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Swiftkey Keyboard APK (Swiftkey APK) is a fantastic app that does an outstanding job. And AndroidFit.Com listed it as Best keyboard apps for android In 2022. The Swiftkey apk comes with some useful features like language support, auto correct, which allows users to type lines without much effort and in an easy way. RAM usage is high at times, but given the number of great features that the application offers, it is worth. If you’re eager to replace the keyboard of your smartphone, no doubt, go for the SwiftKey keyboard apk app Android, you will love it.

Note: All Swiftkey Keyboard themes are now completely free!on the latest apk.

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The best SwiftKey Keyboard apk for android phone.

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SwiftKey Keyboard apk Features:

Remember.. SwiftKey apk is an amazing application that allows you to upgrade the keyboard of your smartphone. It comes with many amazing features like:

Emoji: We all like to use emoji in discussions to make it more enjoyable. Considering the vital to a cat, SwiftKey Keyboard comes with many amazing emoji. See here All Emojis for Android. :roll:

Themes: Themes are one of the best ways to customize things the way we want. The SwiftKey apk app comes with a lot of free themes that allow us to change the layout of a keyboard. However, when a user wants more theme packs, they can visit the store and buy SwiftKey or download what they like.

Voice Input: If you do not want to keep typing, this option is for you. SwiftKey keyboard apk supports voice input that allows the user to enter text with their voice. Users can activate the voice typing on the keyboard itself by pressing the microphone button.

Auto Correct: Now say goodbye to spelling mistakes. Many times we have made mistakes when typing, especially on a touch keyboard. When we use the SwiftKey keyboard apk, it checks and instantly corrects our spelling.

Scan: If you do not want to type and type, choose the scanning method, it is fast, easy, and you will love it. To use this input method from a text, just drag from one letter to another.

Languages: This is an important and a very useful feature of SwiftKey Keyboard apk. As this application supports more than 200 languages, users can change the keyboard to type whatever they want in their regional or local dialect.

Backup and Sync: This is an option where you need to sign in with your Google Account. When you do, SwiftKey apk collects all your custom settings, languages and synchronizes it to all your devices.

SwiftKeyHub: Without loss of time, type fast and comfortable by customizing the keyboard layout on the road via SwiftKey Hub.

How to install it?

SwiftKey apk and paid themes Download:

  • Google Play store
  • Latest
    – SwiftKey v6.5.6.22 (arm).Apk download from here.
    — File Size: 39MB
    – Swiftkey mod apk download from here. (all item purchased with all paid thmes)
    — File Size: 174MB
  • SwiftKey Keyboard download from here.
  • Download SwiftKey Keyboard All Paid Themes APK from here. [52.7 MB]


  • SwiftKey app Androidnow supports Fuzzy Pinyin
  • We’ve added a highly requested feature to SwiftKey apk – now you can enjoy four all-new keypress sound profiles: ‘Modern’, ‘Android’, ‘Traditional’ and ‘Blip’.
  • We’ve refreshed the Themes page design
    You can now Flow and long press from the lock screen on Android 5.1+
  • We’ve now made all themes completely free!

The overall performance of this Swiftkey apk app is good. It is fast, easy to implement and better than other SwiftKey keyboard apk on the Android market.

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