Top 5 tips to rank up faster in Dota 2

If you don’t want to stay stuck with playing support, you must climb up the ranks. Sadly, you can do nothing about it because the sweeter roles and privileges are reserved for players with a higher ranking. Therefore, you’ll want to climb the Dota ranks. 

Scarier is the fact that it doesn’t end with working hard to get up there. But you’ll need to work harder to stay up there or even climb higher. To help you with this, we have expanded on 5 tips to help you climb the Dota 2 ranks faster. Also, we recommend you Get the Best Dota 2 Hacks to increase your ranking chances.

Rank up faster in Dota 2 with these tips

  1. Don’t pool too many heroes

It may sound like so much fun to be able to interchange different heroes during Dota 2 matches. However, this could be counterproductive if you’re learning the ropes. Identify which roles you’d like to play and select 2 or 3 heroes that function best.

After choosing your heroes, play one for a long while as you learn his abilities, weapons, and others. This will help you focus on other things in the following matches since you don’t have your character’s characteristics to pose a distraction. Finish with one and move to the next.

  1. Sticking with specific roles is important too.

It’s wise to want to know what other roles are about. However, just like with heroes, we advise you to narrow your focus down to two roles at any given moment. First off, you may want to try out hard carry and offlane.

Once you get a firm grasp of them, move to the next. This will let you know what to do when playing any of these roles or covering for a weak comrade. Furthermore, you’ll be able to function better in ranked matches.

  1. Avoid unnecessary experiments

Foremost, understand that it doesn’t stop at securing your lane. You’ll need to work hard to maintain control of the lane still. But sadly, many players suddenly feel like it’s the time to finally flex their power by suddenly diverting to experiment with item and skin builds.

So, you see a player using an optimally satisfactory Black King Bar or Battle Fury suddenly going for the Divine Rapier. Going with common builds allows you to control the lane better. However, you should alter your builds, but not with the ones you don’t understand. 

  1. Take advantage of the meta.

This is an effective way of minimizing errors and unnecessary experiments in your game. Also, a good knowledge of the Meta is a key advantage that distinguishes experienced players from noobs. This is because the Meta weapons pack amazing punches when compared to the regular weapons available in Dota 2.

Also, the Meta contains information about what set of heroes is preferable for your game. But you must always narrow it down to mastering one or two heroes at the moment. The only catch, however, is that the Meta in many games gets updated from time to time. Therefore, you must always check for such updates to Dota 2’s Meta.

  1. Use resources outside of the game

The complex nature of Dota 2 gives it a steep learning curve even for experienced gamers. In the game, you must do several things such as farming, shooting, protecting lanes, etc. To rank high, you need to perform notably well. But you won’t make significant progress if you’re limited to just your practice or gaming sessions.

Many resources outside the game, such as maps, Twitch, YouTube channels, etc., can help you with this. Watching pros’ games on their channel will help you improve in certain in-game concepts such as stacking, creep pulling, farming patterns, etc. 


It’s a long way to go between Herald and Immortal. Dota 2 still has other ranks, such as Crusader, Archon, Legend, Ancient, and the list continues. While it’s almost impossible to jump from the least to the top rank overnight, it’s worth making daily improvements to get there in the long run. 

Practice the tips we’ve listed above in your games, but don’t forget to employ external resources. Take advantage of the games Meta weapons and heroes but stick with a specific set at any given time. 

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