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In a world where many of us take for granted unlimited or high limit mobile data plans, it is easy to forget that it is not the same for everyone in the world. The truth is, the measured plans are more frequent than those actually limitless.

When it comes to saving data on browsing , Opera is the right name at the forefront. We have already examined Opera Max, a solution encompassing everything, but now it’s time to focus on web browsing. You might not need to compress all your data, but if you spend a lot of time browsing the web on your smartphone and Opera Mini is something you should look.

Opera nini browser has been around on Android – and other platforms – for a while, and the years passed, it became more and more refined. The added benefit of Android users have Opera Mini, of course, is that you can easily set as your default browser.


So what really is? What makes it special? After all, Android has a ton of browsers to choose from.


Experience on full web browsing – high-compression mode ensures a full web experience while offering data savings.

► Simple browse – the Opera Mini user interface has been enhanced to provide the intuitive settings and browsing to surf the web.

Save data – View your daily savings and use mobile data less compared to other web browsers. Faster Internet browsing and stretch your data plan.

Get More Facebook – Opera Mini is ideal for Facebook addicts there. The web application for Facebook is not horrible these days and with Opera Mini you can be social and backup your data while you do it. Especially since the Facebook application can devour all your allowance. If you connect your Facebook account with Opera Mini, you can get your notifications from the browser without ever going near the dedicated application.

Smart Download – Just because you’re conservation does not mean that you still need to download files from time to time. With Opera Mini you can download multiple files in the background and postpone downloading of large files until you are on free Wi-Fi. Opera Mini will notify you when your downloads are complete. Just click on the notification to open your download. No more digging through folders.

Multi Tabbed browsing – See an overview of all open tabs and easily differentiate between private and normal tabs.

Private Browsing – Browse the ninja style with private tabs to prevent your browsing history to save on your device activities.
opera-mini browser save data

More Feature On Opera mini

✔Get the latest news: Enjoy one-click access to the best stories and freshest content across the internet.

✔ Save your favorite websites: Press the + button in the search bar to save a page to Speed ​​Dial, add it to your mobile bookmarks or read offline.

✔ Synchronize your content: Access your favorite bookmarks, Speed ​​Dial, or open tabs on all devices.

✔ Customize your browser: Opera Mini customized with different looks to suit your style.

✔ Night mode: There is a night mode and a framework to reduce eye strain. Both are probably OK for text, but less if you want to image.

✔  Manage tabs quickly : Opera mini is designed for ease of use, meaning less hassle to get where you want easily.

✔ Set up your search: Choose between different search engines to meet your needs.
Download & Install Opera Mini and enjoy one of the fastest browsers for Android. Try the fastest way to browse the Internet on your Android mobile device.


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