How to make sense of Android Marshmallow’s new memory manager

New Android memory manager, it is easier than ever to make sense of how your Android phone using its RAM.

Compared to iOS, Android has always given users more information about the guts of the underlying operating system. Marshmallow in Android, Google is taking a step further with a new memory manager that gives you all kinds of information about how your phone uses its RAM. Here’s how to navigate.
Go to the Settings app, then click Memory. Here you will get an overview of the memory usage of your phone to look for the last three hours: It has an average total memory usage of your phone for all applications and the Android system components, total phone memory, the amount of free memory remains, and the percent of current memory usage. It also provides an indicator of how the use of memory on your device affected its performance over the period.

Android Marshmallow  offers a convenient overview at a glance how your device uses its memory.
If you want an idea of how your phone handles its memory over a longer period of time, press the arrow next turned down to “3:00” and choose a different time. You can see the general statistics of memory usage for three, six, 12 or 24 last hours.
memory per app
Which app is hogging the most memory, you ask? The App User screen will tell you.
You can, of course, take a closer look at how applications use individual memory. Type memory used by applications to obtain a breakdown of the amount of memory each running application is eating up. Again, it defaults to showing memory usage for the last three hours, but you can see statistics for three, six, 12 and 24 hours, as you can with the overview.
memory app details
Type a name of the application for more information.
Type the name of an application to get details of resourcefulness, and force-quit a problematic application (TAP-the Options menu the three points in the upper right and press work).While much of this information is gear-heads, if you have no interest in how your phone uses its RAM and it does not give you any trouble, you probably will not ever have to take a look in the panel memory. But it is good to know that this information is there if you need it.

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