How to Disable Swype Gesture Typing on Google Keyboard

Why you Disable Swype Gesture Typing on Google Keyboard?

Android has many good features, and one of a million of them is the drag/swype Gesture Typing. With this feature enabled, you can easily slip through the letters on your Gesture Typing featured keyboard. And make a good write long text message, or even an email. However, for all you fast typists out there, you know the fight when you type so fast that the keyboard application for accidentally takes a swipe gesture, and completely mess your conversation.

Well, we have a solution. While almost all third keyboards on Android devices have this option ready for activation and deactivation, we will demonstrate this using the keyboard stock application, Google keyboard. To disable this annoying feature, we insist that you run on the latest version of Google Keyboard, just to make sure that the layout of the parameters did not change much. Once you’re ready to go, let’s get right to it. here’s how to Disable Google Keyboard Swype Gesture Typing on android device.

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Disable Swype Gesture Typing on Google Keyboard

  1. First, you must enter the Google keyboard control panel. This is available as an app from your app drawer, or even as a setting in your Settings application. If you can not find this application in the drawer of your application, then select Settings> Language> Google Keyboard.
  2. This will open the Control Panel for Google keyboard, which is full of all sorts of settings and tips to improve your typing experience. Anyway, right now, you need to jump on the menu named ‘Gesture Typing’. Disable-Gesture-Typing-on-googe-keyboard
  3. Here you can find a million options you can play with. We suggest you find the best settings for your gesture typing habits and save them. Although, if you want to completely disable it, then press the three options which read “Enable gesture typing,” “Enable delete gesture” and “Enable gesture Gesture Typing cursor control’.Disable-Gesture-Typing-on-googe-keyboard 2
  4. Save the settings and reboot your Android device if the settings do not change the default keyboard.

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Pleasant! The next time you try to type fast, you will not be annoyed by the constant sweeping movements more. If you have any questions whatsoever about this post(Disable Swype Gesture Typing on Google Keyboard), then definitely make sure to hit us in the comments section.

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