further, the largest surface area is covered. The other filter is the scarcity filter. It is possible to search specifically for Pokemon depending on its rarity. The scarcity of common filter varies with Legendary.


New Menu: The user interface now has another top menu bar. The menu bar contains filter icons and refresh function. Refresh button to rescan the area for any new Pokemon generated.

Gym Location Tracking : Many players Pokemon Go are truly dedicated to the game. If you are someone who travels to the different city every day to catch Pokemon, this feature is a must for you. Of course, I was joking, there is no way someone will go so far to play a game right? At least, you can not be one of them. The monitoring Gym is available by going to the menu and selecting Map Gyms. This option can be used to find gyms close when you are in different cities or in places like Area 51.


Tasker & Gym Notification :

You can get notifications while the player defends a gym. The player will also receive notifications when gym defense is captured by another player. This feature is not integrated and requires the user to install Tasker before installing the Smart Pokemon apk file. If you have already installed the application and want to use the function tasker, then you must uninstall the Smart Pokemon apk file. Then install the Tasker app and reinstall the Smart Pokemon apk file.

Run a Tasker task for new Gym or Gym Lost

The application can now run a Tasker task if you enter a new Gym or get kicked out of a gym.

New Gym:

  • Create a task named “newgym” in tasker.
  • Variables sent to the task:
  • %gymname : Name of the new Gym.
  • %pokemonname : Nickname of your defending pokemon.

Gym lost:

  • Create a task named “gymlost” in tasker.
  • Variables sent to the task:
  • %gymname : Name of the new Gym.
  • %pokemonname : Nickname of your defending pokemon
  • %team : new team index (0: no Team, 1: Mystic(blue), 2: Valor(red), 3:Instinct(yellow))
  • You need to scan the gym location at least once to get it monitored.
  • Tasker has to be installed before Smart Pokemon and external access must be enabled in Tasker settings.


Gym Status : It is also possible to check the fitness condition. Tapping the Fitness icon on the map indicates the gym state. The state of the gym shows details of the coach defending the gym and fitness level. And it also shows the team defense and the defense of Pokemon.

Dedicated Settings Option: In smart pokemon,  settings are divided into two groups to avoid confusion. Both running monitoring functions. And the gym have their own distinct settings options.

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